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					Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                  Mervik Haums

                                     Strategy Two
Build Clients Adding Reputation & Experience: Internet Market Places

There are a lot of ways to market your business services and to find clients online. But if you’re
a beginner, the best strategy is to start by participating in Internet marketing/webmaster forums
and online market places. These places are not just for finding clients by exposing your
services to the potential buyers, but also for learning SEO and to improve your knowledge and
skills. There are many good Internet marketing forums which can be used without the need for
paying fees. I’ve started my ‘studies’ there. As I said before, I had no knowledge about
business optimization strategies and SEO when I first started joining digital point forums.

Points we are about to discuss here:-

   1.   What are online forums and Internet market places?
   2.   Where to start with and how to sell services?
   3.   Importance of keeping good seller-buyer relationship
   4.   Other Internet Market Places

You cannot be an expert of anything unless you are experienced with that particular stuff. Being
up to date with the current market and new techniques and communicating with experienced
people can only make this happen. Internet/webmaster forums can help you a lot in this regard.
I started learning SEO and other business stuff from such discussion boards by interacting with
the members. You can find hundreds of experienced people online all the time at these places,
ever ready to help you. Even if it’s a marketing query, programming doubt or a business help –
these members will be happy to help you. You can learn anything and everything here. Not just
that, helping other members and participating in hot discussions and helpful threads will make
you familiar to the other entrepreneurs which is the best way to grow yourself. You can become
famous and reputable by discussing with other members and people who are looking for helpful
information. Remember, don’t ever spam. It will only make you notorious.

How to make this as a source to develop your Business?

Yes, Internet marketing forums can give you LOTS of good clients; I still have work-orders from
guys who I met at such discussion boards from years ago. But as I’ve said in the beginning this
is not a one-day match. You cannot even consider this as a strategy which can deliver results
within weeks. But in a month or two you will start getting results. The first and most important
thing in client building from Internet market places is that the number of people who are ready
to buy services from experienced and senior members is high compared to new members. So if
you don’t get any response from the very beginning, don’t be surprised or disappointed – it will
happen. Even your informative posts can build you clients. For example, I’ve made a thread
talking about ‘Just a single press release and one thousand back links, WOW’ a year ago on a
popular forum. Many of the senior members there contacted me asking me to do the same with
their own websites. Now you get my point.

But that’s not just the only way to find your clients. There is a better option too. Almost all of the
Internet marketing forums have a section termed as ‘buy sell trade’ or ‘market place’ where you
can offer your service for free to potential buyers. Digital point forums (the ‘buy sell trade’
Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                  Mervik Haums

section are the best. I was making
thousands of dollars from there until last year - it used to be the main business source of mine.
Now, I have more powerful client sources and hence not that super-active at the forum now.
You have to spend a few weeks interacting with other members before you start offering your
services. As far as I know this is the best place with the most number of potential buyers. It gets
millions of visits (look at the Alexa rank). After all, it is free. You can see the number of listings
from other service providers below. Browsing through other services is good before your
publish yours.

My second favorite is Namepros forums. It’s mainly focused on domain name discussion and
marketing. It’s not that crowded like Digital point forums. But here I’ve met more clients – some
BIGGER than digital point. I still have more than ten active clients whom I have met via
Namepros (Advertising & SEO Services Section). Though this forum doesn’t have lots of online
buyers all the time, it is worth giving a try as 100% of them are buyers.

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                  Mervik Haums

Another top place to offer your service is Warrior Forums It is a very
active and popular Internet marketing discussion board. You can find thousands of active
buyers here. The only thing is you have to pay for listing your service in the market place
offered. But it’s not a big deal to pay 20$ when you are making hundreds of dollars everyday
from that. While posting your service, make sure that you are giving proper information about
the service with the main points and advantages. Try to make it short and convincing, and you
can definitely find many good buyers here.

I’ve attached a sample service thread offered at WF below:

NetBuilders is a growing market place where an active buy-sell-trade
section is available, free of cost. You can utilize the place just like Digital point forums. They are
getting good traffic and the number of potential buyers are increasing every day. You can easily
list your services here as well.

Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                 Mervik Haums

   ●   V7n Forums
   ●   SitePoint Forums (One of the best place to learn SEO)
   ●   WickedFire
   ●   WebmasterTalk
   ●   Daniweb Forums
   ●   SEOChat Forums
   ●   Webmaster World

A screen shot of the marketplace available at There is a small fee, but you
can list your service for free inside the freelancer available for hire section.

Apart from the above given forums there are hundreds of other popular market places and
forums available online for small business owners to market their services. I will try to get a full
list of forums and Internet market places and post it at my blog.

Whatever the type of service you offer, keeping an on-going relationship with the buyer is the
key to your business success. Buyers love to buy again and again from you if your service is of
Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                                Mervik Haums

good quality and there is proper delivery. Be good at whatever service you offer, try to update
your service depending on the industry updates. You have to learn everyday and try to deliver
new stuff to grow your business. As you know, thousands of people offer SEO services and
other business services. So buyers are selective. They choose only those who offer quality
services with the trend in the best prices and perfect reports. Let me tell you something, price is
not a big deal all the time if you offer great quality services with and communicate very well with
the buyer. At many places I offer exactly the same service which is also offered by other
people, and I charge double the price. But people still choose me, just because they trust me
for my quality services and perfection in work.

Importance of keeping good seller-buyer relationship
In any of the strategies we discussed here business growth is completely dependant on
keeping the good relations with your clients. Proper communication, quality services, on time
delivery etc are the key-points everywhere. Don’t ever build up reports without actually doing it.
Do your work and get the payment.

How to make your clients keep buying from you, always?

I always send emails to my buyers. I try my best to make it a ‘very new’ ‘very useful’ ‘very
necessary’ service announcement. 80% of the buyers respond to me by at least saying ‘Wow,
that’s so cool. I‘d let you know soon’. Whenever you start offering something new, make a great
sales letter making it look like something ‘very new’ ‘very useful’ ‘very necessary’. That’s the
easiest way to keep your clients buying always.

When you have done the work and are going to send the message or email showing the
completion of the work (mostly for the first time buyers), add a few details about the other
services you offer. Most of the buyers will respond back. I always do this with almost all my
reports, because I would have something new in my service section, all the time. At least I am
successful at giving the same old wine in a new bottle with better look and ‘feel’, making my
buyers think it is necessary to order.

Another important thing is you can also offer them monthly services at a better rate. For
example, if you’re doing some link building campaigns for one of your clients for $900 let them
have it every month for just $700. Also include an option where they can elect to change the
website every month. That’s the best strategy to make long term contracts.

Now, suppose one of your clients or previous buyers asks about a service which is not actually
offered by your company. Here arises the importance of making business relations with other

For example I have lots of orders to build YouTube videos and make it go viral or I have many
orders to make facebook pages go viral. Though I have social media marketing services, we
are not that capable of making a facebook fan page or YouTube video go viral. So what we do
is we have business collaborations with other teams/guys who are best at this. We can offer
services even if it’s not available within our own team simply by reselling it. Forums are the best
places to find such collaborations. At the same time, if the other team requires a service which
is not offered by them, we could help them. Such mutual relationships are greatly useful in
business growth. Being open to new business connections will definitely help you bring more
Science of Client Building – 6 Powerful Strategies                            Mervik Haums

Other Places to Market Your Services: - The something that’s missing

While talking about online market places we should be aware of other similar options as well.
Just like Internet marketing forums, you can make use of classifieds and freelance job places.
Honestly, I’ve never tried this approach for building my business (though I’ve used classified
ads for affiliate marketing and AdSense, earlier). You can advertise about your services on
classified websites like:-


Likewise you can also make use of freelancer job places like

   ● (It’s a great place to market your services)

A list of popular classified advertisement websites and freelance sites is attached with your
downloads folder.


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