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									     How to make and create a painting on t-shirts

This post is the first stage before I explain How to make and create a painting on t-shirts.
Many of the media that we can use to paint, whether clothing, pillowcases, t-shirts, bags, bed sheets,
table clothes, shoes, craft or fabric painting as decoration of the room. Although in this post as an
example is a T-shirt. But basically the process of preparation is not different from the preparation to paint
on other media.
What You Need to Start

1. Paint
Paint base material what will we use, must be adapted to the media that we will Painting, Cotton or
polyester. Many color choices for fabrics that can be purchased, or can we also use dyes from nature,
such as soil, mud, plants, rocks, water, or fruit. But for my T-shirt Painting using water-based paint, and
heating is as reinforcements.
2. T-shirts
In this post I do not recommend to use the new t-shirt, think about your wardrobe or your favorite t-shirt
that spilled stain hard to lose, but still want to wear it, rather than the old stored until stale, this might be a
good first step to start painting, your old t-shirt will look more new and exciting, but the first wash cloth so
that the fiber surface cleaner. It is important to remove the coating that can prevent paint when painting.

3. Cardboard or plastic
Serves to prevent the entry of paint penetrates into the back of the t-shirt. Create a pattern according to
size of paint media (t-shirt). And also to avoid creases which can cause brush strokes are not bothered by
the lines expected.

5. A Paint Brush
Brushes have bristles that are ideal for use as it helps the paint into the fabric fibers. But the small size of
the brushes is also necessary if we want any part of the painting that should be detailed.

6.Container for paint
To support the painting process runs smoothly and produces beautiful work, where paint is very important
to think about, marked with the words or codes that can differentiate into four primary colors, red, yellow,
blue, black and white. Pour the paint into the container to taste, use containers
that have a tightly closed, and impermeable to the light,so the rest of the colors that are
not easilykept dry by air and light.

7. Container with clean water
Serves to wash the paint brushes when going to use a different color. This is very important because of
the color left on the brushes to change the original color in the palette or painting will be dark because of
mixed colors.

8. Tissue
Parents do not use fabric that is easy to absorb, or cleaning wipes, can be used as a water absorbent or
a color that is too much in the brushes. Moreover, it can also be used to take color to the painting, in this
way will the creation of more beautiful water effects.

9. End process
This stage is if the T-shirt painting has been painted over, do the heating process so that the paint last a
long time, does not fade. Close the painting surface with a thin cloth if the paint on thick textured painting,
this is to avoid painting damaged by paint that sticks when the heating process, as the heater: if small-
sized paintings can use the iron that we use for clothing after finish, and for paintings in size great if you
want maximum results you must use a special heater "hot press" because it has a greater pressure and
heat enough.

10. Care
There must be differences in how to wash a T-shirt painting, do not rub at the painting, do not hang
directly under the sun in a state still wet, this is because the pressure on the t-shirt coloring painting is
lower than the printing press machine. because many aspects of preferred during the painting process
takes place, the main one is the effect of painting.Clean equipment that has been used, especially the
brushes should not be allowed to dry for too long because it can damage the elasticity of brushes.
How to make and create a painting on t-shirts,2011

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