Tips Trick Paint Ball _10_ by edwardadi


									What Gears are needed in Paintball?

In paintball games the safety of the player is the primary concern. Nobody would like to be injured or
hurt in this fast-paced and action-packed sport. Execution and the use of air-pressured guns can be
dangerous if a person is not properly protected with clothing and other safety gear. Here is a list of
safety gear and equipment a person must have before he plays the sport.

1.       The paintball mask is essential equipment for face protection. A person may not be allowed to
play if he does not wear the protective mask.

2.      A person must also have eye protection. He may choose to invest in a set of goggles to prevent
any splat of paint from getting in his eyes.

3.       A person must have a paintball gun for his weapon to eliminate an opponent. When he hits a
specific target he is able to terminate any possible threats for the win.

4.      A paintball is needed as is used as the bullet fired by the air-pressurized gun. It is important to
launch (or fire) when he is sure of a target. It is important not to waste any paintball by being an
aggressive attacker unless the other members of his team ask for cover and back up.

5.      The barrel is for the storage of the paintballs. It also guides the paintball directly at the target –
if aimed properly. He may find various accessories that he can attach to the main body of the weapon.

6.      Brass barrels are the best buy one can get. They are less expensive and create less friction
allowing the paintballs to launch in a straight path with great speed.

7.      The air tank is essential to activate any launch. It can be attached to the gun or hang horizontally
on the back of the players. It is advisable to position the tank above the gun so that the liquid CO2 will
raise the pressure up and out of the gun.

8.       Other accessories like the remote, belt pack, and a gun-sight are optional gear you may want to
invest in. These accessories are useful in any paintball game because they give extra help to the user in
planning the strategy and attacks the player wishes to use.

It is important that a person is well equipped and fully protected when he plays paintball. He must
consider the clothing and safety gear necessary for his safety. Have fun and experience the excitement
paintball sport can offer

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