Tips Trick Paint Ball _3_ by edwardadi


									Paintball Anyone?

People who love to play war games will surely enjoy the game of Paintball. This game which has been
around for more than 20 years involves a lot of running, crawling and shooting that makes a person feel
as though it is the real thing. The only thing difference is that instead of using live ammunition to kill the
opponent, paint in the form of balls exits the weapon and hits the opponent. The bullet used for each
shot is a .68 caliber gelatin capsule. It comes in various colors so both teams can distinguish the shots
fired from the other. Anyone who is hit in any part of the body is automatically out of the game. There
are other ways that the team can win. Both teams are given one flag and the team who captures the
enemy flag wins. In another game, a single flag is positioned in the center of the field. Whoever is able
to capture it wins the match. The other way of winning would be to eliminate all the players of the
opposing team.

The game can be played either on a small scale or large scale. Small scale can be the size of a basketball
court with barrels and other obstructions to give cover for the player. This is usually called recreational.
Each team should have five to ten players in order to play. When there is game that could involve more
than a hundred participants, this is called a scenario. The largest ever recorded scenario was in 2005 on
700 acres of land and with 3000 participants. This growing sport has a regulating body that sanctions
such events. Competitions that are held by various leagues are called tournaments. Teams can comprise
from 3 to 10 players each. Rules during such events vary so people should check before joining the
match. Since safety is the primary concern of this game, players are required to wear protective gear at
all times. These consist of a helmet, chest pad, gloves, and knee and elbow pads. The guns maximum
firing speed is 300 feet per second. Paintball is ranked as the third most popular extreme game in the
world. It is also considered a safe sport with only a few reported minor injuries. This will continue as
long as the players abide by the rules. Those who are interested can sign up at their local club and join
in the fun.

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