Sunfest Battle of the Bands application by 08F5W3R


									                                2012 BATTLE OF THE BANDS
                                                August 2nd, 2012

Battle of the Bands contests have always generated a positive public appeal and in the course of the past ten
years, their popularity has soared phenomenally. New and aspiring bands come together to showcase their
talents and promote their true potential as talented hopefuls. Given the opportunity to perform in public on such a
platform has many new artists launching promising careers by "battling" it out.
Wideglide Entertainment producers of Duncan Sunfest, wish to extend an invitation for any local Vancouver
Island Bands to participate in the first annual "BATTLE OF THE BANDS" competition The contest is free to
enter and is open for Vancouver Island up and coming bands ONLY.

                                  BATTLE OF THE BANDS 2012
                                    THE BEST IN THE WEST

The Outline:
   The contest will contain 2 specific segments:

      The First round - Preliminary Auditions - CD/MP3/Website link/Youtube video can be submitted from March
       15th - June 15th. Decisions by June 20th.
      The BATTLE ROUND – Thursday Aug 2nd - Sunfest 2012 - Cowichan exhibition grounds during Sunfest
       2012 "KICK OFF PARTY"!! Main stage.

The Concept:
The concept allows for a total of six(6) 4-5 piece bands to submit a CD, MP3, website link or Youtube video
auditioning for a spot in the competition. A ll entries must contain a photo, short 3 - 5 line bio, stage plot and a
music auditon. If you would like to mail your CD, bio and photo, please send directly to "BATTLE OF THE
BANDS" 1540- Dingwall Road, Courtenay BC V9N 3S7. All MP3's, website link or Youtube video's can be
send via email to
All entries received will be reviewed and chosen by the Sunfest committee to move onto the Battle Round. Each
band leader will be contacted prior to the competition and given further details where to go to compete. The
bands will each get a 20 min spot to battle it out in front of a live audience. The winner/s will be chosen by
industry professionals and audience members and prizes will be awarded.
The Bands:
This Battle competition is limited to a total of six (6) newly established, or established "Vancouver Island" bands.
The genre is open to Country, Country Rock, Classic, folk, blues or rock. Songs must be a mix of cover and
original songs for a maximum 20 min performance. The winner/s will be judged by industry professionals and by
audience votes and response.

The Contest:
The Battle begins on Thursday August 2nd at 5pm on the main stage at Sunfest. The competition will last
approximately 3 hours and the top 3 winners will be announced later that night and awarded their prizes.


   All Bands:

      Each band member will receive a weekend pass and camping to Sunfest to enjoy the weekend. Plus a
       discount ticket price for friends and family wishing to see the performance.
      All Bands participating will receive a Sunfest t-shirt and gift package filled with special items donated by
       event sponsors. The opportunity to sell CD's/merch (at no cost to them) and the opportunity to network
       with fellow musicians.
      1st place winner will receive $500 in cash, a performance spot on the main stage on Saturday night August
       4th and the opportunity for a paid spot on the Sunfest main stage in 2013.
      2nd place winner will receive $300 in cash, a prize package from our sponsors and a performance spot on
       the main stage Friday night August 3rd.
      3rd place winner will receive $200 in cash, a prize package from our sponsors and a performance spot on
       the main stage on Sunday August 5th.

Contestant’s Guidelines and Requirements:

      All bands must be from Vancouver Island and a Canadian Citizen.
      Must be amateur performers Note** (Amateur Description)
                Never having been signed by a major or independent record label.
                Never having signed a distribution deal for retail sales.
      All artists having recorded their own personal or promotional CD are NOT considered
       to be a major or Independent artist, therefore are eligible
      Are eligible even if presently touring with an established road band and making money as a major source
       of income.

This is an exciting opportunity and your participation in the first annual "Battle of the Bands" is an integral part of
this contests’ success. We look forward to your participation and welcome your entry.


Annie Andrews Contest Coordinator/Administrator
Kim Isles Administrative Assistant
Wideglide Entertainment
                                          BATTLE OF THE BANDS
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