Decision Support System

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					                                   Decision Support System

                                           Essay – 12

Unit – I

   1. Define Decision Support System (DSS). Discuss the evolution, need, and benefits of DSS
   2. Explain decision making process and discuss types of decisions.
   3. What is the framework for DSS and what are the different types of DSS? Explain DSS as
      information system

Unit – II

   1.   Define and explain the importance of DSS Architecture.
   2.   Explain in detail the software and hardware tools for DSS
   3.   Discuss the development and implementation of DSS
   4.   What is DSS model? Discuss the different types of DSS models

Unit – III

   1.   What are group decision support systems? Explain different types of group DSS
   2.   Define group decision making and discuss the problems with group.
   3.   Define and explain the various components of Executive Information System (EIS)?
   4.   Briefly explain how you would be making EIS work. Critically analyse the future of
        executive decision making and the EIS

Unit – IV

   1. Define Artificial Intelligent. Bring out the differences between artificial intelligent and
      natural intelligence.
   2. What is Expert System (ES) and what are its benefits? Explain structure, designing and
      building of ES.

Unit – V
1. What is data warehousing? Who uses it and why? Discuss various data warehouse
2. Explain in detail the characteristics, architecture, and implementation of data warehouse.
3. What is data mining? Discuss the online transaction processing techniques use to mining
4. Explain various data mining techniques. Write a note on limitations of data mining.

                                    Short – 2 Marks

1. Subjective utility
2. Database structures
3. Client/server architecture
4. Data flow diagrams
5. Scalability
6. DSS hierarchy
7. Database management systems
8. SDLC approach
9. Prototyping
10. Fuzzy logic
11. Business logic vs. Business intelligence
12. Database structures
13. Groupware
14. Distributed group DSS
15. Distributed DSS technologies
16. Intelligent software agents
17. Data visualising
18. Communication-driven DSS
19. Heuristics
20. Start Schema

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