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									How to become an independent designer and full of
The expertise of a designer is more likely to use brushes as the main tool that is very important functions
in the manufacturing process design.
some designers would feel lost if you do not get this one tool "brushes". It might be a design will not be
created if there are no brushes .... is it true ..? if the answer is no, then you are included as true of
talented designers, I am sure you will design a collection of more varied,
but if the answer is "Yes" this is necessary we make as a critical evaluation of that too if we feel that our
profession is as a designer.

As we all know, in addition to the factors obtained from the theory of education, there are some important
factors that determine the viability of a designer career, such as:

1. Imagination.
2. Creative.
3. Always wanted to know.
4. Willing to try.
5. Never give up.
6. Seriously.
7. A strong personality.
8. loves his profession
9. Introspection.
10. and Always analyze the situation.

Such awards do not think about what would be obtained. Marked as more designers in mind to find
satisfaction in devoting one's imagination to realize the real form.
Brushes no longer be the main tool to support the creation of a design, a designer as he understands that
there are many ways that can be used
to create the design, the simplest example is the hand and fingers, or the natural resources around us,
such as wood, plants, water, soil, even the fire came to be an important part of creating the design.
Below is a sample design that created the technique of using your fingers, without the help of brushes.
I call this technique: transfer print fast and fresh.
Yes .. Because to be able to move all the colors that we have nick / sculpture, we must perform faster
before the paint dries.Look...!!

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