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Find a Car You Like
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Without Looking.
                                                           Web Address                                Lost or Stolen
Not everyone enjoys taking trips to every                                        Credit Card?
dealership in town. Even fewer people have                                                            800.358.8228
                                                           Toll-Free Nationwide
fun haggling with salespeople or spending                  800.358.8228                               MAP Auto
hours in the finance office. Avoid all of this                                                        Buying Service
by simply asking Patelco to help.                          Locations                        
                                                           Find a Patelco branch,                     800.757 .2706
As a Patelco member you can take                           free CO-OP ATM,
advantage of our free Members Advantage                    or Credit Union Shared                     Credit Union
Plus (MAP) Auto Buying Service.                            Service Center                             Direct Lending

We’ll find it and deliver it, in as little as
48 hours.1                                                 Online Banking                             Questions or

                                                                                                      Send us an email.
This was the best buying experience in

my 45 years of buying cars. I will definitely
recommend this service to my friends. It is                Members Advantage Plus Auto Buying Service is available for California
an awesome way of buying a car.”                           residents only. All new cars arranged for sale are subject to price
                                                           and availability from the selling franchised new car dealer.

                                         ~Vickie S.    1
                                                           Delivery is available in most cases, depending on availability and dealer
                                                           J.D. Power and Associates, 2007 Annual Sales Satisfaction Survey of New
                                                           Vehicle Buyers

 want to know more?
 call 800.757.2706 or visit
                                                      Federally insured by NCUA                                            PCUM813-0112
No haggling. No hassling.

What is MAP?                                              Save Time!
With MAP Auto Buying Service, Patelco relieves you of     How much time does it take you to purchase a car from
the hassle of looking for a new or used vehicle. With     a dealership? From locating, negotiating, purchasing,
access to over 500 California dealers, we can find just   and driving that new car home, it takes on average, a
about any year, make, or model. We do the research,       little over 3 hours.2
negotiating, and in most cases even deliver your car
straight to your front door.1                             And after all of this, are you getting the best deal?

What is the cost?                                         Save Money!

MAP is absolutely free for members. Simply use your       While most dealerships will try to sell you their vehicles
                                                          at the highest possible price, Patelco will try to find
                                                                                                                       Requesting a Vehicle
Patelco Auto Loan or pay cash for your vehicle.
                                                          you the lowest possible price on the vehicle of your
                                                                                                                       Just visit our website at,
                                                          choosing. Save an additional 0.25% off your Auto Loan
How long does the process take?                                                                                        email us at,
                                                          rate when you use MAP!
When you contact the MAP Auto Buying Department                                                                        or call us at 800.757.2706 to request a vehicle
by phone or by placing a request online, you’ll receive   No Obligation!                                               or learn more about our free service.
a price quote within 24 hours and in most cases, your
vehicle delivery in as little as 48 hours.1               We want you to be happy with your vehicle purchase.
                                                          If you don’t like the vehicle for any reason whatsoever,
                                                          send it back and Patelco will take care of the rest, at no
Can I trade in my current vehicle?
                                                          cost to you.
Absolutely! The MAP Auto Buying Department                                                                                   “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my car.
will discuss the value of your trade based on
                                                                                                                             My car is wonderful and beautiful
market conditions and the condition of your
vehicle. With complete transparency on our part,                                                                             and everything I wanted. Thank
we’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages                                                                               you so much for your hard work. It
of selling privately.                                                                                                        was a wonderful experience doing
                                                                                                                             business with you.”
                                                            “I will never buy a car again without                                                         ~Jean
                                                            using MAP. It’s so easy, convenient,
                                                            and it takes the hassle out of going to
                                                            the dealer!”
                                                                                        ~Darrin M.


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