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How to the dress painting or shirt painting is displayed

Paint shirt or also commonly called Tshirt Painting
sometimes Unique, Fabulous, Attractive, Beautiful, Make proud of when to use it or even maybe just the
opposite is not suggesting anything but if we tell everyone that our T-shirt dress or a
picture of the painting the original hand, if that's what it is it possible we can do is notice to all people, how
important is it for anyone else notice ..... of course this is something that is less fair and exhibition as
impressed. Things that I mentioned above is a case that should be considered by a designer, I
also realize that there are no provisions governing how to the dress painting or shirt painting is
displayed, all people have the right freely to express his imagination nonetheless result. But if
the dress or shirt painting we make is made for the needs or consumed by the public order or as
a creative art product Industry. Of course we must think also of taste,desire, joy, nature and character
of the people (consumers). That means we must also be able to rule out more personal tastes or call
it ego.
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