Turndown Letter conflict of interest by HC120526114745



John Q. Client
100 Main Street
Denver, Colorado 80202

               Re:    Jones v. Client

Dear Mr. Client:

       Thank you for your telephone call of _______________, in which you asked us to
represent you on the matter of Jones v. Client. As we discussed this morning, this firm cannot
represent you. I have checked my records, and it appears that my partner, Jane White, is
representing Mr. Jones on an unrelated matter. As we discussed this morning, while the matter is
an unrelated matter, because this firm has an attorney-client relationship with Mr. Jones, it would
be inappropriate for us to represent you in a lawsuit filed by Mr. Jones.

       While I very much appreciate your thinking of this firm, we must decline the case. I
encourage you to contact another attorney as soon as possible.

                                                     Very truly yours,

                                                     FIRM, P.C.

NOTE:          This is a sample form only. Use of this letter will help establish clear
               expectations regarding the attorney-client relationship and assist in avoiding
               attorney-client problems. It will not, however, provide absolute protection against
               a legal malpractice action.

NOTE:          This letter is appropriate only if the firm’s representation of the other client is a
               matter of public record or has been publicly disclosed by the client. Be certain to
               preserve the other client’s confidences.

SOURCE:        Michael T. Mihm, formerly of Kennedy & Christopher, P.C.

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