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					Welcome to edpeny Art design


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          edpeny studio founded in 2000,
  and has given a qualified privilege from public.
Located in Ciparay . Bandung West Java Indonesia.

    Organizational structure

             Edi Saksono
               Owner - Art Director
              Ph : +6282116939966

          Usep Rukmana
              HRD & Public Relation
              Ph :+6285722200919

          Slamet Sugiarto
               Ph : 082117973212

           Aretha Listiaty
               Marketing Manager
             Phone ; +628562305379

      5 Frelance Designer
                         Welcome to edpeny Art design
                                         We sell, concept.
    serve and made to order textile surface designs hand painted fabric and digital textile design

  Concentrating on textiles - Clothing,Bed linen,Curtains,Cushions and Rugs.
    The type and character design that we made such as: natural, pop art,
           combine,abstract, classical, modern up to mixed media.
            Element that we include into the design starting from:
                                       - Ethnic
                                    - Geometric
                                    - Ornament
                                     - Art deco
                                  - Animal skins
                                        - Floral
                                       - Jungle
                                   - Decorative
                                      - Tie-Dye
                                        - & mix
     Original direct execution techniques using hand painting and digital
             Target and orientation which we use are European,
                      especially france – Premiere Vision.
we tend to make the original design that is used or needed for this consumer
is as a source of original ideas to be applied into many of the needs of textile
                              and fashion industry.
   Therefore, the design we created is not 100% using repeat or colorway.
                        Product Summary I offer:

                Textile Design Service

               Textile Design Painting on fabric
          - Type of fabric: Silk and cotton (or following the request)
                          - The size of 30cm x 40cm
                                  45cm x 80cm
                                 50cm x 100cm
- Price: Lowest starting from $ 100.00 to $ 150.00 (According to the quota)
                         - Shipping 3-6 working days
      - Plastic Packaging for the inside, cardboard box to the outside.

                       Textile Design CAD
                               and, Corel Draw.
                 Print on paper Ink-jet paper Size A4 – A3
      Resolution : 72 Up to100 Dpi for review image (jpeg file format)
                  150 Dpi Up to 300 Dpi (PSD file format)
  -Price: lowest start from $ 100.00 to $ 150.00 (According to the quota)
                         -Shipping 3-6 business days.
                       -Packaging-plastic for the inside
                 -Cardboard box to the outside / envelope
                          -Copy on CD( for digital file)
                     -Transfer via online (for digital file)
                    Minimum order amount 20 Design.

Payment of 70% must be done after a sale and purchase agreement, and the
 remaining 30% of full payment after the goods arrive at the address at the
 destination until the customer receives confirm or accompanied by a notice
       explaining that the consumer has received goods and to order.
        So little from us, and hope we can continue to the next stage.
                      We will wait for a response from you

                              Thank you
                              Best Regards

                        edpeny art design - Service
        Thanks for coming
 Do not hesitate to consult with us

       -edpeny Art design-


            Jawa Barat


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