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					Simple EUR/JPY Forex Trading Strategy
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EUR/JPY Pairs- straddle Tokyo Open.
Check out the Eur/JPY on Tokyo open, going back years - just
straddle the 2300 gmt candle (7am Tokyo) use the opposite of
the trigger candle as your stop & target 100 pips. Some days it
gives 400 pips, but, hey when it breaks out at Tokyo open, it
really flies, mostly 100pips + for the day- even if you close it
at 1500 gmt- you'll capture most of the move. Check it out,
this is so simple, There are days you will have losers, so,
money management is very important.
Straddle the candle that begins at 2200 GMT and ends at 2300 GMT. That's 6:00 PM to 7:00

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