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									                          ebook scam,beware

What we think when we see an ebook which is offered by the merchant, with luxurious packaging design full color
with some promising writing, at a glance like wrapping something very unusual, great, super, mega, spectacular,
fantastic, the best the one and only.Something that promises ease of a super easy to make jobs for money. With
bonuses and discount prices offered, the opportunity and time that are only available at that time only, tomorrow or
later all offers will change, making the potential consumers to think must soon have it, make potential customers have
to fear tomorrow will not get the opportunity or offer the same ... create an minds of wavering, confused, restless
anxiety, emotional, doubt and worry about who will buy products whether they are as expected. Not all ebook with
good content and also not every ebook has bad content, but on the other hand, not all users of the ebook to
understand and correctly carry out all instructions or formulas that exist in the ebook, but for those who are quicker to
understand, the ebook is asset that is priceless, it may be said at any time until'll never run out as long as innovation
In This is my personal view that the market for digital products like this are very promising and a very bright
future. the longer the growth of human activities that use digital devices are increasing and widespread, but one thing
I am disappointed about is the way to offer or sell to consumers, how sales are used almost most ebook sellers using
the SAME way it always begins with the story long and BUY NOW at the ends - with some even add a statement to
selected potential customers that "I will regret this missed opportunity" in my opinion in terms of marketing needs to
be reviewed if we are to have minimal long-term business from existing customers for second purchasing , not only
from rely on re-selling or regeneration.
I think if we really have a product with good quality and can provide clear benefits proven, it would be nice if we tell in
advance what the advantages and disadvantages of products, ... marketing will be easy with just one touch. As an
example, consider how marketing a great product that is known worldwide ... how they do it ...??take the time to learn
it ......
Ok ... today was my article, hopefully the better development of digital products ... better and better ..
Thank You .....

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