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									Please note: this is a sample letter for use when approaching professional connections
about their clients’ death in service benefit needs. It can be adapted to suit your style
by simply amending where necessary. This is a letter setting out why you may wish to
consider recommending Scottish Provident Self Assurance Term Business relevant life
policies - all or some of the following wording can be used in any one letter. Please
bear in mind that if you would like to incorporate or adapt any of this information into
your letters, you must ensure compliance with the appropriate regulations and
incorporate any appropriate risk warnings. Scottish Provident does not accept liability
for reliance on the information below.

Dear <insert client name>

Could some of your clients benefit from extra room in their lifetime pension allowance?

Many of your clients will be directors of limited companies and they may be paying personally
for life cover from their post-tax earnings, or be covered through a registered group life

Some of them will be directors earning large salaries and this life cover could be taking up a
large proportion of their lifetime pension allowance.

Would you like to be able to offer them a way to take their life cover out of their lifetime
pension allowance, freeing up space for future pension investment? Relevant life policies
could help you do just that. Because relevant life policies are non-registered, they do not
form part of the lifetime pension allowance, freeing up the amount of their life cover for future
pension investment.

Additional advantages of a relevant life policy

Not only that, there are other advantages of relevant life policies for small businesses. A
relevant life policy can offer ‘death in service’ benefits on an individual basis, so it is ideal for
businesses with less than five employees. They can also take advantage of the following tax

       Premiums paid by the company will not be treated as a P11D benefit
       The company may be able to claim Corporation Tax relief on the premiums
       Benefits will usually be payable tax free to the director’s dependants.

If you would like more details of how you could help free up the lifetime pensions allowance
for your clients, and help reduce their tax bills please contact me on <insert number>.

Yours sincerely,

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