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									Freedom Income Plan - customer approach letter for IFA use

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<Insert Address>
                                                              This example letter is designed to help you with
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                                                              communications with your clients. It is your
                                                              responsibility to adhere to FSA rules when
                                                              communicating with customers. MetLife does
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                                                              not accept any responsibility for the use of this

Dear <insert name>

Enjoy greater freedom and choice in retirement

Life can be full of surprises, even in retirement. No-one can predict what may happen in the future, or how your
plans may change. That’s why, for some people, it doesn’t always make sense to lock yourself into a lifetime
retirement decision.

Historically, the main retirement options to choose from were a lifetime annuity, which offers security via an income
for life, but once selected you’re locked in and cannot make any changes, or alternatively, you could select a
drawdown plan. Whilst this offers greater flexibility, it does expose you to investment risk.

MetLife Freedom Income Plan
Here at <insert business name>, we know that some people would prefer a solution that offers some of the
advantages of both, which is why I’d like to introduce you to the MetLife Freedom Income Plan. This plan:
     Allows you to keep your options open – because it’s not a lifetime commitment, at the end of your
        chosen term you’re able to review your circumstances and changing needs.
     Gives you what you need – you can choose the term, the income level and death benefit options that suit
     Provides guarantees – at the outset you’ll know your guaranteed income level and the guaranteed
        maturity amount you’ll receive at the end of your chosen term.
     Offers the Freedom Clause – this allows you to transfer out of your plan early should you qualify for an
        enhanced annuity.

Whilst this plan isn’t for everyone, and there are some risks associated with it, if you think you’d like the chance to
test drive your retirement, then the Freedom Income Plan could be for you. I’ll give you a call shortly to arrange a
time to discuss your retirement options with you.

Kind regards

<Insert name>
<Insert title>

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