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					NASA - ACTEL PCN Meeting
Nawal Cotran
Director, Quality & Business Process
May 8, 2002
What Was the Notification Process in 2000?

 Customer Notification was to listed customers of record who directly
  purchased the affected products from Actel.
     Includes distributors
     List was generated based on the ordering information obtained from the purchase
       order, distributor and Actel Sales.
     On this specific issue, Actel reviewed all their purchase order requisitions for RTSX
       product and contacted the distributors for a listing of affected end customers. Actel
       then sent notification letters via Federal Express to the end customers.

 Mailing of Product Change Notification (PCN) was to Contracting Agent
  listed on the purchase order.

Current PCN System
 Use of GIDEP PCN vehicle for all Military/Aero and QML product.

 Currently Actel has a process to communicate changes and issues that
  are critical to customers.

     PCN process complies with requirements in MIL-PRF-38535

     Actel makes the notification of the change through the GIDEP Alert, Problem
       Advisory, or PCN, depending on the nature of the issue, in parallel to the Actel PCN

     Notification letters (PCNs) are assigned a document control number and sent via
       registered mail.

     Returned receipt is matched with mailing list.
        This verifies that all customers received notice.

     For Q1 -2003, Actel will establish a Web Based notification System to replace
       manual mailing and offer additional information usually requested by Actel

Current PCN Process

 All PCN notification requires TRB (Actel Technical Review Board).
     TRB members are quality, engineering, marketing and test personnel.

     The TRB is empowered to decide on the relevancy of the change and its impact on
       Form, Fit and Function of product shipped to customers, and require that other
       information or testing to be completed to ensure military and QML requirements are
     TRB Review of the plan for the proposed change, proposed test plan, results of
       engineering qualifications and recommendations.
     IF conclusions and recommendations are acceptable to the TRB team, approval of
       the change occurs.
     TRB approves the requirement for customer notification based on certain guidelines
       documented in the procedure (1-04-13045). The guidelines align with the Military
       Standard MIL-PRF-38535
     TRB must approve all Gidep notifications.

New Notification System
 Web Based Notification System
  Scheduled for implementation in Q1 of 2003

  Customers can select to receive information such as:
       Application Notes and revisions
       New Data Sheets and revisions
       Changes in adapter modules and new releases
       Programmer changes
       New Software releases and updates
       Programmer software updates
       Socket offerings
       Customer Qualification report availability
       On-going reliability updates
       Notice of New PCNs for Process, product, or procedural changes

New Notification Systems
Proposed Examples
 Customer A orders Military/Aerospace products from the SX-S family
    During the sign-up process the customer can select a specific part, or product family.
     This allows the customer to define what information is needed for a specific
    The web based application will periodically notify the customer requesting a
     verification of information. This allows Actel to remain current with its notification list.


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