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					                                                                               Project Data Sheet-Imperial Units

                                                                                                   Building Data
                            Ceiling Height:                                     [    ]   ft                                Total roof area for destratification:                                     [    ]   ft2
                       Width of building:                                       [    ]   ft                                     Average roof insulation value:                                       [    ]   R
                       Depth of building:                                       [    ]   ft                                          Air temperature at floor:                                       [    ]   ˚F
                       Height of building:                                      [    ]   ft                                     Desired area air temperature:                                        [    ]   ˚F
                Ave. wall insulation value:                                     [    ]   R                                       Setback temperature (if any):                                       [    ]   ˚F
                  Temperature at ceiling:                                       [    ]   ˚F                                  Total wall area (solar and other):                                      [    ]   ft2

                                                                                                 Ventilation Data
           Total air supplied to building:                                      [    ]   CFM                                                Existing fuel type:
        Total air exhaust from building:                                        [    ]   CFM                                              Cost of energy/fuel:
     Total air supplied by SOLARWALL®:                                          [    ]   CFM                            Seasonal efficiency of heating equip.:
            Temperature of exhaust air:                                         [    ]   ˚F                               Total hours of operation per week:

                                                                                                 SOLARWALL® Data
                 SOLARWALL® panel area:                                         [    ] ft                                  Collector slope angle (usually 90˚):
                      Height of collector:                                      [    ] ft
                      Length of collector:                                      [    ] ft                               (due south is 0˚):
                                                                                                       Collector azimuth angle
                                                                                                                    SOLARWALL® color:
Include existing wall construction details, a drawing of wall for proposed SOLARWALL®, and location of ventilation air intake fans, if available.

                             Submitted by: Rob Taisey                                                                                                        Date:
                                Phone No: 207-221-2916                                                                                                     Fax No: 413-480-3856
                            Company Name Assured Solar Energy                                                                                       email address:
                                  Address: 460 Mountfort Rd.                                                                                      Postal Zip code:
                                      State: North Yarmouth, ME 04097
                     Project Name/Client:
             Project location (City, State):                                                                                                          Building:             [    ] new           [    ]existing

The undersigned understands that the various SOLARWALL® designs are protected by patents 1,196,825, 1,283,333 1,326,619 4,774,932, 4,899,728, and 4,934,338 and that royalty will apply. These charges
would be in equipment costs when the SOLARWALL® system is purchased from Conserval. In the event that Conserval's equipment is not supplied for the project listed above, then a royalty fee will be levied by
Conserval for any SOLARWALL® heater built. This fee would become due and payable when the SOLARWALL® system is installed.


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