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Friendship Friendship Friendship is what I am by amirsiddiqui9


Friendship is what I am so grateful for. Friends are one of the most powerful assets a human being could have.

Life is challenging on this planet. With loving friends who have our back we know that we are not alone in the world.

With the healing power of friendship we have a built-in support system to help us on our journey. It is so emotionally
healing to share our weaknesses and challenges in life with a friend.

Someone who doesn't judge us and instead listens to us share our pain is so valuable. Receiving encouragement
and positive feedback is a gift.

It's wonderful to share good news with friends. With the healing power of friendship the joy increases a hundred fold.
Hugs, pats on the back, positive words to cheer us on during times of celebration warm the heart.

Joy of Fellowship

The joy of fellowship is a gift that shows up in the smiling eyes of a helpful neighbor, visiting aging parents, having
lunch with a good buddy and listening to a suffering friend.

For over three years now I have been consistently going to Alanon meetings. Alanon is a spiritual program based on
the 12 steps of recovery for the family disease of alcoholism.

Weekly I receive the joy of fellowship when we all share our pain, joy, challenges andinspiration. Recovery and
healing is available one step at a time in a loving atmosphere void of judgement.

Each weekly I share my journey of recovery with men and women who at first are strangers. Over time we become
friends who grow together using the 12 steps to guide us to let go and let God.

The joy of fellowship in Alanon has allowed the Divine's healing to take place within me by my learning to take better
care of myself. Learning to detach from my adult children, allowing them their own lessons gives me more space to
focus on my life.

The healing power of friendship has been so valuable to me. Through my friendships I have grown to be the person
that I am today and I am blessed.

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Loving Kindness

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