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					  Natural Hemorrhoid Cure – Are Fruits and Water the Solution?
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The pain from hemorrhoids can severely disrupt your normal daily life. If you have
hemorrhoids, it is the most natural desire to want to get rid of them.

While it is possible to shrink hemorrhoids quickly, this may or may not be a permanent
solution to your hemorrhoid problem. The most natural hemorrhoid cure boils down to
treating the root causes of hemorrhoids.

Direct shrinking treatments can be effective to remove hemorrhoid permanently if the
condition was caused by a temporary incidence, such as lifting a heavy object or
prolonged sitting in a long road trip.

However, most people get hemorrhoids due to other more complex reasons than these
short-term contributing factors. That is why the hemorrhoids keep returning despite
the use of creams and suppositories, and even surgery.

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The best natural hemorrhoid cure – target the root causes
The only way to cure hemorrhoids is to address the root causes and make small but
amazingly effective modifications to your lifestyle and eating habits. Bear in mind that
it’s not about what you eat, but rather how you eat that will affect your digestive system
and immune system, and that can make a huge difference.

Heard a lot about natural hemorrhoid cure, but are they able to treat your case?
 Fruits
The most common advice about treating hemorrhoids that
you tend to hear a lot is to eat more fruits. It’s certainly
true that fruits can help overcome certain issues
contributing to hemorrhoids (eg constipation), but they are
not necessarily the best solution for all hemorrhoid cases.

For instance, if you have diabetes, high blood sugar or
weight problems, or are allergy to fruits, the number and
amount of fruits you can eat to relieve hemorrhoid is
limited. Also, not all fruits are beneficial in curing
hemorrhoids. This can be seen from the fact that many
hemorrhoid sufferers still experience severe piles despite
eating plenty of fruits.
The truth is, certain fruits may be more helpful than others, while some can make your
piles worse depending on when, how and with what else you eat them. This natural
hemorrhoid cure may not be suitable for every hemorrhoid sufferers.

Some special nutrients from fruits have been shown to be very effective in fighting
against hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, those nutrients are found only in several types of
fruits. And if you eat them at the wrong time of day or in combination with other
unsuitable foods, your body may not be able to absorb these nutrients.

 Water
The same goes for water. Water is great in relieving
hemorrhoids, but it depends on when and how you drink it.
Drinking lots of water at the wrong time could actually
worsen your piles.

So when it comes to treating hemorrhoids, even when you are
using natural hemorrhoid cure, there are different factors to
take into consideration. In fact, curing hemorrhoids requires a
more holistic approach by treating the root cause of your
hemorrhoids. When you treat the actual causes, you can
achieve life-long freedom from hemorrhoids.

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Description: Discover the truth about natural hemorrhoid cure. Water and fruits may not be the solution for everyone.