Committing to Losing Weight by dorinalee


									Committing to Losing Weight

Committing to losing weight might be the hardest thing to do. Try putting losing weight into
perspective where you can achieve by practicing the good and get out from the bad like:

    1. Adopt Healthy Eating Patterns
       When you’re trying to lose weight you will have to be very careful about how much calories
       you are eating every day. The calories intake that you are taking must be coming from
       various nutrients-rich foods like fruits (1), vegetables(2) to go with whole grains (3) like
       wheat, rice, oats, bran and barley. Lean cut of meat (4), fish and beans which is low-fat
       dairy which would help. By making sure that you’re getting 20-35gm of fibre would help you
       minimize the feeling of being hungry and also maintain a stable blood sugar level.
    2. Giving up poor eating habits like eating when you are not hungry, taking larger amount to
       fill up yourself and control taking food that contain sodium, high saturated fats & high-
       calorie/low nutrient such as cookies, candy and cake. These would help in losing your
    3. Cultivate good eating habits
             a. Start with smaller portion of serving or using a smaller plate will help feel less
                 deprived. Cutting down the chance of dining out where you can’t control the
                 portion of servings.
             b. Eat slowly – With slow that means you will get to chew your food more thorough
                 which will help your digestion system. On the other hand you will also you’re
                 yourself time to think about whether you still need to go for a second serving.
             c. Drink a glass of water before meal will help to fill you up, where at the same time it
                 could cleanse your toxic away from your body. You can replace it by serving soup
                 before your meal.
             d. Take foods that are with high-fibre and low-fat like cereal, grains, nuts, fruits and
                 vegetable would keep you full.
    4. Exercise is important as its helps burning the calories from our bodies. On the other hand it
       allow us to keep fit in many other aspect. Appearance wise it would help to tone our desire
       shape while losing weight.
       You may start with the exercise that suits the lifestyle where you would enjoy and
       convenient for you.

    When you have a perspective it should not be left the importance of tracking the progress of
    your mission of losing weight. With this tracking, it will be your guidelines to bring you to
    achieving the desire weight you wish to have. You may choose to track this on a weekly basis,
    where you see the results of your progress.

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