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When you are in your twenties most people don't think they need to worry
about anti-aging facial creams. After all we should have years and years
before we have to think about that - right? Well actually - that's wrong.
We do need to think about our skin in our 20s, as that is truly when your
skin starts to lose its ability to keep our skin hydrated. Plus, the
oxygen in our skin reduces by 25% at that time - and continues to reduce
every year as we age.

It's not a fun prospect is it? But the reality is that we must think of
the future when we are in our 20s and set good skin care habits in place
so that we retain that youthful look as long as possible; plus it will
keep our skin healthier. Here are some tips on preventing the aging
process from affecting how your skin looks and prematurely aging:

Sunscreen - The use of a protective sunscreen is essential for everyone
starting even before your 20s and continuing throughout your life.
Ultraviolet sun rays are the cause of more skin damage and cause up to
80% of premature aging that occurs on our skin. This is huge. Sunscreen
should be applied before going outdoors at any time of the year and
reapplied as necessary throughout the day while exposed to the sun. Use
of a sunscreen of SPF 30 or more is suggested. Also, avoid any use of
tanning booths as they also contribute to aging.

Healthy Lifestyle and Diet - Regular exercise and diet are also
essentials of proactive ways to combat premature aging. Eating foods that
are rich in Vitamins A, C and E such as whole grains, berries and dairy
products will help, as well as green tea.

Keep Hydrated - Keeping the skin hydrated will help to combat aging so
drink lots of water and eat fruits such as grapes or watermelon.

Anti-Aging Facial Creams - The 20s is not too early to start using anti-
aging skin creams as it will help to keep your skin healthier and wrinkle
free. Since people in their 20s are still prone to acne, it is essential
to get a light facial cream that is not oily or too thick. Ensure that it
does not contain a lot of chemicals or fragrances that might harm the
skin or cause a breakout. Use of an exfoliator will keep the skin
rejuvenated as well.

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