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        The Beverly Hills

             Gift Catalogue
                                                                 $99 Sale $85                                                                 $199 Sale $135

Beau Joie Rose Champagne - The Knight in Shining Copper
Stylist & Designer Publications are raving about this new luxury spectacular    donnay derived from the finest grapes of Epernay, France. The zero-dosage
Champagne that is packaged so beautifully, no giftwrap is required. Simply      brut champagne has none of the added sugars common in other champagnes.
attach the gift card.
                                                                                The suit of armor not only keeps the Champagne colder, longer, but also pro-
Will copper be the new platinum? The Champagne, which has the slogan of         vides improved grip when opening and serving. It has a rubber punt to ensure
Tonight’s the Knight, comes in a bottle encased in a 100% (recycled) copper,    enhanced stability when pouring.This makes a statement – and continues
handcrafted suit of armor. Beau is made of 60 % Pinot Noir and 40 % Char-       after the cork is popped.
Investment, service, relationships and loyalty are the keys to our success.
As we enter our fifth decade as wine mer-      The Wine Merchant is the consummate           “It’s a lot of work to get to the top and the
chants, it seems timely to share a few sto-    link between the best producers and the       company is good”. - Dennis Overstreet
ries about our business relationships that     most discriminating consumers. We offer
have evolved into friendships. Our friends     more than the product itself; we mentor the    The vignettes shared in our 2011 catalog,
helped build our shop into a destination for   maker’s story, share their information and     are a small sampling of our friends and
wine, spirits, knowledge and camaraderie.      engage in relationships.                       associates that have contributed to our
                                                                                              distinction as one of the very best wine
Beverly Hills is some of the most expensive Experience counts – and for 40 years we’ve merchants worldwide.
commercial real estate in the world. I chose been earning our distinguished reputation.
this area because I admire the shopkeepers The Wine Merchant has access to the rare, Visit us at:
that stand the test of time – because of their exceptional and the heirlooms of tomorrow. or 228 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
love for their business and innate talents to We invest our time and capital to research, Convenient parking is available directly across
set the standard, rather than meeting it.       discover and bring the products to our the street at the Montage.
                                                shop in Beverly Hills. We take the extra step
We are located in one of the most glamor- to transport the products with care, from
ous places in the world. It is true that celeb- the originating cellars to our temperature-
rities call or drop in at the Wine Merchant controlled storage, to our shop, to your cel-                       Hours:
regularly, because we are their destination. lar and table.                                                Monday – Friday
Our neighbors, such as Thomas Keller’s                                                                    9:30 am – 6:30 pm
Bouchon, E. Baldi, Maestro’s, Puck’s Spa- We provide service that is exceptional, per-
go, Scarpetta, Mr. Chow, Chanel, Hermes, sonal and detail oriented – from guaranteed                           Saturday
Harry Winston, or have a temporary delivery to the hand-made bows on your                                10:30 am – 6:00 pm
residences at prestigious addresses such giftwrapped packages.
as the Beverly Wilshire, Peninsula, Four                                                                 and by appointment.
Seasons and the Montage.

                                                                                310.278.7322      3
                                                               Delas Freres
                                                               Delas Freres is a winery of tradition and renewal. Founded 160 years ago in the heart of the northern
      Delas Freres                                             Côtes du Rhône, the winery enjoyed the dynamism of its original founders and their heirs and more
                                                               recently, the renewed energy of the Lallier-Deutz family, owners of champagne house, Champagne Deutz.

                                                               Delas Freres and Champagne Deutz were acquired by the Champagne House of Louis Roederer in 1993.

                                                               Today, the Delas wines are crafted by a panel of experts headed by winemaker Jacques Grange. Together,
                                                               the team makes wines that have been heralded for their intensity of flavor and excellent value.

                                                               Châteauneuf-du-Pape Rouge                         Crozes Hermitage Les Launes Blanc
                                                               Condrieu 'La Galopine'                            Hermitage 'Domaine des Tourettes'
                                                               Côte-Rôtie 'La Landonne'                          Hermitage 'Les Bessards'
                                                               Côte-Rôtie Seigneur de Maugiron                   Hermitage 'Marquise de la Tourette' Blanc
                                                               Côtes-du-Rhône 'St. Esprit' Blanc                 Hermitage 'Marquise de la Tourette' Rouge
                                                               Côtes-du-Rhône 'St. Esprit' Rouge                 Merlot Vin de Pays
                                                               Côtes-du-Ventoux                                  Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise
                                                               Crozes Hermitage 'Domaine des Grands              St. Joseph 'Francois de Tournon'
                                                               Chemins'                                          St. Joseph St. Epiné
                                                               Crozes Hermitage 'Le Clos'                        Tavel Rosé
                                                               Crozes Hermitage 'Les Launes' Rouge

                                                               Champagne Deutz
                                                               The charms of a traditional Champagne House. Founded in 1838, the House of Deutz grew under the
                                                               management of 5 generations of the same family. Looked upon by many as one of Champagne’s gems,
                                                               Deutz offers all the charms of Champagnes made with care and flair.
                                                               William Deutz Cuvee 1998                          Rose 2004
                                                               Brut 2004                                         Amour Deutz 1999 Blanc de Blancs Brut
                                                               Brut Classic                                      Demi Sec 1999

      Louis Roederer
      This special Champagne Gift Box will sell out quickly! There are never enough to meet demand.

      Three bottles of Roederer Brut Premier Champagne, each in its distinctive design delivered in a
      sleek black coffret with the swirling white Roederer logo.

4                 310.278.7322
Hollywood Legends & Memories -
with Wine - Dennis Overstreet
Gene Kelly – [August 23, 1912 – February 2, 1996] an American dancer,
actor, singer, film director, producer and choreographer. He was a celebrity of
Iconic proportion. Kelly’s innovations transformed the Hollywood musical firm,
and he is credited with almost single-handedly making the ballet form
commercially acceptable to film audiences.
Besides being one of the most admired celebrities in glamour
Hollywood, Gene Kelly was one of my favorite customers. He
most enjoyed, sit down dinners with wine; shared with intimate
friends. Kelly had a mutual appreciation for the harmony be-
tween wine and food, and it sharpened my affinity for the same.
Kelly loved beautiful things and wine, and he was particularly
fond of Burgundies.

Excerpts from conversations shared between Gene Kelly
and Overstreet, 1978

Q Do you buy your wines based on the recommendations of

A No. I prefer to purchase a bottle of wine and rely on my
own evaluation as to whether I wish to purchase it in quantity.
I appreciate suggestions from reliable sources, but I don’t buy
cases without trying a wine first.

Q When did you first discover your affinity for Burgundies?

A While shooting on location in the small village of Semur-
en-Auxois, in the heart of Burgundy country – six weeks of
torrential rains kept us there. My gloom was dissipated by the
hospitality of the local vintners who invited a few of the
Franco-American group to be guests at the various residences.
I received an education during six weeks - listening and tast-
ing, an education that could not be purchased.

Q Who are some of your favorite wine producers?

A I prefer the best French wines in the best years, especially
Burgundies and Bordeaux. However, they are often priced out
of sight, so I enjoy California wine and Italian reds when I can’t
find a valued French.

Q Any commonality of wines appreciated by fellow actors? Any
fascination with astrology?

A My sign is Taurus and my fellow Taurus are Barbara Strei-
sand, Orson Wells and Carol Burnett, who also enjoy white
Burgundies. I met Henri Leroy while I was in France. After
experiencing those fine Burgundies, “God Bless the Cote d’Or
and its winemakers”.

Gene Kelly, not only knew how to hold a dance partner, hold a
good thoughtful conversation about wine.

                                                              310.278.7322   5
    Exceptional Wines - Champagnes

    Johann Joseph Krug founded this legendary house in 1843. The Krug styles are one
    of great complexity, richness, and finesse, achieved through fermentation in wood
    and a mastery of blending.

    Grand Cuvee 750ml                         $189        Sale $149
    Krug Rose 375ml                           $199

    Founded in 1811, this Epernay house is renowned for its Belle Époque bottle. The
    Perrier-Jouet style is one of extreme delicacy, as exemplified by its citrusy, light-
    bodied non-vintage Grand Brut. The Belle Époque, called Fleur de Champagne in the
    US, maintains the same delicate style, while adding more complexity and finesse.

    Perrier Jouet Gift Set w/stems            $145
    P.J. Flower Rose 2002                     $225       Sale $175
    P.J. Fleur 2002                           $150         Sale $99
    PJ Grand Brut                              $45      Sale $34.95

    Ruinart is the oldest champagne-producing house in the region, having been making
    sparkling wines here since 1729. Ruinart’s non-vintage Blanc de Blancs is one of
    the house’s best-known wines, rich and ripe, this bubbly from a historic house has
    superfine mousse, citrus, ginger, and herb notes. The Rose is another favorite on
    wine lists throughout the world.

    Blanc de Blanc                              $79     Sale $59.95
    Rose                                        $90     Sale $74.95

    Founded in 1818 by Nicolas Francois Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon. Billecart-Salm-
    on might be best known for its non-vintage rose. Full bodied, showing earthiness in
    the aroma, with plenty of ripe, candied fruit on the palate.

    Brut Reserve 750ml                      $79.99      Sale $59.99
    Brut Reserve 375ml                      $29.99
    Rose 750ml                              $89.99      Sale $75.00
    Rose 375ml                              $39.99

    louiS RoeDeReR

                                                                                            Dom Perignon
    One of the finest houses in Champagne, Louis Roederer’s roots date back to 1776.
    The house is widely known for its prestige cuvee, Cristal, which was originally
    created for Russia’s Tsar Alexander II. Cristal is indeed among the best champagnes
    being made, but don’t overlook the rest of Roederer’s wines, which are made ex-
    clusively from vines owned by the house. They are uniformly superb, demonstrating       Perhaps the world’s most recognized champagne, Moet & Chandon created Dom Perignon as a
    the freshness gained by the avoidance of malolactic and the refined complexity and      prestige cuvee in 1936, when they launched the inaugural 1921 vintage. As it ages, it develops
    finesse that are the hallmarks of the house’s style.
                                                                                            superb complexity and finesse. The rose version is, if anything, even more impressive, possess-
    Cristal Vintage 750ml                    $250                                           ing an ethereal fragrance and impeccably graceful refinement.
    Cristal Vintage Magnum                   $695
    Cristal Rose Vintage 750ml               $625          Allocated                        1995   Oenotheque 750ml                         $399
    Brut Premier 750ml                      $44.99                                          1995   Dom Perignon Magnum                      $525
    Carte Blanche                           $49.95      Sale $35.00                         2002   Dom Perignon 750ml                       $169
                                                                                            2000   Dom Perignon Rose750ml                   $450

6                                 310.278.7322
Exceptional Wines - Champagnes
With a rich and colorful history that dates back to 1734, Taittinger is one of
Champagne’s most famous houses. As the Taittinger style emphasizes finesse over
richness, it is easy to see why the finest wine in the cellar is a Blanc de Blancs.
2000 Comte de Blanc de Blancs 750ml $165              Sale $129
1986 Hartung Artist Series 750ml      $350               limited
1998 Zao Wou Ki Artist Series 750ml   $540               limited
2002 Amadou Sow Artist Series 750ml $399                 limited
Prestige Cuvee Blanc 750ml          $45.50           Sale $38.50

Founded in 1829, Bollinger has enjoyed a rich and distinctive history. The Bollinger
style is one of both richness and finesse, aided in the non-vintage Special Cuvee by
partial vinification in barrel and an extraordinary collection of reserve wines.
Bollinger Rose 750ml                       $135         Sale $89
Bollinger 2002 750ml                       $135         Sale $89
R.D. 1988 750ml                            $279         Allocated
Special Cuvee 750ml                         $72          Sale$59

Deutz has a history going back to its founding in 1838, but its modern story dates
from 1993, when it was purchased by Louis Roederer. Today, the house is in top
form, creating champagnes that emphasize harmony and finesse. Deutz cham-
pagnes are not necessarily light-bodied .
Brut Classic 750ml                       $55.00      Sale $34.00

This Reims house makes rich, mouth filling champagnes that derive a great deal of
complexity and finesse from long aging on the lees.
Henriot 750ml                            $45.00
Henriot 375ml                            $29.99

Today, Laurent-Perrier is renowned for its grand Siecle, a prestige cuvee blended
from three different years, as well as its non-vintage rose, made by maceration
rather than blending.
Grand Siecle 750ml (In a Special Gift Box) $195        Sale $119
Rose Brut NV 750 ml                        $105         Sale $75
Brut NV 375ml                               $21         Sale $17
Brut NV 750ml                               $45         Sale $39

The Mumm style is for light, fresh champagnes, such as the Mumm de Cramant that
is a particularly delicate interpretation of the cru. However, in comparison, the newly
created prestige cuvee, R LaLou, is a serious, complex champagne of depth and
character that is sourced exclusively from the house’s top vineyards.
1998 Cuvee R. LaLou                        $139         Sale $98

Pol RogeR
One of Champagne’s best-known houses, Pol Roger produces substantial, richly fla-
vored champagnes. The Brut Reserve is a world-famous non-vintage brut, yet argu-
ably even better is the non-dosage champagne made from a slightly different blend.
Pol Roger is famous for being a preferred champagne of Winston Churchill, and in
turn, the house named its prestige cuvee after him, created in the 1975 vintage.
1999 Sir Winston Churchill 750ml           $275        Sale $199
Pol Roger Brut NV 750ml                     $59         Sale $42

While Gosset champagnes have a reputation for being powerful, contemporary
releases demonstrate a marvelous finesse, complexity, and balance, which are
                                                                                          VeuVe CliCquot
enlivened by the absence of malolactic.                                                   The widow Clicquot is one of Champagne’s most legendary personalities. She played a major
Brut Excellence 750ml                       $53                                           part in the introduction of the riddling table- the table that holds the bottles upside down to
                                                                                          let the sediment settle at the top so that it can be drawn off, leaving a clear wine.
Beau Joie, meaning “Beautiful Joy” is a new champagne that is taking the world by         Brut NV Yellow Label 750ml                         $55
storm, by it’s stunning packaging and lovely bubbly beverage unveiled upon release        Special Gift Presentation
of the cork. If you want to make a statement – the Knight in shining copper is it.
Brut N/V 750ml                              $99         Sale $85
Rose Brut NV 750ml                         $219        Sale $135

PleASe CAll FoR ADDiTioNAl wiNe SeleCTioNS AND ViSiT ouR weBSiTe                                                          310.278.7322           7
    Exceptional Wines - California
                                                                             2007 Bond “St Eden”                                       $599         2007                                                      $249
                                                                             2007 Bond “Vecina”                                        $599         2007 375 ml                                               $125
                                                                             2007 Bond “Pluribus”                                      $599         2008 Insignia                                             $189

                                                                             leVy AND MCClellAN                                                     oPuS oNe CABeRNeT SAuVigNoN
                                                                             The wine making team behind Harlan. Allocated                          A musical term meaning “The work of a composer”. The addition of
                                                                                                                                                    the word One meaning “First work” for Robert Mondavi and Baron
                                                                             2007    750ml                                             $590         Philippe de Rothschild. The label inspired by the Roman god Janus
                                                                                                                                                    who represents the past and the future. The final design had
                                                                             SCAReCRow                                                              Mondavi’s profile looking west to the U.S. and Rothschild ‘s East
                                                                             Bret Lopez’s grandfather, a film icon, making film classics such as    to France.
                                                                             Ben-Hur, Gigi Mutiny on the Bounty, and best of all “The Wizard
                                                                             of Oz”. The Scarecrow was the smartest of Dorothy’s companions         1983    750ml                                             $245
                                                                             entrusted with the ruling of Emerald City in Oz’s absence. With        1985    750ml                                             $260
                                                                             this legacy of somewhere over the rainbow is the excellence of         1990    750ml                                             $275
                                                                             Scarecrow. Allocated                                                   2007    375ml                                             $115
                                                                                                                                                    2007    750ml                                             $229
    BuCCellA                                                                 2006    750ml                                             $550         2008    750ml                                             $229
    Bill and Alicia Deem own this winery, which is Latin for “mouthful”.     2008    750ml                                             $499
    These rich, powerful, small production wines are made by Rebekah                                                                                KoNgSgAARD
    Weinberg and consulting winemaker Celia Welch. Allocated                                                                                        98 point rated wine. John is the Judge – these wines are hard to
                                                                             FuTo                                                                   find, but we have them
    Buccella 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon                          750ml $149     Oakville producer using the talents of Aubert and Abreu
    Mica 2008 Buccella Cabernet Sauvignon                     750ml $64                                                                             2003 Syrah                                                $162
                                                                             2005    750ml                                             $395
                                                                                                                                                    2004 Syrah                                                $165
    SiNe QuA NoN                                                                                                                                    2004 Napa Valley Viognier/Roussanne                       $129
    Of the thousands of labels created, there are few that can rival         DoMiNuS                                                                2008 Chardonnay                                            $83
    those of Manfred Krankel’s. His belief that each wine deserves its       Christian Moueix acquired the site from the original Inglenook         2008 Syrah                                                $165
    identity like that of naming a child. That no wine is ever duplicated,   property and named it Dominus – Latin for master. Located in the       2008 The Judge Chardonnay                                 $219
    thus his wines are literally Sine Qua Non – Something utterly            southern part of Napa Valley, Dominus produces only two wines:         2008 Cabernet Sauvignon                                   $165
    indispensable. Allocated                                                 the eponymous Dominus and its more affordable sibling, Napanook,
                                                                             both Cabernet Sauvignon-driven Bordeaux-style blends. Whether
                                                                                                                                                    DANA CABeRNeT SAuVigNoN
    2006   Strawman 375ml                                      $175          Moueix is the master of Dominus or vice versa doesn’t matter, great
                                                                                                                                                    Can’t say enough about this highly point rated estate of Ho Sang
    2002   Noble Man 375ml                                     $150          wine is being made.Allocated
                                                                                                                                                    Lee of Korea. Allocated
    2006   Noble Man 375ml                                     $175
    2006   Kolibri 750ml                                       $275          2007 “Estate” 750ml                                       $185
                                                                                                                                                    2006                                                      $325
    2007   Pictures 750ml                                      $249          2008 750ml                                                $185
                                                                                                                                                    2008 Estates Cabernet Sauvignon Helms Vineyard            $350
    2007   Labels 750ml                                        $249                                                                                 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon                                   $595
    2008   B20 Syrah 750ml                                     $299          oViD                                                                   2009 Cade Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valle 750ml                 $27
    2008   “The Line” Grenache 750ml                           $299          When Mark Nelson and Dana Johnson decided to call their wine la-
    2006   Raven Grenache 750ml                                $225          bel , it was in appreciation of the Roman poet Publius Ovidius Naso
                                                                                                                                                    BRyANT FAMily ViNeyARD
                                                                             from Metamorphoses that translate “Partly we recovered the old,
                                                                                                                                                    Don Bryant’s small 15-acre vineyard produces amazingly complex
    HARlAN                                                                   familiar things, partly we created something wondrous and new”.
                                                                                                                                                    and age worthy Cabernet Sauvignon. The estate wine was one of
    Bill Harlan is the proud owner of this 240-acre estate and 40                                                                                   the original “cult” Cabernets and carries a price tag to prove it.
    acre vineyard in the western Mayacamas hillsides of Oakville.            2004 Experiment No. EO.4 750ml                             $90
    Wine-maker Bob Levy, with oversight from consultant Michel               2007 Ovid 750ml                                           $175
                                                                                                                                                    2008 Cabernet Sauvignon                                   $595
    Rolland, makes only 18,000 bottles per year of the extraordinarily       2006 Experiment No. D7.86 750ml                           $160
    complex and seamless Estate Cabernet and a second wine called            2008 Ovid 750ml                                           $185
                                                                             2006 Experiment No. M9.36 750ml                           $160
                                                                                                                                                    CADe CABeRNeT SAuVigNoN
    The Maiden. Harlan Estate is one of Napa’s’ highly desirable cult                                                                               Cade, a Plumpjack winery offshoot, looks to be a Howell Mountain
    Cabernets with a long waiting list of would-be-buyers, and col-                                                                                 producer of some promise. To date, there is a small-production.
    lectors often willing to pay two to three times the release price for    MelKA
    each new vintage. Allocated                                              Winemaker Philippe Melka and his wife Cherie create the magnifi-
                                                                                                                                                    2007 Cade Howell Mountain Cabernet 375ml                          $48
                                                                             cent Metisse, a single vineyard wine from the town of St. Helena,
                                                                                                                                                    2007 Cade Howell Mountain Cabernet 750ml                         $130
    2003 “The Maiden”                                          $250          while the beautiful CJ comes from vineyards throughout the Napa
                                                                                                                                                    2007 Cade Napa Cuvee                                              $60
    2006 “Harlan Estate”                                       $795          Valley.
                                                                                                                                                    2008 Cade Napa Cuvee                                              $40
    2005 “Harlan Estate”                                     $1,299                                                                                 2008 Cade Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml               $135
    2007 “Harlan Estate”                                      $950           2007 Metisse                                              $126
                                                                                                                                                    2009 Cade Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valle 750ml                        $27
                                                                             2008 Metisse                                              $139
    BoND                                                                                                                                            HouRglASS CABeRNeT SAuVigNoN
    Pluribus, Vecina, St. Eden, Quella & Melbury                             SHAFeR                                                                 Jeff Smith owns this amazing 4-acre vineyard site north of St Hel-
    Bond Estates is a separate venture by the Harlan Estate team of          Shafer’s Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon, made from a steep
                                                                                                                                                    ena. Bob Foley makes the wines. Hourglass has made a big splash
    Bill Harlan, winemaker Bob Levy, and vineyard manager Mary Hall,         vineyard in the Vaca Mountains, is one of California’s most refined,
                                                                                                                                                    with its hard-to-find 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.
    with Master Sommelier Paul Roberts as director. The concept was          consistent, and universally respected wines. Allocated
    to make small amounts of terroir-driven wines from purchased                                                                                    2008 Blueline Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml                    $132
    grapes in partnership with six small hillside vineyards around Napa      2007 Hillside                                             $345
                                                                                                                                                    2008 Hourglass Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml                   $162
    Valley. Allocated                                                        2007 “One Point Five” 375ml                                $36
                                                                             2008 “One Point Five”                                      $75
                                                                                                                                                    QuiNTeSSA CABeRNeT SAuVigNoN ReD wiNe
    2003   Bond “Vecina"                                       $395                                                                                 Quintessa is the home estate of Agustin Huneeus, one of the
    2004   Bond “Vecina”                                       $395          JoSePH PHelPS iNSigNiA                                                 greatest wine businessmen of the last century, and his wife, Valeria.
    2005   Bond “St Eden”                                      $395          Insignia is recognized as one of the world’s great wines. Twenty-
                                                                                                                                                    The beautiful 280-acre estate surrounds a lake on rolling hills in the
    2005   Bond “Vecina”                                       $395          nine of the 34 vintages have been rated 90 point and above by
                                                                                                                                                    center of the valley. It is planted solely to Bordeaux varieties.
    2006   Bond “Melbury”                                      $395          various wine publications, such as Robert Parker Jr. Allocated
    2006   Bond “Quella”                                       $395                                                                                 2006    750ml                                             $145
    2006   Bond “Vecina"                                       $395          2006                                                      $215
                                                                                                                                                    2008    750ml                                             $125
    2007   Bond “Melbury”                                      $599          2006    375ml                                              $90
    2007   Bond “Quella”                                       $599

8                                    310.278.7322
Exceptional Wines - California
DuMol                                                                  BReweR-CliFToN ViNeyARDS                                                  FAViA
DuMoL founders Kerry Murphy and Michael Verlander have                 Greg Brewer and Steve Clifton teamed up in the mid-1990s to               A collaboration between Annie Favia and winemaker Andy Erickson
carefully crafted a jewel of a winery. Winemaker Andy Smith crafts     produce Chardonnay and Pinot Noir in the cool, windy region that          using unique vineyard sites. Allocated and limited.
extremely well balanced, age worthy wines, which, at their best, are   was to become the Sta. Rita Hills AVA.
electrifying. The wines are given simple Irish surnames in keeping                                                                               2007 Cerro Sur Cabernet Red Napa Valley                    $120
with Murphy’s heritage. While known for its Burgundian varietals,      2004 Pinot Noir Rio Vista                                    $92          2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley                        $120
the winery also produces Syrah.                                        2007 Chardonnay Santa Rita Hills                             $42          2008 La Magdalena                                          $120
                                                                       2008 “Gnesa” Chardonnay                                      $55
2008 Russian River Chardonnay                             $55          2009 “3-D” Chardonnay                                        $59          CHeCKeRBoARD
2008 Russian River “Isobel” Chardonnay                    $68          2009 “3-D” Pinot Noir                                        $59          A must collector gem. This stunning new release from rocky,
2008 Russian River “Chloe” Chardonnay                     $75                                                                                    high altitude vineyards high atop Diamond Mountain comes to
2008 Russian River Syrah                                  $58          JoNATA wiNeS                                                              us from owners Dennis O’Neil and Steph Martin along with Sloan
2009 Russian River Pinot Noir                             $70          Stan Kroenke (owner of Kroenke Sports Enterprises including               winemaker Martha McClellan. Allocated.
                                                                       the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and St Louis Rams) owner
KiSTleR ViNeyARDS                                                      of Screaming Eagle has developed 80 acres of 640 acres in Santa           2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley                        $250
No California Chardonnay is better known or sought-after than that     Ynez Valley into 50 blocks. Matt Dees is the winemaker and con-
of Kistler Vineyards. Founded in 1978, the winery has long been        sulted by Michel Rolland. The highly anticipated different varietals      CoRRA
a cult producer of variety. The winery also produces a couple of       are in limited supplies and highly rated by R. Parker.                             Winemaker Celia Welch’s own label sourced from vineyards
acclaimed Pinot Noirs.                                                                                                                           in Oakville, Rutherford and Pritchard Hill. Limited availability from
                                                                       2006 “La Sangre” Syrah                                 $149               the winemaker of Scarecrow. Allocated.
2008 Pinot Noir Russian River                             $59          2006 El Alma Cabernet Franc (Soul of Jonata)           $125
2008 Chardonnay “Durell” Sonoma                           $65          2006 La Tierra Sangiovese (The Earth of Jonata)         $75               2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley                        $140
2009 Chardonnay “Sonoma Mountain”                         $65          2007 La Fuerza Petit Verdot (The Force of Jonata)
2009 Chardonnay “Les Noisetiers”                          $75          2007 El Desafio Cabernet Sauvignon(Challenge of Jonata)
                                                                                                                                                 DANCiNg HAReS
                                                                       2007 La Sangre Syrah (The Blood of Jonata)
                                                                       2007 Todos Cabernet, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Viognier
liTToRAi                                                                                                                                         The magic duo, former winemaker at Screaming Eagle. Located
                                                                       (Total Blend)                                           $50
The winery’s Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs from the estate vineyard,                                                                               at the base of Howell Mountain, with winemaker Andy Erickson and
                                                                       2007 Fenix Merlot (Rising)                              $75
and wines made from purchased fruit from other top sites in                                                                                      vineyard manager David Abreu. Allocated.
                                                                       2007 “El Desafio de Jonata”                            $149
Sonoma and Mendocino counties, are highly sought after for very
                                                                       2008 La Poesia (The Poetry of Jonata)
good reason. The Chardonnays show restrained use of oak and                                                                                      2007 Red Napa Valley                                       $125
                                                                       2008 “La Poesia de Jonata" Pinot Noir                  $124
great acidity, while the Pinot Noirs are beautifully expressive.
Chardonnay                                                             PiSoNi ViNeyARDS                                                          Pam Starr of Spotswood and Drew Neiman created this wine and
2004 “Thieroit”                                           $57          In 1982, Gary Pisoni planted 5 acres of Pinot Noir on a cattle ranch
                                                                                                                                                 label as a collector of Napa’s best bridesmaids. Who needs to be
2007 Charles Heintz “                                     $72          owned by his family, the vineyard has since grown to 45 acres,
                                                                                                                                                 a bride when you can be the life of the party, when the duties are
2007 “Thieroit”                                           $65          mostly Pinot.
                                                                                                                                                 done all that is left is good fun. What bridesmaid should be about.
2008 “Heintz”                                             $65
2009 “Mays”                                               $65          2008 Estate Pinot Noir                                     $120
                                                                                                                                                 2007 Red Napa Valley                                        $65
                                                                       2009 Estate Pinot Noir                                      $65
                                                                                                                                                 2009 Sauvignon Blanc                                        $15
Pinot Noir
2007 “Hirsch”                                             $70          AD ViVuM                                                                  oRiN SwiFT
2008 “Les Larmes”                                         $42                                                                                    Dave Phinney is the creator of this label, with a wide variety of
2007”Sonoma Coast”                                        $41          Winemaker Chris Phelps makes this delicious, low production
                                                                                                                                                 magnificent blends and single varietals.
2008 “Haven”                                              $79          100% Cabernet Sauvignon from just six rows of vines in the
2006 “The Haven”                                          $82          Yountville AVA south of Dominus, where he was the winemaker for
                                                                                                                                                 2008 Mercury Head Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley            $75
2007 “Hirsch”                                             $70          12 years. Allocated.
                                                                                                                                                 Prisoner                                                    $35
2008 “Les Larmes”                                         $42                                                                                    Saldo Zinfandel                                             $28
                                                                       2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley                        $150
PAul HoBBS                                                                                                                                       SeVeN SToNeS
For true fans of Sonoma County wine, Paul Hobbs rarely needs           KoBAlT                                                                    A new property in the eastern hills above St. Helena, the wine is
an introduction. One of the most accomplished and sought-after         Kevin Carriker and Mark Herold make these distinctive wines from
                                                                                                                                                 very limited and made by Aaron Pott. Allocated and limited.
winemakers in California. Hobbs made a name for himself as chief       fruit in the Coombsville region of Napa. Allocated.
enologist at Napa’s Opus One winery, and consulted at many top                                                                                   2006 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley                        $375
wineries before starting his own winery in 1991.                       2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley                          $90
                                                                                                                                                 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley                        $525

2006 “Beckstoffer Dr. Crane” Cabernet Sauvignon         $180           HuDSoN ViNeyARD                                                           MeTeoR
2007 “Richard Dinner” Chardonnay                         $72           Legendary owner Lee Hudson has been long known for farming
                                                                                                                                                 Barry and Tracy Schuler developed this incredible property in the
2007 “Hyde”Pinot Noir                                    $83           some of California’s best fruit for a “who’s who” list of wineries that
                                                                                                                                                 southern Coombsville area of Napa along with vineyard manager
2007 “Beckstoffer Dr. Crane” Cabernet Sauvignon         $165           use his fruit. Consulting winemaker John Kongsgaard.
                                                                                                                                                 Mike Wolf and winemakers Dawnine and Bill Dyer.
2009 Chardonnay “Crossbarn”                              $50
                                                                       2008 Chardonnay                                              $60
                                                                                                                                                 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Reserve                $300
RAMey wiNe CellARS                                                     2009 Chardonnay                                              $90
Ramey Wine Cellars is the eponymous effort of David Ramey, a
highly successful winemaker for many top California wineries. In       gAlliCA                                                                   Andy Ericson of Screaming Eagle’s fame produced a very big
1997, he struck out on his own to create a new winery dedicated        One of the most sought after cult wines. An amazing new project
                                                                                                                                                 even monstrous wine out synced the appropriate Leviathan. The
to making small lots of wine the way he wanted to make them.           from Rosemary Cakebread who blends Cabernet from Coombsville
                                                                                                                                                 formidable intimidating sea creature.
Ramey Wine Cellars produces Cabernet Sauvignon from top Napa           to St. Helena. Allocated.
Valley vineyards.
                                                                                                                                                 2008 Red Napa Valley                                        $48
                                                                       2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley                        $375
2007 Chardonnay “Ritchie”                                $72
2007 Chardonnay “Hyde”                                   $60
                                                                                                                                                 leVy AND MCClellAN
                                                                       eNTRe NouS                                                                The wine making team behind Harlan. Allocated and limited.
2007 Ramey Cabernet Sauvignon “Pedregal”                $145           Philippe Melka makes these wines from Kristine Ashe’s vineyard in
                                                                       Oakville planted by David Abreu.
                                                                                                                                                 2007                                                       $590
                                                                       2009 Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley                             $34

PleASe CAll FoR ADDiTioNAl wiNe SeleCTioNS AND ViSiT ouR weBSiTe                                                                                      310.278.7322            9
     Exceptional Wines - Burgundy
                                                                               MuSigNy VV                                                                2008 Bonnes Mares                                         $599
                                                                               2006 Comte De Vogue                                       $550            2007 Chambolle Musigny                                     $98
                                                                               2008 Comte D Vogue                                        $500            2007 Chambolle Musigny                                     $98
                                                                               2009 Comte De Vogue                                       $565            2008 Amoureuses                                           $576
                                                                                                                                                         2008 Les Cras                                             $233
                                                                               DoMAiNe ARMAND RouSSeAu                                                   1999 Charmes Chambertin                                   $329
                                                                               Armand Rousseau is perhaps the most famous Domaine in Gevrey-             2008 Musigny                                            $2,499
                                                                               Chambertin, with a track record of fine wine stretching back 70-odd
                                                                               years to the time of Armand Rousseau. Armand’s grandson Eric              DoMAiNe JeAN gRiVoT
                                                                               continues the tradition of making simply brilliant wine. All the selec-   Etienne Grivot, of Domaine Jean Grivot, is among the very finest
                                                                               tion is done in the vineyard and the bunches are a 100% stemmed           growers in Burgundy. He is a quiet man with insight and talent,
                                                                               with just a few of the stalks added back.                                 who makes wine with a special sensitivity. There is a translucency
                                                                                                                                                         of the terroir and the vintage. The wines combine freshness with
                                                                               2006 Chambertin                                           $375            great aging potential and are truly delicious. The range peaks with a
                                                                               2006 Chambertin Clos De Beze                              $375            spine-tingling, complex Richebourg Grand Cru, which never fails to
                                                                               2006 Clos De La Roche                                     $200            be a highlight of the vintage. This is sensational wine.
                                                                               2004 Gevrey Chambertin Clos St Jacques                    $195
                                                                               2006 Gevrey Chambertin Clos St Jacques                    $298            2005 Clos Vougeot                                         $225
                                                                                                                                                         2005 Clos Vougeot 1.5L                                    $465
                                                                               DoMAiNe DuJAC                                                             2006 Clos Vougeot                                         $145
     DoMAiNe De lA RoMANee-CoNTi                                               The owner of Domaine Dujac, Jacques Seysses, was a newcomer               2007 Clos Vougeot                                         $162
     The Domaine, as it is known, is iconic. Much more important, it           to Burgundy when he acquired some land more than 30 years                 2008 Clos Vougeot                                         $135
     also produces the most extraordinary wines in Burgundy – and              ago in Morey-St-Denis. Seysses quickly earned the respect of his          2007 Echezeaux                                            $220
     it has been doing so for some time. Co-owner Aubert de Villaine           neighbors and became known for his use of whole bunches.                  2008 Echezeaux                                            $185
     ,monitors everything with his usual attention to detail. Domaine de
     la Romanee-Conti wines evolve and develop dimensions in a way             2005 Puligny Montrachet                                    $80            NuiTS ST geoRgeS
     that resembles a mosaic – points of bouquet and flavor making up          2006 Puligny Montrachet                                    $82            2005 Nuits St Georges Les Boudots                          $99
     a harmonious whole that becomes more beautiful as it unfolds in           2007 Bonnes Mares                                         $245            2005 Nuits St Georges Les Roncieres                        $99
     the glass. In 1760, the Prince de Conti bought the lower part of La       2008 Chambolle Musigny                                     $92            2006 Nuits St Georges Aux Boudots                          $98
     Romanee, and a myth was born. The de Villaine and Leroy families          2009 Chambolle Musigny                                     $95            2006 Nuits St Georges Les Roncieres                     $96.50
     acquired Romanee-Conti in 1850 and they still own and run the             2004 Charmes Chambertin                                   $162            2007 Nuits St Georges Les Roncieres                       $118
     Domaine jointly.. Thus, the essence of Romanee-Conti was captured         2006 Charmes Chambertin                                   $275            2008 Nuits St Georges Aux Boudots                         $110
     but, in my view, never tamed! It is a wild, extraordinary wine,           2004 Clos De La Roche                                     $180            2008 Nuits St Georges Les Roncieres                       $110
     unpredictable and constantly mutating as it matures, but always           2006 Clos De La Roche                                     $350            2006 Richebourg                                           $600
     true to its indubitably great self. The care lavished on Romanee-         2007 Clos De La Roche                                     $212            2007 Richebourg                                           $690
     Conti is shown to all the wines of the Domaine, but the breed and         2004 Clos St Denis                                        $178            2008 Richebourg                                           $575
     refinement in the taste of Romanee-Conti would point to an indefin-       2006 Clos St Denis                                        $350            2004 Vosne Romanee Les Beaux Monts                         $60
     able “something extra” in this 1.80 ha plot. Tradition is respected.      2007 Clos St Denis                                        $212            2005 Vosne Romanee                                         $59
     Romanee-Conti is always vinified in wooden vat number 17, which           2009 Morey St Denis                                        $80            2005 Vosne Romanee Les Beaux Monts                        $165
     dates from 1862. Prices Available Upon Request                            2007 Echezeaux                                            $199            2007 Vosne Romanee Les Beaux Monts                        $132
                                                                               2008 Vosne Romanee Les Beaux Monts                        $202            2008 Vosne Romanee Les Beaux Monts                        $110
     Montrachet 2006 & 2008                                                    2009 Vosne Romanee Les Beaux Monts                        $225
     Echezeaux 1991, 1997, 2004, 2007 & 2008                                   2009 Gevrey Chambertin                                     $80            DoMAiNe leRoy
     Grands Echezeaux 2007 & 2008                                                                                                                        No name enlivens and ignites a discussion of Burgundy as quickly
     La Tache 1978, 1985, 2005, 2005-1.5L, 2006, 2007 & 2008                   DoMAiNe FAiVeley                                                          as Lalou Bize-Leroy. She is unrelenting in every aspect, from per-
     Richebourg 1971, 2007 & 2008                                              This negociant in Nuits-St-Georges has recently been transformed          sonality to charm to quality to the very wine in the bottle. The Leroy
     Romanee Conti 2008                                                        under Ewan Faiveley, who has taken control in his 20s. His youth is       family’s 50% ownership of Domaine Romanee-Conti gave Madame
     Romanee St Vivant 2007 & 2008                                             balanced by the wisdom of Bernard Hervet, who has joined Faiveley         Leroy ample ability to amass the deepest and most revered cellar
     Vosne Romanee 1999 & 2006                                                 as general manager. The dynamic duo has shaken up his family              in Burgundy over the last 60+ years. Domaine Leroy has one of
                                                                               business, which was established in 1825 by Pierre Faiveley. Gone          the most extraordinary and extensive portfolios in Burgundy. In the
     DoMAiNe CoMTe geoRgeS De Vogue                                            are the hard tannins and smoky notes of Faiveley reds.                    vineyard Lalou practices biodynamic farming as well as severe
     This aristocratic Domaine has marvelous vineyards including nearly                                                                                  pruning and crop thinning. The result is ridiculously low yields, and
     seventy per cent of Grand Cru Musigny. The ’90s have confirmed            2002 Corton Charlemagne                                   $250            some of the most highly prized and priced wines in Burgundy today.
     the Domaine’s status as truly iconic. Meticulous attention to detail      2003 Corton Charlemagne                                   $250            Domaine Leroy is allocated.
     and rigorous quality control are left in the capable hands of vineyard    2009 Corton Charlemagne                                   $235
     manager Eric Bourgogne. Francois Millet’s winemaking is making            2005 Puligny Montrachet Les Champgains                    $108            1961 Chambertin Grand Cru                               $5,250
     waves. It all starts with low yields and adaptability to the conditions   2008 Puligny Montrachet                                    $64            1961 Musigny Grand Cru                                  $5,250
     of the year, though the proportion of new oak has not been higher         2008 Gevrey Chambertin                                     $60            1971 Chambertin Clos De Beze Grand Cru                  $3,450
     than thirty or forty per cent.                                            2005 Latricieres Chambertin                               $210            1971 Echezeaux Grand Cru                                $2,499
                                                                               2009 Latricieres Chambertin                               $180            1971 Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru Cazetieres               $1,849
     2003 Bourgogne Blanc/Musigny Blanc                        $235            2005 Nuits St Georges                                      $75            1981 Chambertin Grand Cru                               $1,195
     2004 Bourgogne Blanc/Musigny Blanc                        $225            2005 Nuits St Georges Aux Chaignots                        $99            1999 Nuits St Georges 1er Cru Les Poulettes               $475
     2001 Bonnes Mares                                         $295            2008 Nuits St Georges                                      $56            1999 Pommard 1er Cru Les Chaponnieres                     $419
     2004 Bonnes Mares                                         $350            2008 Nuits St Georges Les Damodes                          $90            1999 Chorey Les Beaune                                    $115
     2008 Bonnes Mares Comte D Vogue                           $420            2009 Nuits St Georges Les Porets                           $80            2003 Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Champeaux                  $475
     2009 Bonnes Mares Comte De Vogue                          $480            2009 Chambertin Clos De Beze                              $295            2003 Pommard 1er Cru Les Charmots                         $345
                                                                               2009 Clos De Vougeot                                      $168            2005 Chorey Les Beaune                                    $105
     CHAMBolle MuSigNy                                                         2009 Corton Clos Des Cortons                              $155            2008 Volnay                                               $195
     2004 Vogue                                                $135                                                                                      1962 La Romanee                                          $1600
     2004 Les Amoureuses                                       $324            DoMAiNe geoRgeS AND CHRiSToPHe RouMieR
     2005 Les Amoureuses                                       $700            The exceptional wine here shows Christophe Roumier’s skill and            DoMAiNe BlAiN gAgNARD
     2006 Les Amoureuses                                       $450            dedication to quality. His grandfather left him a legacy of wines that    The nervy yet elegantly rich wines of Blain Gagnard exemplify the
     2006 Premier Cru                                          $210            are now drinking beautifully and this is what he aims for: wine that      alluring paradox of great white burgundy. Minimal but ultra-attentive
     2008 Premier Cru                                          $200            can age, but has lightness.                                               is the approach here, from vineyard to cellar. The use of new oak
     2009 Premier Cru Vogue                                    $220                                                                                      is restrained, and although wines here speak clearly of their origin,

10                                   310.278.7322
Exceptional Wines - Burgundy
there is a clear Domaine signature of focused purity and sleek            2007 Chevalier Montrachet 1.5L                         $1,200            2007 Corton                                                $56
textures.                                                                 2008 Chevalier Montrachet                                $600            2003 Corton Grancey                                       $105
                                                                          2004 Meursault Sous Le Dos D’ane                         $127            2005 Corton Grancey                                       $119
2007 Chassagne Montrachet Clos St Jean                      $46           2005 Meursault Sous Le Dos D’ane                         $130            2005 Corton Grancey 375ml                                  $59
2008 Chassagne Montrachet Clos St Jean                      $56           2006 Meursault Sous Le Dos D’ane                         $130            2009 Corton Grancey                                       $136
2008 Chassagne Montrachet La Boudriotte                     $56           2008 Meursault Sous Le Dos D’ane                         $164            2009 Gevrey Chambertin 375ml                               $30
2008 Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot                           $56           2006 Puligny Montrachet                                   $95            2005 Nuits St Georges Les Crots                            $89
2003 Le Montrachet                                         $307           2008 Puligny Montrachet                                  $112            2009 Romanee St Vivant                                    $425
                                                                          2005 Puligny Montrachet Clavoillon                       $155            2003 Volnay En Chevret                                     $26
DoMAiNe PHiliPPe ColiN                                                    2006 Puligny Montrachet Clavoillon                       $145            2009 Volnay En Chevret                                     $50
Philippe Colin established this Domaine in 2004; he had previously        2007 Puligny Montrachet Clavoillon                       $122
worked alongside his father and brother at the family Domaine,            2006 Puligny Montrachet Combettes                        $225            DeNiS MoRTeT
Michel Colin-Deleger. (His brother, Bruno, founded his own Domaine        2006 Puligny Montrachet Folatieres 1.5L                  $435            The late Denis Mortet’s son Arnaud has now taken over complete
around the same time.)                                                    2007 Puligny Montrachet Folatieres                       $220            responsibility of the vines and winemaking. The young Mortet is
                                                                          2008 Puligny Montrachet Folatieres                       $228            already renowned in Burgundy for the quality of his vineyard work
2007 Chassagne Montrachet A.C.                              $38           2006 Puligny Montrachet Pucelles                         $240            and grower after grower spoke admiringly of how Arnaud has
2007 Chassagne Montrachet Les Chaumees                      $56           2006 Puligny Montrachet Pucelles 1.5L                    $530            picked up right where his father left off.
2008 Chassagne Montrachet Les Chaumees                      $85                                                                                    2008 Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru                           $375
2007 Chassagne Montrachet Clos St Jean                      $56           DoMAiNe TolloT-BeAuT                                                     2008 Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru                           $185
2008 Chassagne Montrachet Clos St Jean                      $65           This Domaine has extensive holdings of Pinot Noir across Aloxe-          2004 Chambertin Grand Cru                                $315
2007 Chassagne Montrachet Les Chenevottes                   $56           Corton, Savigny, Beaune, and Chorey. The star of the show is often       2004 Clos De Vougeot Grand Cru                           $315
2008 Chassagne Montrachet La Maltroie                       $65           the Beaune Premier Cru Greves, which adds scented complexity to          2004 Gevrey Chambertin “Lavaux St Jacques” 1erCru $175
2008 Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot                           $65           the Domaine’s trademark svelte tannins and textures. For year-on-
2008 Chassagne Montrachet Les Vergers                       $65           year consistency and sheer value for money, Tollot-Beaut’s Chorey-       PeRRoT-MiNoT
2008 Chevalier Montrachet                                  $250           les-Beaune is hard to beat: supple, subtle, and irresistibly charming,   One of Burgundy’s hottest rising stars, Christophe Perrot-Minot’s
                                                                          it has become almost an ambassador for this once obscure appella-        talent was instantly recognized when he joined his father at the Do-
DoMAiNe PieRRe MoRey                                                      tion, and is hugely popular with smart restaurants for its immediate     maine in 1993. It is Christophe’s emphasis on stellar raw materials
Pierre Morey, who pioneered organic and biodynamic practices              appeal, and versatility with food.                                       that make this Domaine so special. With an average of 50+ years
in Burgundy, is among the most skillful white winemakers in the                                                                                    across all his vines (many parcels well exceed 80+ years), well-
region, although you would never guess, as this self-effacing, gentle     2007 Bourgogne                                             $23           placed, family parcels and some of the lowest yields in Burgundy
man eschews the limelight. Until recently he was also responsible         2003 Corton Charlemagne                                   $129           (lower than Mortet’s and in some vintages Domaine Leroy and DCR)
for Domaine LeFlaive in Puligny-Montrachet. Together with his             2005 Corton Charlemagne                                   $150           Christophe’s focus begin in the vineyards. The resulting wines are
daughter, Anne, he now focuses on his Domaine and on Morey-               2006 Corton Charlemagne                                   $150           exquisitely balanced between power and finesse and display a sexy,
Blanc, their excellent negociant. He has a magic touch and coaxes         2007 Beaune Greves                                         $45           voluptuous character that is as tantalizing as it is distinct.
great terroir character from his vines.                                   2005 Chorey Beaune 375ml                                   $20
                                                                          2008 Corton                                                $90           2008 Clos Vougeot VV Grand Cru                            $296
2005 Meursault Boucheres                        $135 Sale $65             2003 Corton Bressandes                                     $80           2008 Mazis Chambertin VV Grand Cru                        $320
2004 Corton Charlemagne                                 $125              2005 Corton Bressandes                                     $95           2008 Chambertin “Clos de Beze” VV Grand Cru               $385
2005 Corton Charlemagne                                 $175              2007 Corton Bressandes                                     $80
2005 Meursault Genevrieres                              $127              2008 Corton Bressandes                                     $85           JoSePH DRouHiN
2005 Meursault Perrieres                                $129                                                                                       A negociant company founded in 1880. The most famous vineyards
2004 Montrachet                                                           louiS lATouR                                                             are Beaune Clos des Mouches of Marquis de Laguiche making
$664.50                                                                   The Latour family has deep Burgundian roots, making wine from            some of the most luxurious wine in the world.
                                                                          its choice Domaine-owned vineyards since at least the 1730s. But
DoMAiNe RAMoNeT                                                           it is the negociant arm, established in 1797, that has enabled its       2006 Beaune Clos Des Mouches                              $109
Brothers Noel and Jean-Claude now run this acclaimed Domaine.             international reach and recognition. Today, Latour – still family-       2006 Chassagne Montrachet Marquis Laguiche                $119
They hold true to the principles of father Andre: low yields, attentive   owned, and still based in its home town of Aloxe-Corton – produces       2000 Montrachet Marquis De Laguiche                       $549
viticulture, and light-handed winemaking. All pretty timeless stuff,      wines from almost every commune in the Cote d’Or, as well as             2008 Montrachet Marquis De Laguiche                       $720
actually. Increased Domaine-bottling has only bolstered quality. The      Chablis, the Maconnais, and Beaujolais. A juicy chunk of Burgundy’s
Grands Crus are among the most sought-after (and expensive) of            best vineyards is Latour land; the company owns nearly 74 acres          PieRRe geliN
white burgundy.                                                           (30ha) of precious Grands Crus. Latour is still headquartered at the     Gelin produces mouth watering Pinot. Gelin’s Chambertin is not for
                                                                          beautiful Chateau Corton Grancy, in Aloxe-Corton, one of the oldest      faint hearted. He believes in very late picking, constant pruning,
2003 Batard Montrachet                                     $250           Maisons in France, and where wines from Latour’s own vineyards           and removal of excess buds. He says “a vine which has too many
2008 Chassagne Montrachet Boudriotte                        $73           (labeled Domaine Latour) are made. The white wines, in particular        branches is like a woman with too many children – she has dif-
2003 Chassagne Montrachet Les Ruchottes                     $92           the Grands Crus, are very highly regarded. Latour’s Corton-Char-         ficulty feeding them.
2008 Chassagne Montrachet Les Ruchottes                     $90           lemagne is one of Burgundy’s great joys.
2008 Chassagne Montrachet Vergers                           $69                                                                                    2007 Chambertin Clos De Beze                              $138
2003 Chevalier Montrachet                                  $325           2004 Batard Montrachet                                    $250           2008 Chambertin Clos De Beze                              $129
2008 Puligny Montrachet Champs Canet                        $90           2009 Chassagne Montrachet Caillerets                       $75           2008 Gevrey Chambertin Clos Prieur                         $60
2008 Puligny Montrachet Les Enseigneres                     $56           2004 Corton Charlemagne                                   $109
2008 Chassagne Montrachet Clos De La Boudriotte             $58           2006 Corton Charlemagne                                   $109
                                                                                                                                                   NiCHolAS PoTel
2008 Chassagne Montrachet Clos St. Jean                     $45           2009 Corton Charlemagne                                   $130
                                                                                                                                                   Nicholas Potel, The son of Gerald Potel, of Domaine Pousse d’Or,
                                                                          2009 Corton Charlemagne 375ml                              $43
                                                                                                                                                   has established himself in a short time span, to be a leader in
DoMAiNe leFlAiVe                                                          2009 Meursault Blagny                                      $75
                                                                                                                                                   Burgundy. He is keen on bio dynamics and insists on the growers
A sampling stick of great Puligny-Montrachet terriors. Anne-Claude        2009 Meursault Charmes                                     $83
                                                                                                                                                   working organically. All of the wines, are an average of 60 years old.
Leflaive is in charge adopting biodynamic methods allowing the            2006 Meursault Genevrieres                                $125
                                                                                                                                                   He says “accurate work in the vineyards results in precise expres-
wines a pure brilliant and uncompromising personality to show             2007 Meursault Goutte D’or                                 $50
                                                                                                                                                   sion of the terroir of Burgundy”. The nuance, finesse, and texture
through additionally the wines have gained richness of body               2009 Meursault 375ml                                       $23
                                                                                                                                                   are pure wine.
aromatic precision and transparency of the terriors making them           2002 Montrachet                                           $485
legendary.                                                                2008 Vire Clesse                                           $15
                                                                                                                                                   2003 Chambolle Musigny Les Charmes                         $65
                                                                          2009 Aloxe Corton 375ml                                    $23
                                                                                                                                                   2003 Clos De La Roche                                     $150
2002 Batard Montrachet                                    $350            2009 Beaune                                                $40
                                                                                                                                                   2006 Clos De Vougeot                                      $170
2006 Bourgogne Blanc                                        $57           1996 Chambertin Heritiers                                 $175
                                                                                                                                                   2006 Echezeaux                                            $170
2008 Bourgogne Blanc                                        $60           2003 Chambertin Heritiers                                 $205
                                                                                                                                                   2006 Les Grands Echezeaux                                 $300
2006 Chevalier Montrachet 1.5L                           $1,100           2009 Chambertin Heritiers                                 $290
                                                                                                                                                   2007 Cote De Nuits-Villages                                $27
2007 Chevalier Montrachet                                 $500            2005 Charmes Chambertin                                   $235
                                                                          2005 Clos Vougeot                                         $175
PleASe CAll FoR ADDiTioNAl wiNe SeleCTioNS AND ViSiT ouR weBSiTe                                                                                       310.278.7322              11
     "The Top of the Fingers"

     Conversations with the late Baron Elie de Rothschild – at the Wine Merchant Beverly Hills, circa 1979

     I think Baron Elie de Rothschild explained the position of Lafite (the best there
     is) with sardonic good humor and elegant posturing. The Baron was tall,
     hawk-nosed, slim and sophisticated, and a master of brevity and “no com-
     ment.” In typical Rothschild fashion, however, was rapier fast in wit and
     intelligence, yet with a streak of softness hidden under his thorny exterior.
     “Our wines have been the                                                                                     When asked to describe
     best since the days of the                                                                                   the essence of Lafite, he
     Romans,” Baron Elie said                                                                                     responded that is is very
     with an aristocractic English                                                                                subtle, with a fragrance of
     accent. “We even own a                                                                                       violets, and that this unique
     poster which says: “Up for                                                                                   blend of taste and fragrance
     sale is Chateau Lafite, the                                                                                  comes from the way the
     first of the first of all the                                                                                plateau’s land is composed.
     wines of Bordeaux”.                                                                                          “The Pauillacs can be very
                                                                                                                  hard,” he explained. “The
     The outstanding vintages                                                                                     difference is that Mouton is
     of the estate, he said, are                                                                                  completely on a plateau and
     1870, 1895, and approxi-                                                                                     gets sun all the time. Latour
     mately 50 years later, 1926                                                                                  has very, very strong earth
     and 1928 were very big                                                                                       so they produce very strong
     years. “Since the war, the                                                                                   wine. Lafite has very poor
     best bottles have been 1959                                                                                  earth, purely gravel sand.
     and 1961,” he added for the
     sake of those unable to get                                                                                  Baron Elie believes that the
     older vintages.                                                                                              earth is more important than
                                                                                                                  anything else. “Tractors?
     I asked the Baron - What do                                                                                  We’ve got them, Sprays?
     you expect when you drink                                                                                    We use them. The dramatic
     Lafite?                                                                                                      changes have happened
                                                                                                                  with mechanization. There
     Baron Elie replied “Lafite is                                                                                are no bad years anymore.
     not made to give pleasure,                                                                                   The wine will always be
     but insight. Pleasure is for                                                                                 good, healthy. So there’ll
     ordinary wine. We must ask                                                                                   always be a harvest. It’s a
     more of Lafite Rothschild –                                                                                  delicate thing, he added.
     how much can it offer.”                                                                                      “very fingerspich, as they
                                                                                                                  say in German. “What is
     Baron Elie also became                                                                                       fingerspich?, I asked. “Fin-
     irritated at talk about wine                                                                                 gerspich is the top of your
     as an investment, because                                                                                    fingers. You’ve got to play it
     wine, in his opinion, is some-                                  Baron Elie de Rothschild & Dennis Overstreet by ear very often.”
     thing one drinks, and it isn’t
     meant to be put into a safe                                                                                     Whenever I have the special
     for future profit. “I remember someone to who I’d given a case           occasion to drink Lafite Rothschild, it is always with the memory
     of 59,” he recalled, “and one day, the man came up to me and             of Baron Elie de Rothschild and the wine speak we shared to-
     said that he couldn’t drink the wine. I asked him why not, and he        gether at the Wine Merchant and at the Chateau. As it should be,
     said, that is was worth too much money.’ “Well, I said, ‘I didn’t        the greatest of wines should always spark a special memory.
     give it to you as a way for you to make a profit. I gave it to you
     to drink.’ The proof of the pudding is in the eating. The proof of
     Lafite is in the drinking.”

12           310.278.7322
Exceptional Wines - Bordeaux

CHATeAu lAFiTe RoTHSHilD                                                 creations of technical director, Paul Pontallier, exuding richness and   CHATeAu HAuT-BRioN
Throughout the centuries, Lafite has proved that this is a wine that     rewarding the drinker with undying memories.                             Haut Brion is the connoisseur’s First Growth, sumptuous, soft,
ages in the most ethereal way. Lafite combines elegance, breed                                                                                    elegant and fine, so come-hither you sink into it. The hidden depths
and scent with sustained power, a miracle of balance and nobility.       1945    750ml                 2005     750ml                             in its velvet folds of flavor are a revelation, with the extraordinary
The extraordinary terroir and position in Pauillac have always been      1961    375ml                 2005     750ml                             Cohiba notes leading to a spicy, constantly intriguing taste. With
matched by the Rothschild’s sense of quality and vision, resulting in    1986    750ml                 2007     750ml                             age, Haut Brion simply melts in the mouth. Vintages in stock when
a wine that has mythical status. Below are the vintages currently in     1988    750ml                 2008     750ml                             catalog printed
stock at the Wine Merchant.
                                                                         CHATeAu MouToN RoTHSCHilD                                                1959    375ml                 2000     750ml
1945    750ml                1999     375 ml                             All its devotees, affectionately know mouton,, is the most opulent       1961    750ml                 2000     3L
1959    375ml                2000     750ml                              and exuberant of all the Firsts, a reflection of the two huge person-    1975    750ml                 2001     1.5L
1961    1.5L                 2003     750ml & magnum                     alities that have headed the Chateau since 1920. Baron Philippe          1978    750ml                 2003     750ml
1986    375ml                2005     750ml                              and then Baroness Philippine de Rothschild. The great cassis             1982    750ml                 2004     750ml
1990    750ml                2008     750ml                              depths of this wine seduce everyone who appreciates the finest           1999    750ml                 2006     750ml
                                                                         Bordeaux. These vintages are presently in stock.
CHATeAu PeTRuS                                                                                                                                    CHATeAu lATouR
The very word Petrus creates a “frisson” unlike any other wine           1947    750ml                 1984     750ml                             The power and glory of Latour is undisputed. The consistency
name – and the liquid in the glass induces a dream-like silence as       1959    750ml                 1986     375ml                             of Latour, due to its fabulous gravel soil, great situation near the
its enormous, almost roasted flavor envelops the palate. The sheer       1961    375ml                 1989     750ml                             Gironde and a succession of inspired winemakers, is unrivaled. It
exoticism of this revered vineyard, where clay combines with Merlot      1961    750ml                 1993     1.5 L                             is a wine that can start slowly and then takes off like a rocket. It is
to make something special - wildly heady- needs to be experienced        1962    750ml                 2001     750ml                             always profound with many layers of taste, a real reflection of the
by everyone once in his or her life. Petrus does not taste like other    1966    750ml                 2002     750ml                             heart of Pauillac. Latour is famous for producing impressive wine in
Bordeaux – it is not “classic” but stupendously original, full of        1969    750ml                 2005     750ml                             more modest vintages, but it knows how to seize great vintages and
oriental spice box flavors, which unfold endlessly. A one-off wine       1975    750ml                 2006     750ml                             made them monuments. Vintages in stock at time of printing.
that inhabits a world of its own and, of course, a rarity due to its     1977    750ml                 2006     750ml
small size. Current vintages in stock.                                   1980    750ml                 2007     750ml                             1929    375ml                 2000     750ml
                                                                         1982    750ml                 2008     750ml                             1959    375ml                 2001     750ml
1990    750ml                2003     750ml                              1983    750ml                                                            1962    375ml                 2003     750ml
1998    750ml                2005     750ml                                                                                                       1964    750ml                 2005     750ml
2000    750ml                2006     750ml                              CHATeAu CHeVAl BlANC                                                     1997    375ml
                                                                         Under Jacques Hebrard and, since 1991, Pierre Lurton, Cheval
CHATeAu MARgAuX                                                          Blanc continues to dazzle collectors of the Right Bank Bordeaux.         CHATeAu AuSoNe
Chateau Margaux is the most imposing Chateau of all the first            Cheval Blanc is stunning, even when it is relatively young, but it       Premier Grand Cru Classe A
Growths. Its neo-classical elegance is reflected in the sheer aristo-    also ages in exotic multi-dimensional fashion. These vintage are         Alain Vauthier is in charge of Chateau Ausone, one of the oldest
cratic bearing of the wines. The superb scent of Margaux fascinates      currently available for immediate purchase.                              estates in the whole Bordeaux. The estate currently holds the honor
collectors. Margaux’ bouquet is so alluring, so complex and so                                                                                    of being the region’s most expensive wine. Vintages in stock.
giving. The Mentzelopoulos regime wines are unerringly consistent        1990    1.5L                  2005     750ml
in quality, often topping the charts against the toughest competition.   2000    750ml                 2006     750ml                             1998    750ml                 2003     750ml
There is weight and depth, added to the breed and class that come        2004    750ml                                                            1999    750ml                 2005     750ml
from this fabulous terroir. Modern vintages are giants, brilliant                                                                                 2002    750ml

PleASe CAll FoR PRiCeS                                                                                                                                 310.278.7322              13
     Exceptional Wines - Bordeaux
     CHATeAu lA MiSSioN HAuT-BRioN                                            2000    750ml                                             $300           CHATeAu lA CoNSeillANTe
     La Mission’s elegant wrought-iron gates face Chateau Haut-Brion          2005    750ml                                             $525           The exuberant wine of Chateau La Conseillante, with juicy black
     across an unassuming Bordeaux road. Increasingly, La Mission             2006    750ml                                             $325           fruits and sweet oak. Rightly seen as one of the most exciting of
     deserves to be seen as the other great estate in Pessac-Leognan.         2008    750ml                                             $235           the appellation.
     On the palate, dark fruits are cut through with tobacco leaf and a
     delicate smokiness, but the tannins and anything but reticent. The       CHATeAu RAuzAN-SeglA                                                     2000    750ml                                              $295
     chateau and winery have been painstakingly renovated in recent           The texture of Chateau Rauzan-Segla’s wine stands out- the big,          2008    750ml                                               $98
     years, culminating in a new barrel cellar. Below is a list of vintages   rich black fruit flavors are wrapped in silk. This makes it hard to
     available for purchase. PleASe CAll FoR PRiCeS                           believe that it was seriously under-performing when the Wertheimer       CHATeAu l’eVANgile
                                                                              brothers (of luxury goods house Chanel) bought this estate in 1993.      Chateau L’Evangile has been a Lafite Rothschild outreach project
     1949    375ml                 1970     750ml                                                                                                      on the Right Bank since 1990. The same team, led by Charles
     1953    375ml                 1975     375ml                             2003    750ml                                               $82          Chevalier ensures that tight tannins and inky concentration keep it
     1959    375ml                 1975     750ml                                                                                                      in the family.
     1962    375ml                 1988     750ml                             CHATeAu DuCRu-BeAuCAillou
     1962    750ml                 2005     750ml                             This is one of the few Medoc classified estates where the owners         1998    750ml                                              $250
     1970    375ml                                                            actually live at the property. The 18th century house has under-         2000    750ml                                              $350
                                                                              ground cellars, vast reception rooms, and views over the Gironde         2001    750ml                                              $198
     CHATeAu PiCHoN loNgeVille BARoN                                          estuary                                                                  2008    750ml                                              $175
     At 180 acres, it is smaller than its former sister property, La Comt-
     esse, but it is undoubtedly bigger in style.                             1989    750ml                                             $200           CHATeAu leS TRoiS CRoiX
                                                                              1996                                                      $299           An exceptional wine, every time we receive 25 cases it immediately
     1990    750ml                                              $325          2000    750ml                                             $420           sells out. A blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Harmony and Bal-
     2003    750ml                                              $195          2004    750ml                                             $380           ance reveal one of the best values from Bordeaux. I have personally
     2005    750ml                                              $225          2006    750ml                                             $165           known Patrick Leon for over 25 years. When he was the winemaker
     2008    750ml                                              $175                                                                                   at Mouton Rothschild producing the `82 and `86 vintages. He
                                                                              CHATeAu l’ANgeluS                                                        was also responsible for creating Opus One and Almaviva for the
     CHATeAu PiCHoN loNgeVille CoMTeSSe De lAlANDe                            Premier Grand Cru Classe                                                 Rothschild’s’ and crafted wines for Alexis Lichine.
     The two Pichon Chateaux are directly opposite each other and were        A highly proportion of Cabernet Franc, together with a lovely smoky
     originally the same estate until a family dispute saw one side given     toast, gives the wine seductive power, packed full of violets and rich   2008                                    $34.50 Sale $24.50
     to the Countess. Smooth, supple, and supremely elegant wine with         black fruits.
     ripe damson fruit and a subtle smoky edge.                                                                                                        CHATeAu TRoTANoy
                                                                              2003    750ml                                             $219           Chateau Trotanoy is a long-standing Moueix estate, less celebrated
     2003    750ml                                              $190          2005    750ml                                             $425           than Petrus but not far away in style. Silky smooth fruits, with a rich
     2008    750ml                                              $120          2008    750ml                                             $250           tannic structure from the 18 acres.

     CHATeAu PoNTeT-CANeT                                                     CHATeAu FigeAC                                                           2000    750ml                                              $225
     If there is one chateau in the Medoc that has jumped into the            Thierry Manoncourt presides over this unusual St Emilion wine. It is     2005    750ml                                              $332
     public consciousness in recent years, it has got to be Pontet-           often referred to as “the Medoc of St Emilion”.
     Canet. Farmed entirely bio-dynamically, the wine has a clean,
     pure, extremely precise fruit structure that tells you they are doing    2005    750ml                                             $235
     something right.
                                                                              CHATeAu MAgDelAiNe
     2000    750ml                                              $135          Before Jean Claude Berrouet’s retirement as winemaker at Chateau
     2003    750ml                                              $125                                                                                   CHATeAu D` yQueM
                                                                              Petrus, he often said Chateau Magdelaine was his favorite of the
     2005    750ml                                              $145                                                                                   Superior First Growth - Sauternes
                                                                              Moueix properties. It is a classic, restrained, and elegant.
     2006    375ml                                               $65                                                                                   The legendary Chateau d’Yquem retains its reputation for
     2006    750ml                                              $125                                                                                   making the greatest sweet wine in the world. The standards are
                                                                              2003    750ml                                               $95
     2008    750ml                                              $149                                                                                   famous-140 pickers at harvest time, divided into four groups,
                                                                                                                                                       going through the vineyard up to 10 times. On the palate, it is
                                                                              CHATeAu PAVie                                                            never the sweetness that strikes first-rather the beautifully sour
     CHATeAu BRANAiRe-DuCRu                                                   Chateau Pavie is often a lightning rod for controversy over old or       notes of lemon and lime blossom, and the complex aromas that
     The owner of Chateau Branaire-Ducru, Patrick Marteaux, has for           new styles of St Emilion, yet it remains a testament to the hard work    vary, depending on age and vintage, from marmalade to honey and
     decades been a leading figure in Bordeaux. Wine with 70% Caber-          and vision of owner Gerald Perse.                                        truffles. Vintages in stock at the Wine Merchant.
     net Sauvignon that consciously reflects the best of its appellation:
     black fruit, good minerality.                                            2003    750ml                                             $300           1995    750ml                 2001     375ml
                                                                              2004    750ml                                              $95           1999    375ml                 2001     750ml
     2002    750ml                                                $85         2005    750ml                                             $150           1999    750ml                 2003     375ml
     2006    375ml                                                $59
                                                                              le DoMe                                                                  CHATeAu RieuSSeC
     CHATeAu leoVille lAS CASeS                                               Located on well-drained slopes next to L’Angelus. Up to three runs       Close to Chateau d’Yquem, Domaines Lafite Rothschild owns the
     The vineyards are right on the border of St. Julien and Pauillac,        of green harvesting reduce yields, and the end result has brooding       222-acre Chateau Rieussec. All concentrated elegance, with a
     with Chateau Latour next door. This is a classic, truly wonderful St.    depths of black currant, with some sweetly charred oak and a             powerful structure, this is a wine to sink into.
     Julien. It has structure and power with elegance and style.              perfumed nose.
                                                                                                                                                       2003    375ml                                            $37
     1982    750ml                                             $700           2003    750ml                                             $245           2006    750ml                                  $125 Sale $89
     1982    1.5L                                             $1,450
     2003    750ml                                             $315
                                                                              CHATeAu BouRgNeuF-VAyRoN                                                 CHATeAu SuiDuiRAuT
     2005    750ml                                             $425
                                                                              This Chateau produces wine with serious tannins, bedded in for a         This is a richly elegant Sauternes, with amber depths even when
                                                                              long life, but with the padding of a smoked meat and licorice core,      young, and an extraordinarily complex nose of undergrowth and
     CHATeAu PAlMeR                                                           and plenty of toasty oak. All of this suggests a big wine and this is    stone fruits.
     Precise, powerful, gently spiced cassis and fig notes make Chateau       indeed a little-known Pomerol that is going places.
     Palmer one of the true stars of the appellation, combining innova-
                                                                                                                                                       2001    375ml                                               $75
     tion and risk-taking with upholding the traditions of Bordeaux.          2006    750ml                                               $55
     1970    750ml                                              $349
     1990                                                       $300

14                                    310.278.7322                                                           PleASe CAll FoR ADDiTioNAl wiNe SeleCTioNS AND ViSiT ouR weBSiTe
                                                                                     Kaufman Vodka

                                                                                 The world’s first vintage vodka, meaning       This luxury vodka has competed and
                                                                                 it is produced only in the years when the      won in the white spirits category at the
                                                                                 wheat crop satisfies quality demands,          International Wine & Spirit Challenge in
                                                                                 and is produced in strictly limited quanti-    London and won an unprecedented two
                                                                                 ties. Each bottle carries its unique limited   of out three gold medals since 2004.
                                                                                 edition number.
                                                                                                                                Kauffman Vodka has an incredibly deli-
                                                                                 These provocative bottles are produced         cate, subtle taste with a slight scent of
                                                                                 at the Saint Gobaine glass factory in          bread crust and a mild taste of mint.
                                                                                 France from perfume glass, and sealed
    Rita Barsoumian, The Wine Merchant & Paul Pontallier, Director,              with Guala caps manufactured in Italy.         Kauffman luxury           $249.99
    Chateau in the reception salon at Chateau Margaux – June 2011.                                                              Kauffman Soft             $99.99


  Michel Cluizel
If you’ve travelled to Paris, then you’ve stepped into the most wonderful
chocolate dream you can imagine –Michel Cluizel – Chocolatier. With
shops in Paris and New York, and now at The Wine Merchant Beverly Hills.

You will delight anyone –- including yourself, with a sampling of Michel
Cluizel chocolates – available at The Wine Merchant Beverly Hills.

Single plantation chocolates from the most renowned cocoa-producing countries,
to be compared to vintage wines. Chocolate d Bonbons - discover a whole range
of Chocolate 'Bonbons' with original forms and flavors. Gifts – Ganaches, Bon-
bons, Macaroons for sharing and savoring.

                                                                                                             310.278.7322        15
     Forgetting about wine (perish the
     thought) for just a moment, this
     season’s gift to have and to hold
     on to - Cognac.

     Pierre Ferrand Collection Privee 1914
     Send a message of gratitude to the someone who
     deserves special recognition. It is an investment into
     the future, and if the bottle remains unopened, it is not
     because they recipient did not approve, it is because
     they deem it an heirloom.

     PleASe CAll FoR PRiCe

16                     310.278.7322
A Tribute to Excellence - Pentaward Recipients
Packaging design from the world over created or brought out in 2010/11 is judged by a likewise
international jury that selects the winners in accordance with the creative quality of the work.


The John walker
The ultimate luxury gift for any discerning gentleman.
The John Walker embodies rarity and exclusivity. Presented in a
unique, individually numbered Baccarat crystal decanter that is hand
blow, polished and engraved by one of only three Master-craftsmen in
the world.

Encased in a hand crafted lacquer cabinet with over 60 hours
of workmanship used to create the eleven layers of lacquer and
luxurious cream leather interior. No detail is left to chance, from the
Baccarat cut crystal stopper to the 24 Carat Gold plated neck collar
and travel stopper.

PleASe CAll FoR PRiCe

Catherine Malandrine
Limited edition Cointreau. A glamorous icon.
A bridge between Paris and New York. The designer bottle plays on
the feminine emblem of the Stature of Liberty complimented with the
stars of the American flag. A refined metal fishnet lacquer embraces
the bottle like the finest “dentelle”.
PleASe CAll FoR PRiCe

                                                                           310.278.7322   17
     only 120 bottles for the U.S. market

     l’or de Jean Martel
     Platinum Pentaward
     Luxuriously designed vessel for a rare cognac. It meets
     the demands of elite customers. The bottle is the
     combination of creative designer Cristallerie de Sevres.
     Perfect harmony is expressed through the “golden
     number”. The vessel is fashioned from pure crystal in
     which the precious liquid is concentrated in a single
     droplet suspended by an arch.

     PleASe CAll FoR PRiCe

18                    310.278.7322
Cognac Tesseron extreme
Grand Champagne, Cognac 1er Cru Un
This is the very first time that these ancient trea-
sures, have been offered for purchase. Nestling in a
lacquered box, this unique creation is presented in a
small 1.75 Litre, deminjeanne: demijohn, like the fa-
mous 25 liters “dames-jeannes” from which Tesseron
has selected its oldest cognacs.

Tesseron Extreme should be
the gift for everyone on your
“A” list, including yourself.

PleASe CAll FoR SPeCiAl

The first great Bordeaux property to go                 Lafite”. (Currently Robert Parker rates        ioned from
100% bio was Pontet Canet. Alfred Tes-                  Pontet Canet 2008 98 out of 100 points         incredibly
serson has been a special friend for over               and Mouton 2008 96 out of 100 points.)         low yields,
30 years and there are few people I have                Alfred said “it is possible to walk on         a very late
met that are truly individuals. He has al-              water… if you take small steps”.               harvest,
ways been his own man, thinking with his                                                               and
own mind, standing on his own feet, never               “The 2008 Pontet Canet is a candidate for      Draconian
yielding to conformity. Alfred blazes his               the wine of the vintage, is a tour de force,   selection,
own trail without disturbing the terrain.               in the viticultural precision and winemaking   the 2008 will not be close to drinkability for
                                                        savoir-faire”. R. Parker.                      at least a decade and should be superb in
“I will always remember, 30 years ago, at                                                              2060. An absolutely amazing accomplish-
the Chateau, asking if he thought it was                A wine for our children’s children. No one     ment.
possible that Pontet Canet could make                   in Bordeaux is more attentive to detail than
wine to rival his neighbors, Mouton and                 Alfred Tesseron is at Pontet Canet. Fash-      2008 Pontet Canet      $150

                                                                                          310.278.7322       19
     Gift Baskets
                                                   George V
                                                   (Description next page)

20   310.278.7322
george V $395.00
Five great selections from Frances’ top regions
Taittinger Blanc de Blanc Comte de Champagne 2000
Meursault Clos de LaBarre 2006
Chateau Les Ormes de Pez St. Estephe 2004
Chateau Rieussec 2006 Sauternes
 (part of the Lafite Rothschild portfolio)
Andre Guyon Gevrey-Chambertin 2007

Paired with a variety of gourmet snacks and sweets. Deluxe missed
nuts, smoked salmon, Walker’s English shortbread, Foccacia, Nunes
Farm Nuts, Artichoke spread, Toffee Macadamia Nuts, Carlsberg
Oblaten Rosemary Crackers, Olives and Popcornopolis

Algongquin $89.00
Clynelish 14 Yr. Old Single Malt Scotch
Nunes Farm Almonds, Nunes Farm Pistachios, Classic water crackers,
Camembert, Walkers shortbread cookies, Gourmet smoked salmon

le Quai $150
Four outstanding wines from the top growing regions -
Burgundy and Bordeaux
Louis Latour Corton Grand Cru 2007
Alain Chavy Puligny Montrachet 2007                                                                           #107.
Chateau Bourgneuf Pomerol 2006
Chateau d’Archambeau Graves 2006


                                                              310.278.7322   21
                                                           Ah wahnee         $85
                                                           Legendary Travel Trunk
                                                           Jekel Chardonnay
                                                           Merryvale Starmont
                                                           Cabernet Sauvignon
                                                           Accompanied by: Caramel tin, party puffs, pretzel,
                                                           cashews, truffles, mixed nuts, taffy, Chocolate chip
                                                           cookies, mixed nuts and Godiva chocolates

                                                           The Point     $49.95
                                                           Chateauneuf-du-Pape La Roquet 2004
                                                           The hearty Rhone is complimented with almonds,
                                                           chocolate pretzels, popcorn chips, toffee, cookies,
                                                           and pretzel nuggets and old fashioned chips.

                                                           Plaza Athenee $195.00
                                                           Three great wines from France, Domaine Leflaive Macon
                                                           white Burgundy 2006, a hedonistic joy from one of the
                                                           top white Burgundy producers and, Chateau Bourgneuf
                                                           Pomerol 2006, a sleeper from Bordeaux, and Taittinger
                                                           Brut NV Champagne, one of the best know names in
                                                           Champagne is matched with Michel Cluszel Chocolate
                                                           Truffles, Caviar, smoked salmon, olives, cheese, crack-
                                                           ers, dip mix, shortbread Walker English cookies, Holiday
                                                           candies, chocolate chip cookies and Godiva chocolates.


                                                            •           Factoids •
                                                                   Information from
                                                                  The Wine Merchant
                                                                        Favorite Wines
                                                                   Carlos Slim Hlu (World’s Richest Man)
                                                                               Chateau Petrus
                                                                   Bernard Arnault (Europe’s Richest Man)
                                                                             Chateau d’Yquem
                                                                     Erme Gildo Zegna (Zegna Fashion)
                                                                             Gaja Chardonnay
                                                                 Charlie Sheen (Actor & Unique Personality)
                                                                      Chateau Mouton Rothschild

                                                                     Favorite Tequilla
                                                                                 Oprah Winfrey
                                                                         Casa Dragones Tequilla

22   310.278.7322
                             Plaza Athenee
                             (Description opposite page)
                             #111.       310.278.7322       23


     Meurice         $65.00                              The Plaza         $169           Broadmoor            $99.00
     #112.                                               #113.                            #114.
     A duo of French wines; Louis Latour Vivre           Taittinger Brut NV               Impress someone with this great selection of
     Clesse Blanc 2008 and Chateau d’Archambeau          Perrier Jouet Brut NV            Varietals from California.
     Graves 2006, Accompanied by Camembert               Louis Roederer Brut Premier NV   Andrew Murray Syrah 2007
     cheese, wine & cheese biscuits, short bread         Veuve Clicquot Brut NV           Bridesmaid Sauvignon Blanc 2009
     cookies, water crackers, dipping pretzels,                                           Seghesio Pinot Grigio 2010
     Sonoma crackers and Godiva chocolate.                                                Spellbound Chardonnay 2009
                                                                                          Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel 2009

24              310.278.7322
The Plaza
(Description opposite page)

(Description opposite page)

                       310.278.7322   25
     Daniel          $135
     Andre Guyon Chambolle Musigny 2007
     Domaine Matrot Meursault 2007
     Nicolas Potel Cote de Nuits – Village 2007

     Complimented with a repertoire of gourmet morsels.
     Smoked salmon, café latte, camembert, Carlsberg
     Olbaten, wine & cheese biscuits, tin prioiuline biscuits
     Dolcetto wafers Nunes Farm Nuts, Focaccia Chips.

26                     310.278.7322
                                                              Fairmont           $49.95
                                                              A bottle of one of Sonoma Valley’s finest
                                                              Zinfandels – Seghesio Zinfandel 2009,
                                                              accompanied by a variety of ready to
                                                              indulge snacks; savory mix, pastry puffs,
                                                              java wafers, cheese puffs, cashew brittle,
                                                              cheese spread, dried fruit & nut mix,
                                                              crackers, coffee & tea.

Sea island        $45.00
Roederer Estate Sparkling NV
Dark chocolate pretzels, chocolate toffee,
cheddar potato chips, cookies, old-fashioned
chips, pretzel nuggets.

                                                    310.278.7322   27
     The waldorf          $450
     Large Hat Box
     Perrier Jouet Champagne Flower Bottle 2002
     Louis Latour Corton Grand Cru 2007
     Chateau Bourgneuf Bordeaux 2006

     Surrounded by a variety of gourmet snacks;
     Tapenade, crackers, pretzels, Cheese, olives,
     smoked salmon, holiday candy, caviar, cookies,
     chips and Godiva chocolates.

28                 310.278.7322
                              Presentation package
                              with two glasses $145      310.278.7322   29
                                    Domaine leflaive                               Schramsberg                                  Château Simard Saint-emilion
                                    Domaine Leflaive brings sheer hedonistic       Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs gained           Château Simard has an enviable ad-
                                    joy to the palate of any eonophile that un-    international recognition in 1972 when       dress on the sunny southern slopes of
                                    derstands the characteristic minerality. A     then President Nixon served the wine at      Saint-Emilion. Surrounded by the region’s
                                    sampling stick of great Puligny-Montrachet     the historic “Toast to Peace” in Beijing,    first growth vineyards, Château Simard’s
                                    terriors. Anne-Claude Leflaive is in charge,   China. Since, then, it's been served by      vineyard has excellent exposure and pre-
                                    adopting biodynamic methods allowing the       every administration in the White House.     dominantly clay soil mixed with sand and
                                    wines a pure brilliant and uncompromising      This delicious bright, lemon gold wine has   gravel. Château Simard's classical, refined
                                    personality to show through. Leflaive wines    a ripe apple nose and a ripe, rich attack.   style can be attributed not only to its fine
                                    have gained richness of body, aromatic         We proudly feature Schramsberg Blanc de      vineyard location, but also to its traditional
                                    precision and transparency of the terriors     Blancs by the glass and the bottle at our    winemaking practices and distinctive ag-
                                    making them legendary to drink                 waterfront restaurant, The Dock in Newport   ing program. The blend each year reflects
                                    and collect.                                   Beach.                                       the vineyard’s makeup of Merlot blended
                                                                                                                                with Cabernet Franc. Elegant and balanced
                                    2006     $79.00                                $29.60                                       upon release, Château Simard expresses
                                                                                                                                its deep roots in Bordeaux’s famous Right
                                                                                                                                Bank. Alain Vaulthier, owner of Chateau
                                                                                                                                Ausone, is the owner of Chateau Simard.
                                                                                                                                1999     750ml      $29.99
30      310.278.7322
A note from
Dennis Overstreet
Ultimat Vodka is the world’s most distinctive vodka.
Created in the birthplace of vodka – Poland – it is the
only vodka distilled from both grains and potato, a break
from the traditional process of using just one or the other.
The result is an unrivaled, truly distinct, ultra-pure
spirit that sets the standard for ultra-premium vodkas.
It is the vodka that lives up to its name.
There is, good, better, and ultimate – don’t you deserve
the Ultimat?
The package does make a difference. A spirit this distinct
deserves a bottle worthy of its contents. You’ll find the
Ultimat vodka encased in a striking crystal decanter
 that shines cobalt blue. Each skillfully crafted decanter
 is meticulously inspected to ensure a beautiful, elegant
 presence, distinguished by a small bubble that floats in
 the heart of its thick crystal base.
 Pick up a bottle, and you’ll feel the weight of a vodka
 rich with ancestry, ripe with complexity and full of
 St. Regis          $85.00
 Everything you need for the ultimate cocktail hour. Ultimat
 Vodka surrounded by gourmet cocktail snacks, green olives
 with Provence herbs, smoked salmon, Nunes Farm almonds,
 cheese Straws, Forcaccia crackers, Carlsbad chocolates.

                                                        310.278.7322   31
     The Wine Cellar
     Premier Wine Storage in Los Angeles since 1974

     Please call 310-477- 9463 (WINE)
     for an appointment for a private tour.
     • State of the Art Refrigerated wine storage. 55-58 degrees.
       Humidity Controlled
     • 36 Virtual Security Cameras / 24 hour survelliance on premises
     • Fair, Competitive Pricing
     • A wide range of individual vaults, lockers and walk-ins available
       (from 6 bottles to 10,000 cases)
     • Complimentary parking on the premises
     • Conveniently located off the San Diego Freeway & Santa Monica Blvd. Exit

     All visitors and prospective new clients must provide a valid picture ID and must
     be escorted by a Wine Cellar attendant at all times during the tour and or visit.

     Additional Services available to all Wine Cellar Patrons
     • Acceptance of wine deliveries and courtesy refrigerated will call storage
     • Packing, shipping, transportation to/from our facility
     • Privilege use of our new Wine Tasting Room

     Privilege to Use our Wine Tasting Room
     A new addition to The Wine Cellar facility is our special tasting room. A reposi-
     tory filled with antique furnishings, Persian carpets, stone floors, an extensive
     library of wine books and related subjects, walls adorned with period paintings,
     and a fireplace for added ambiance in the dining/living room setting.

     The dining room is accessorized with everything a host would need for the
     ultimate in entertainment including; a mahogany dining table that seats 14
     guests, a variety of Riedel stemware, Versace dinnerware, flatware, linens, and
     an adjoining kitchen for preparing catered gourmet cuisine to compliment your
     wines. The Wine Cellar’s tasting room is the perfect location for wine and food
     pairing experiences in our Beverly Hills style.

     To book the Tasting Room or for a schedule of wine events
     Please call 310-278-7322 or visit us at

     The Wine Cellar
     1919 Pontius Avenue / Los Angeles, CA 90025 310-477-WINE
     Conveniently located in West Los Angeles off the San Diego Freeway (exit either National or Santa Monica Blvd).

32                        310.278.7322
                                              Serving wine collectors & enthusiasts since 1974

Salon / reception area in the Tasting Room   The Salon

                                                             Wine Tasting Room – Mahogany Dining Table

                                           310.278.7322       33
                   Louis Roederer Cristal Vintage - Retail: $250 / Sale: $199 / Available in Magnum

34        310.278.7322
Placing your Orders
To place your order or inquire of our inventory please visit us

228 N. Canon Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Tel 310-278-7322 Fax 310-278-6158

Please call The wine Merchant to verify that your
orders sent by fax or email were received.

Please place your order early!
guaranteed Christmas Delivery
The Wine Merchant guarantees delivery prior to December 25, provided
the recipient's address is correct and complete and the order is completed
                                                                                         Chris & Dennis Overstreet, Rita Barsoumian of The Wine Merchant
and confirmed no later than December 22, 12:00 noon. Rush charges and                    with Xavier Barlier at The Wine Merchant
handling fees will apply when applicable.

Please provide our staff with special address, delivery instructions and restric-
tions, such as security or gate entrances. Phone numbers of the delivery
address are essential. Thank you.

Please note that all re-deliveries required for incorrect addresses will be
charged appropriately. The Wine Merchant adheres to the laws and restric-
tions for shipping items out of state. All taxes apply.                                                                                Brad Vassar & Dennis
                                                                                         Dennis Overstreet, Stewart Resnick &          Overstreet - Market
                                                                                         Dick Wolf at a Chateau Margaux Dinner         Watch Retail Awards
luxurious Custom gift wrap                                                                                              – May 2011     – New York, Sept 2011
The Wine Merchant is well known and recognized throughout California and
the U.S. because of our outstanding product selection, exquisite gift baskets
and custom gift wrap. Each gift is custom wrapped on our premises to insure
the best materials and care are provided. You want to make the perfect
impression and we’ll do all the work for you.

Some gift baskets packed for shipping out of the local area will be sent
in a hamper style basket and the presentation will be different than in the
photographs or store display so that we may insure the quality and integrity of
the products.

Product Substitution
It is The Wine Merchant’s policy not to substitute any of the products that
are included in our gift catalog. However, due to limited availability of a few
exclusive speciality products, The Wine Merchant reserves the right to make
substitutions of items pictured or described in the catalog with product(s) of
an equal or higher value if orders exceed available stock.
                                                                                         Dennis and Chris with Tony Bennett at wine dinner – August 2010
Conditions of Sale and Purchase Agreement
The Wine Merchant has attempted to the best of its ability, to describe the
items accurately. The Wine Merchant is not liable for any description and
make no warranties or guaranties regarding quality. All Sales are Final. Items
are inspected prior to packing and shipping. Various jurisdictions prohibit
importation into their jurisdiction. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to
investigate and determine the possibility of such prohibitions. All decisions
regarding any claim shall be made by The Wine Merchant and shall be final
without further recourse or reimbursement.
                                                                                         Dennis with              Dennis with Christian Moueix
                                                                                         Lenny the Peacock        – Pomerol France June 2011
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