The College Placement Office December Update by yaosaigeng


									            The College Placement Office Update
                                             Office Hours
                                  SCHOOL CLOSES THURSDAY, DEC 24th
                                     School opens Monday, JAN 4

All of the leaves have fallen from the trees, winter sports are in full swing and its almost
time for Early Action letters to arrive.

What still needs to happen?
For SENIORS who have applied to private schools a mid-year report may be required.

      Mid-Year Reports: A mid-year report will include your semester grades and any
       additional information you would like to share with the school.
      Do I need a Mid-Year Report?: How do you know if you need a mid-year report?
       You should check the website of the schools you have applied to and check to see if
       a mid-year report is required and if so, you need to come into the College Placement
       office and complete a transcript request specifically for a mid-year report. Do not
       come to the CPO asking whether a mid-year report is required without
       checking the college's website first.
      Sending Your Latest Test Scores: If you recently took the ACT/SAT in October or
       December remember to fill out the CPO test report request form if you would like to
       have your most recent scores sent to the schools you have applied to. We can only
       send them out if you had them sent to Rockhurst using the school code
       261685. If you did not have them sent to Rockhurst you will need to go online to
       the ACT or SAT website and send them directly to the colleges/universities you have
       applied to.
      DECISIONS & SCHOLARSHIPS: Have you received admission decisions and
       scholarships from schools you applied to? If so, you must notify the College
       Placement Office immediately. Bring a copy of the scholarship letter you received as
       well as a list of where you've been accepted, waitlisted, denied or withdrawn your
       application to the CPO. This is expected of you from now through the end of
       the spring semester.
      DEFERRED or WAITLISTED ADMISSION: What should I do? Click here for a step
       by step process of what to do at this point in your admission process.
      FINISHING STRONG: Finally, it is crucial that you finish strong in all of your
       classes this academic year. Admission to any school is conditional until final
       transcripts are received. Colleges and Universities have indicated to us that they are
       very willing to revoke admission offers for students who do not work to their ability
       their entire senior year.


   The College Placement Office will be upgrading our Naviance-Family Connection program
   during Christmas break. We want to make you aware at this point because the CPO will
   be upgrading your access between the last day of school and 2nd of January. During this
   upgrade, you will still have access to using Naviance however; you’ll notice that it will
   have a different look.

   With this new look, we are providing instructions below on how to access Naviance and
   check on your transcript requests.

       1.   Access Family Connection via
       2.   Once you login, you’ll see three (3) tabs at the top of the page
       3.   Click on the “Colleges” tab
       4.   Under the “My Colleges” section, you’ll see “Colleges I’m applying to”
       5.   Click on “Colleges I’m applying to”
                On this first page, you have access to see the “office status” of your requests
                Under the “OFFICE STATUS” column, there are 2 choices
                   (Pending – processing of request is in progress)
                   (Initial Materials Submitted: Information has been mailed)
       6. OR PREFERABLY proceed to the next step, which is to
       7. Click on “View Detailed Status” to see what has been processed.

   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the College Placement Office at
   816-363-2036, Ext. 520.

To Be Announced After the Holiday Break
It is almost your turn to begin the college process. We will begin the college process with a
Junior Parents' program in early spring. Then we will begin having one on one meetings and
in class meetings discussing your college planning portfolios. Over Christmas break is a
great time for you to have a conversation about college. Questions you can raise are how
much money you are willing to spend, is there a distance as to how far away I can go,
public vs. private, just to mention a few options. The earlier these conversations take place
the easier the process. The date for this event will be released shortly. We HIGHLY
ENCOURAGE ATTENDANCE by all students & parents to make plans to attend. The
College Placement Office will be implementing important new changes in the fall
regarding the college search and planning process. So, once dates are out, please
make plans to be there.

             Colleges/University Financial Aid Pledges - Colleges have developed financial
aid policies that limit or in some cases eliminate student loans from financial aid packages,
thereby reducing the cost of attendance for students and families.

We will meet with all the classes in late spring concerning the many possibilities regarding
the college search process that you were introduced to freshman year. This is also an
opportunity for you to learn about the admissions process and what will be required of you
as you approach junior and senior year. Ever wonder what goes on behind closed doors in
an admissions file review? Click below to read more.

Selectivity & Admissions Decisions
Planning for College Finances
A Good Inexpensive Way to Tour Colleges -

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