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									                   An Introductory Guide To TeleNet Commands
     I don't know how many of you use TeleNet to call this system (or
systems) but I thought this might come in handy for those that do.
     Some basic info about TeleNet commands. To enter a TeleNet you must
be at
the TeleNet prompt "@". You can get there two ways:
1) When you first dial TeleNet you will be at the prompt
2) When connected to a system via TeleNet you can return to TeleNet
    command mode by typing "<CR>@<CR>" (See note A.)
     Once you get to the prompt here are some of the commands available
to you
and a brief description of what they do.
 Command           Function
 C xxxxxxx<CR>     Connects you to a specific host or terminal.
 STAT<CR>          Display network port address.
 FULL<CR>          Set full duplex
 HALF<CR>          Set half duplex
 DTAPE<CR>         Prepares the network for bulk file transfers.
 CONT<CR>          Return to transfer mode from command mode.
 BYE<CR> or D<CR> Disconnects you from the currently connected host.
 HANGUP<CR>        Tells TeleNet to hang up the phone....
 TERM xx<CR>       Changes your terminal type. xx can be one of the
                              D1 = CRT's and Personal Computers
                              B3 = Bi-directional printers
                              A2 = Uni-directional printers
                              A5 = Slow printing terminal which
                                    loses data on the left side
                                    at another setting.
                              A9 = same as A5
                            <CR> = Unknown
 MAIL or           Requests connection to Telemail.
 TEST CHAR<CR>     Used to test the system if you are receiving
                   garbled output. Use this and look for garbled
                   characters or patern breaks. If you do try
                   adjusting your parity or contact TeleNet.
 TEST ECHO<CR>     If you feel your input to the system is being
                   garbled by your parity or contact TeleNet.
 TEST ECHO<CR>     If you feel your input to the system is being

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