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Straw hat samurai 2 review by ashasubba009


									Straw hat samurai 2 is one of the best flash games available. The gameplay is as addictive
as it is simple. You play as a lone samurai whose goal is to take back a tower that has
been seized by the enemy. Along the way you’ll have to face off against many different
enemies as well as some very tough bosses. The combat is what sets this game apart from
any other game. As soon as an enemy approaches all you have to do is draw a line with
the mouse over them and instantly your samurai unleashes a flurry of attacks, warping in
and out of view and dismembering everything on screen within seconds.

There are various combos that you can perform by drawing lines with the mose in a
variety of ways. For example you can first launch the enemy into the air, slash them a
few times and then knock them back to the ground. Enemies are quite varied and some of
tem can only be killed in a certain way. For instance some enemies can only be defeated
by being attacked while they are lying flat on the ground and all the bosses require a
unique strategy to defeat as all of them put up a tough fight. There is even another
samurai boss who is equally as fast as your samurai!

The graphics and sound are superb as well as they compliment the gameplay perfectly.
Straw hat samurai is one of those rare games that will thrill anyone looking for an intense
yet rewarding game.

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