11) In 2004, John Kerry and John Edwards captured _____ percent by 22617fV8


									                                             Sabato Quiz #2
1) In 2004, John Kerry and John Edwards captured ________ percent of the Jewish vote.

A) 12    B) 30     C) 43    D) 50    E) 74

2) In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, white and black Americans tended to agree on which of the

A) President Bush cares about black people.
B) Looters who entered stores and took items were mostly criminals.
C) Looters who entered stores and took items were mostly desperate people.
D) The federal government was slow in rescuing people trapped in New Orleans because
they were black.
E) None of the above. There were large racial differences on all of these items.

3) Which group is most likely to be politically conservative?
A) Mexican Americans
B) Cuban Americans
C) American Indians
D) African Americans
E) Jews

4) Hispanics are most likely to
A) favor increased federal aid to the poor.
B) support federal funding for abortion.
C) support greater border security.
D) support same-sex marriage.
E) approve of how George W. Bush has handled the war in Iraq.

5) When compared to men, women are more likely to be supportive of
A) social welfare policies.
B) military intervention.
C) the war in Iraq.
D) the war in Afghanistan.
E) capital punishment.

6) Older Americans are more likely to
A) favor limiting Medicare.
B) favor limiting Social Security.
C) favor tax increases to pay for schools.
D) think the war in Iraq increased the risk of terrorism.
E) vote.

7) John Kerry received the highest percentage of the vote in
A) large cities.
B) rural areas.
C) small towns.
D) America’s heartland.
E) the South.

8) In general, the citizens who live in the American West (excluding the West Coast) tend to
A) favor higher social welfare spending.
B) favor turning over state authority to the federal government.
C) vote for liberals.
D) vote for Democrats.
E) have an anti-government bias.

9) Which of the following political events had the largest impact on Americans’ political
A) Ronald Reagan’s attempted assassination
B) the Iran/Contra affair
C) the Scooter Libby trial
D) Watergate and Richard Nixon’s resignation
E) George W. Bush’s “mission accomplished” proclamation

10) In countries around the world, what is most frequently mentioned as a “very big problem”
facing their respective nations?
A) moral decline
B) immigration
C) terrorism
D) corruption
E) crime

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