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                                                        Writing For Public Relations
                                                                  By Ana Ventura

     Writing For Public Relations by Ana Ventura

So you're not sure how exactly to go about writing material for
you public relations campaign, and maybe you're not even sure you
want to. We're all busy people, right?

One the of the best solutions for that is to just hire someone
else to do the writing for you. "Wait a minute," you say. "That's
going to cost me a fortune!" Maybe, maybe not.

Very large companies and corporations have a PR firm on a monthly
retainer, meaning that they pay them every month to bust out
public relations articles, press releases, or anything that needs
to be written. Most likely this will not be a realistic approach
for the small business owner.

So where do you go? Freelance writers are great place to start.
They work on a per project basis, so if you've only got one or
two documents to write up they will be your best bet. Freelancers
charge either by the project or by the hour, depending on their
preference. Fees for hourly writers can range from $50 all the
way up to $150. Per project fees depend on what you'd like
written, how long it is, and the complexity of the material.

A press release, for example, could cost anywhere from $100 to
$800 for a more seasoned writer. If you would like a ghost writer
to type up an article in your name, a feature length piece could
go from about $800 to $3,000.

This doesn't sound like such a great deal, right? Well, if you
know where to look for great writers, you could get a pretty good
deal. There are a lot of Internet based companies that can do the

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work for a much more reasonable price. College students that are
learning how to write for their majors can oftentimes write a
release or an article that is just as good as a pro. And what
starving, struggling college student wouldn't give you a deal?

If you would like to find a freelance writer within your
immediate area so that you can communicate in person, try looking
in your local phone book or asking a large PR firm for some

In the long run, it will probably save you a lot of time and
headache to hire someone else to do your PR writing for you. So
take a look around; chances are you'll find a great writer that
fits nicely into your budget.

 Ana Ventura specializes in helping businesses, organizations, andindividuals get media coverage.
She is a PR expert at DrNunley'shttp://FullServicePR.com , a site specializing in affordablepublicity
services. Reach Ana at mailto:ana@fullservicepr.com or801-328-9006.

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                                            Public Relations Integral For Business
                                                                 By Amy Nutt

Public relations is an absolutely integral part of any businesses recipe for success, in fact, a well
thought out and properly enacted public relations plan can be the single most important part of a
company’s marketing - and aside from a good product and hard working employees, the most
important part of running a business.

 Public relations will determine exactly how your company is viewed or perceived in the public eye.
Current and potential customers like to be ensured that they are, or will be patronizing a company that
cares. A public relations department can organize a plan of attack to let the consumer know that your
company cares about people and the environment, and about any other burgeoning social issues. A
good PR department will also make the public aware that your company has a new product on the
horizon and why they have to be first in line to purchase it, or that your company is branching out to
offer new services and how that will make you stronger and more capable of handling their needs as

 Yet another great facet and important role of a public relations department is damage control. If
something, anything goes wrong and the public is made aware that the problem arose from one of your
company’s employee’s actions or due to a particular policy - a good PR department will be the first one
on the scene to correct it. Writing releases for apology or correction of error, along with releases stating
the fact that new employees and procedures are in place to prevent any future problems can often
save a companies reputation in the public eye.

Inside or Out?

 Many companies have their very own public relations departments, made up of what could be any
number of employees who are responsible for a wide variety of duties including: producing eye
catching press kits, writing poignant press releases, organizing charitable events and contributions and
some general damage control.

 This is usually the best option for large companies with big budgets in place for advertising and
payroll. A good full time PR department is great if ever there are cases of an emergency that needs to
be dealt with immediately.

 Companies that don’t have their own public relations department, but that realize just how important
the proper approach to and implementation of public relations can be, will often enlist the help of a third
party public relations firm to take care of that end of the business for them.

 This second option can work quite well for a company that doesn’t want to keep several full time
employees on staff (having to take care of employee salaries, vacation and health benefits), when they
can temporarily employee a service to do the job for them. Many reputable and successful public
relations firms can bring quite a cost for the service that they provide, but often the results that are
yielded from a good public relations campaign can certainly outweigh the cost of enlisting a firm to
provide the work.

A third option is for a company to employ regular employees to handle the basic issues of a public

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relations department - to generate the thoughts and ideas behind the advertisements and new product
pushes, but then hire freelance professional to take care of the artistic side of things (the graphics,
design and writing).

 Regardless of whether a company employs their own full time public relations department, enlists a
third party to do the work or uses a combination of in house people and freelancers to get the job done
- public relations is an enormous part of whether or not a company will succeed. Good public relations
is the recipe for success while poorly thought out, improperly enacted or missing public relations can
be an almost lethal detriment.

PR company in Toronto offers extensive experience in public relations, media relations and corporate
communications. When seeking professional public relations representation, consider Polaris Public
Relations. http://www.polarisprinc.com

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