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									Motel manager Job Description

Motel manager Job Profile and Description

The motel manager is the one who has the responsibility to outlook businesses that rent
out rooms to customers. The duties of Motel manager may vary with the size and type
of the business such as in large hotels, motel managers are in charge of the entire hotel.

Duties and Responsibilities

There are the following duties and responsibilities of a motel manager:

      The basic duty to set room rates, monitors income and expenses, and supervise
       other staff.
      He or she has to hire assistant managers to supervise the various areas of the
      It is needed to plan menus, set prices, and order supplies.
      The duty includes managing all year or seasonal lodging facilities.
      He or she has to monitor workers’ performance to make sure that company rules
       and policies are being followed.
      It will be the duty to maintain the cooperation with other department managers
       to coordinate hotel activities, such as weddings.
      He or she has to answer questions about hotel policies and services and resolve
       customers’ complaints.
      It will be the responsibility to arrange telephone answering service, mail
       delivery, and answer customers’ questions about the area.
      He or she has the responsibility to inspect hotel for cleanliness and appearance.
      He or she has to maintain the coordination with the front-office duties and
       resolve problems.
      He or she is responsible for collecting payment and record money earned and
      It will be the responsibility to receive and process advance payments while
      He or she has the duty to interview and hire staff.

Skills and Specifications

The required skills and specifications are as follows:

      The person needs to have proper knowledge in administration and management
       of business operations.
      He or she should have excellent customer and personal service.
      The person should have a very good background in Mathematics, Economics
       and Accounting.
      He or she should be very fluent in speaking English language or the language.

Education and Qualifications
   The person needs to have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in hotel management

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