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					                                      NEWS MONITOR
                                      March 15, 2011
Submitted by: Adora D. Rodriguez/Arlhene Carro

Newspaper         Page    Writer         Article                                   Slant
Daily Tribune     9       Photo          Zambo raises Ceylon tea. Agri. Sec.
                          release        Proceso Alcala listens intently to Dir.
                                         Dante de Lima on the benefits of
                                         Ceylon tea.
Business World    S1/1    JD Poblete     Food up for discussion today in           Neutral
                                         Prees. Aquino will discuss food prices
                                         with Sec. Alcala, NFA Admin. Lito
                                         Banayo, and DBM Sec. Florencio
                                         Abad if there will be increases. The
                                         group will also look at the rice
Business World    S1/3    LOP            Agriculture projects to proceed           Positive
                                         Twenty two projects worth P361
                                         million in south central Mindanao
                                         being undertaken under ACEF will
                                         continue despite DA’s suspension last
                                         January. The projects were approved
                                         before the department ordered
                                         suspension on pending loan
Malaya            A1      Amado          Rice sufficiency hardly possible
                          macassaet      Sec. Alcala believes that the
                                         Philippines can be self-sufficient in
                                         rice in the next three years. However,
                                         there are a lot of factors that may
                                         prevent this mission that are beyond
                                         his control. For example, his
                                         department has only a budget of
                                         P38B, with about 32% of that budget
                                         allocated for salaries and other
                                         operating expenses.
Malaya            A8                     Subsidies to GOCCs stood at P21B,         Neutral
                                         up 20%
                                         NFA received the bulk of the
                                         subsidies with P7.69 billion.
Business Mirror   B3      J. Ng          NFA certain it can resume buying          Positive
                                         farmers’ palay
                                         NFA assured that it will be able to
                                         buy palay from farmers once harvest
                                         goes into high gear by the end of the
                                         month as DBM may release P2.5B to
                                     the agency within the week.
Philippine Star   B7   Ma. Elisa     PepsiCo unit seeks jv partners for       Neutral
                       Osorio        coco water
                                     The firm is now looking for viable
                                     partners that are willing to supply 10
                                     containers of coco water monthly.
                                     For 2010, PCA said that the
                                     Philippines was able to produce 16
                                     million metric tons of coconut.
Manila Bulletin   B3   Myrna         SNAP explores development plans          Positive
                       Velasco       with NIA for hydropower project
                                     SN Aboitiz is now exploring
                                     development parameters with the
                                     National irrigation Administration on
                                     the proposed Ilaguen-B multi-
                                     purpose hydropower project in
                                     Isabela province.
Business Mirror   B3                 Singapore firm has new tech to           Positive
                                     dissolve compounds
                                     According to Dr. lothar Haegele, the
                                     technology can solubilize or make
                                     soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. The
                                     technology has limitless applications
                                     in agriculture, health and nutrition,
                                     he added.
Business Mirror   B3   Jonathan      Organic farming is sustainable,          Positive
                       Mayuga        experts agree in recent agri forum
                                     Organic farming of rice would best
                                     address challenged posed by the
                                     worst impacts of climate change such
                                     as typhoons and drought. Organic
                                     farming is beneficial to the
                                     environment and health of both
                                     farmers and consumers, and in the
                                     long run, eventually becomes a more
                                     profitable venture than conventional
Business Mirror   B3   Jennifer Ng   Abaca exports reach $104.5M in           Positive
                                     Export receipts from various abaca
                                     products, including pulp, cordage and
                                     fiber reached $104.5 million in 2010,
                                     up 52% from $68.5 million registered
                                     in 2009.
Manila Standard   B1   Othel         Abaca exports hit $104.5-M               Positive
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