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					                                                                  STORYBOARD RUBRIC
 EXPECTATIONS                  LEVEL FOUR              LEVEL THREE                LEVEL TWO                 LEVEL ONE                    BELOW                   COMMENTS
 The visuals           More than three            At least three            Three visuals are         While visuals are          Either visuals are not
presented clearly      visuals are                visuals are               presented in a            presented some             attempted or the
summarise the most     presented that             presented in a            manner that               may not capture            visuals that are given,
important pieces of    clearly and                manner that               shows some                the significance of        show very little
information from the concisely capture            captures the              understanding of          the events in              understanding of the
source being studied   the essence and            purpose of the            the events in             question. Be sure          purpose and
(knowledge and         purpose of the             events in question. question.                       to be able to              significance of the
understanding)         events in question. Good                             Continue to ask           answer all                 events in question.
                       It is clear that you summarizing                     thoughtful                prompting                  See the teacher to
                       have summarized            strategies are            questions and seek questions before                  work on summary
                       very well!                 evident!                  detailed answers!         moving on.                 strategies!
Mark:                25-------------------------20-----------------------17.5-----------------------15-------------------------12.5--------------------------0         /25
Explanation as to the The written                 The written               The written               The written                Either the written
significance of the    summary of the             summary of the            summary is                explanation is             explanation is not
visuals shows thought importance of               importance of             somewhat effective limited due to the                presented or is very
and insight (T/I)      each caption is            each caption is, for in explaining the              majority of                limited in its ability
                       thoughtful and             the most part,            importance of             viewpoints not             to explain the
                       shows very strong          valid and well            each event in             justifying why             significance of the
                       understanding of           explained.                question. More            each caption is            captions presented.
                       the key points of                                    detail and analysis important.
                       the events being                                     may be needed.
Mark:                25-------------------------20-----------------------17.5-----------------------15-------------------------12.5--------------------------0         /25
Communication of       Very little errors         While there are a         Some serious              Many errors in             Serious errors in
the ideas are clear    in style and               few errors in style       errors are present style and                         style and grammar
and precise and        grammar hamper             and grammar               that may hamper           grammar hamper             result in the reader
shows that editing     the reader’s               present, they do          the reader’s              the expression of          not being able to
has taken place        understanding of           not hamper the            understanding of          the idea’s. Edit!!         understand the
(Communication)        the presentation.          reader’s                  the presentation.                                    purpose of the
                                                  understanding of          Edit carefully!                                      presentation.
                                                  the presentation.
Mark:                25-------------------------20-----------------------17.5-----------------------15-------------------------12.5--------------------------0         /25
The overall               Outstanding                Good presentation         Some thought into         Little thought into        Very little thought
presentation looks        visuals are very           and strong visuals        visuals and               visuals and                has gone into the
professional and well     detailed and show          show the                  presentation is           presentation is            visuals and
planned (application)     that the                   significance and          present, but more         present, resulting         presentation
                          significance               helps to convince         is needed in order        the overall project        resulting in a
                          beyond a shadow            the viewer to buy         for the viewer to         not convincing the         presentation that
                          of a doubt. Way            into the ad.              fully buy into the        viewer of the true         shows little or no
                          to go!                                               ad.                       significance.              understanding of the
                                                                                                                                    purpose of
Mark:                   25-------------------------20-----------------------17.5-----------------------15-------------------------12.5--------------------------0   /25

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