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					                                                                          LONG ISLAND CHAPTER

   Monthly Dinner Meeting - Tuesday, January 10, 2012
    The Milleridge Inn - Jericho, NY - Cocktail Hour begins at 6:00 pm
                                                    Cloud Computing
                                           Special GueST SpeakerS:

   Keith Hochheiser                                        John Impellizeri                Ira Reisman
Ettelman & Hochheiser, P.C.                                 Lifetime Brands                The LISS Group

                                                    Moderated by John P Fodera, CPA

   Advanced Pricing and                                       Thank You To Our January Sponsors
  Payment for the Meeting:
               $65                                            American Heart Association (donated by BDO)
 (IMA Members receive $10 discount)
 Pre-register online at
                                                                 Bank of America • Deloitte & Touch LLP
         (*Please note there will be a $10 surcharge for
              registration & payment at the door)                               Sandwire
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keith hochheiser, Partner - Ettelman & Hochheiser, P.C.
Keith Hochheiser is a founding partner of Ettelman & Hochheiser, P.C., a premier corporate and
commercial boutique law firm located in Garden City, NY. Ettelman & Hochheiser, P.C. is recognized
internationally for utilizing the law to achieve sound business solutions on behalf of privately-held,
regional, national and multi-national clientele across diverse industries.

Keith Hochheiser concentrates on corporate and commercial transactions with an emphasis on mergers
and acquisitions, manufacturing and distribution, joint ventures and privacy and security law. Mr.
Hochheiser represents multi-national, national and regional public and privately-held corporations,
and large and small business entities.

Mr. Hochheiser is a director of a number of multi-national manufacturing and beverage entities. He is
a frequent lecturer at seminars on corporate and commercial transactions and privacy and security law.

Mr. Hochheiser graduated from Bentley College in 1987, magna cum laude. He received his Juris
Doctorate from Villanova University School of Law in 1990 where he was a member of the Corporate
Law Society.

Mr. Hochheiser is admitted to the New York State Bar, Connecticut State Bar and the United States
District court for the Southern District of New York. He is also a member of the American Bar Association;
Business Law and Taxation Committees, New York State Bar Association; Business Law Section and the
Nassau County Bar Association where he was a founding member of and original Co-Chairman of the
Joint Special Committee of Attorneys and Accountants, as well as a member of the Multi-Disciplinary
Committee. Keith may be reached at

john imPellizeri, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer - Lifetime Brands
John Impellizeri is a well-rounded technologist with 3 decades of industry experience including systems,
operations, process and procedure improvement, telecommunications and strategic team building.

Recent success stories include a large scale SAP and Business Intelligence implementation, global
network deployment, and numerous corporate acquisitions.

John also has a BS in computer science and an MBA from New York Institute of Technology and may
be reached at

ira reisman, Vice President, Business Development - The LISS Group
Ira Reisman brings over 18 years of experience in technology management to his many clients and
focuses on identifying and developing new solutions that enhance business efficiency. Mr. Reisman
has worked closely with clients such as Ferrari North America, Silvercup Studios, AT&T and Time
Warner Cable.

A skilled information architect and systems integration strategist, Mr. Reisman has extensive experience
building high-performance systems able to handle the robust needs of both large corporate ventures
and small businesses. Mr. Reisman has overseen every aspect of the technology industry, with executive
skills ranging from business operations to developing LISS’s cloud solutions.

A vital and results-based corporate partner, Mr. Reisman was crucial in developing both the intellectual
capital and infrastructure that distinguish LISS from other boutique technology firms. Ira may be
reached at
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last Month's Meeting                                                                                  by Allan T. Mendels, CLU ChFC

A merry Long Island Chapter of the IMA celebration was shared by over 100 people including IMA members, their families, friends and
Past Presidents on December 13th. It was a very joyful way to end a successful 2011 calendar year and to share good wishes for an even
better 2012.

The Milleridge Inn created a very festive environment. The appetizers were exceptional including fresh shrimp cocktail. And the night
was not complete without a visit from the Milleridge Carolers.

The dinner meeting started with wonderful lessons about, and samplings of, fine wines including Pierre Gimonnet & Fils Champagne Brut,
Washington State Nelms Road Merlot and Chateau Jean Faux Bordeaux. The wine expert was our own IMA-LI member, Jim Leskody,
CPA, the CFO of Michael Skurnik Wines. Jim is also a grass roots economist. He informed us that the 2011 economy was better than 2010
based on people’s wine buying habits. With the better economy, this year Jim showed us the above and other slightly more expensive
wines that are great values for the money.

Karen Garvey, MBA followed Jim with an interesting lecture about how we all have the power of intuition and we need to tune into it.
Karen had an extraordinary experience the morning of 9/11 intuiting what was happening, even though she lived more than 40 miles from
the World Trade Center and had heard no news. Intuitively she knew that there had been a terrorist attack of the World Trade Center,
even when newscasters were still broadcasting that a small plane had hit One World Trade Center.

Karen shared many examples of how her intuitive sense has taught her personal lessons and as a result of that she can guide people to
happiness and help them to reveal their best selves. If we overcome our skepticism, we are able to use our intellect to support our intuition
and change things for the better.

The IMA wishes everyone a wonderful 2012 filled with good health and many successes!

                               Thank You To Our December Sponsors
      The LISS Group • The Marty Lyons Foundation (donated by Cerilman Balin)
                     Mendels & Associates • Thaler Gertler LLP
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                             the cFo & Financial executives committee of the nassau chapter
                                    would like to invite you to participate in our meetings.
                     Please review the information below and save the dates that are of interest to you.
                               We look forward to seeing you and having you join our group.

                                                             The meeting format will be as follows:
                                                             First half hour round table discussion.
                                                        Next hour/hour and a half a formal presentation.
                                                     15 minutes review of the topic presented and wrap up.

                We will meet at 8:00am at meltzer lippe’s office, 190 Willis Ave, Mineola.
      There is no cost to attend. A light breakfast will be served compliments of Meltzer and Lippe.

                                                       meeting Dates & topics for the 2011-2012 Year
                                                          Thursday, January 12 - Cloud Computing
                                                             Tuesday, February 7 - Nexus Issues
                                                         Wednesday, March 21 - Business Continuity
                                                              Thursday, April 19 - Round Table
                                                     Wednesday, May 9 - Inventory Control & Management
                                                           Tuesday, June 19 - Planning Next Year

                                                                                                                                                                          PERSONAL SERVICE. TRUSTED ADVICE.
                                                                                                                                                                          Accounting & Auditing
                                                                                                                                                                          Business & Strategic
                                                                                                                                                                          Fraud & Forensic Services
                                                                                                                                                                          Government Services
                                                                                                                                                                          Technology Services
                                                                                                                                                                          Wealth Management

                                       Joseph A. Giacinto
                                        Chief Executive Officer                                                                                                       ALBRECHT, VIGGIANO, ZURECK & COMPANY, P.C.

                                                                                                                                            245 Park Avenue, 24th Floor                                                     25 Suffolk Court
                                                                                                                                            New York, NY 10167                                                   Hauppauge, NY 11788-3715
                                                                                                                                            T: 212.792.4075                                                 T: 631.434.9500 F: 631.434.9518

                 (516) 338-5454 Ext 23                                                                    WWW.AVZ.COM                                               INDEPENDENT MEMBER OF BKR INTERNATIONAL

                 Fax (516) 338-4479                      

                                                Peter Papagianakis                                                          Grassi & Co.
                                                                                                  Premier professional service organization
                                                                          specializing in accounting, auditing, tax,
                                                                                                        technology and business consulting
                                                                                                                     50 Jericho Quadrangle, Suite 200
                           Peter Papagianakis                                                                                      Jericho, NY 11753
                                                                                                                                   tel. (516) 256-3500
                                                                                                                                  fax. (516) 256-3510

 22 Jericho Turnpike; Suite 100-East   1375 Broadway (37 St.); Suite 300                                              275 Madison Avenue, Suite 1305
 Mineola, NY 11501                     New York, NY 10018                                                                       New York, NY 10016
 office: 516-280-8600                  office: 646-862-1210                                                                        tel. (212) 661-6166
 fax: 516-740-0761                     fax: 646-292-5121                                              fax. (212) 661-6125
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chooSinG The roaD leSS TraveleD                                                           by Joseph R. Sellitto, CLTC
                                                                                  Pension &Wealth Consultants, LLC
can Save Money in healThcare
In recent years, private-sector healthcare spending        require a hospital admission. According to a report
has continued to rise, according to the Employee           by the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission,
Benefit Research Institute and the Center for Studying     Medicare payment rates made to ambulatory
Health System Change. The trend for hospital               surgery centers were lower than those made to
outpatient costs outpaced spending growth for other        hospital outpatient departments for 87 percent of
types of healthcare services.                              procedures. While ambulatory surgery centers may
                                                           not be appropriate for cases presenting an unusual
Such data on hospital cost trends has prompted             risk of complications, for most patients needing
employers and health plans to consider the cost            outpatient surgery, they represent a safe, convenient,
savings that can be gained from steering covered           and costeffective alternative to a trip to the hospital.
employees to alternative care settings for certain
types of services and procedures.                          •	Urgent care centers. Hospital emergency room visits
                                                           are up 20 percent over the past decade, according
An analysis by First Health Group reported in              to data from the Centers for Disease Control and
Employee Benefit News showed a potential $300,000          Prevention’s National Hospital Ambulatory Medical
savings for a 1,400-employee group, if half of the         Care Survey. Yet only 48 percent of the cases were
claims for five types of hospital outpatient services      classified as urgent or semi-urgent. Anyone who has
(radiology, pathology/lab, emergency room, surgery,        visited an emergency room - and then saw the bill
and physical medicine) were shifted from a hospital        - knows that ER services come at a very high price.
to an alternate care site.                                 Urgent care centers offer a cost-effective alternative
                                                           for non-life-threatening situations that require
A number of common services and procedures can,            prompt medical attention, but a visit to the doctor’s
in most cases, be conducted in a setting other than        office is not possible or practicable.
a hospital without compromising patient care. These
include:                                                   • Freestanding imaging centers.

	   •	 Surgeries	usually	performed	on	an	outpatient	       • Freestanding labs.
       basis, such as tonsillectomies, cataract
       extractions, colonoscopies.                         • Physical therapy clinics.

	   •	 Conditions	 that	 require	 urgent	 -	 but	 not	     What your company can do: Communication efforts
       emergency - care (for example, most sports          can be undertaken to inform employees about the
       injuries, a suspected ear infection that surfaces   advantages of appropriate alternatives to hospitals.
       after-hours, a persistent condition usually         Additionally, incentives - such as a differentiated co-
       treated in a doctor’s office, but the wait for an   payments or coinsurance levels - can be effective in
       appointment is too long).                           encouraging employees to use alternate care sites.
                                                           The educational component is important so that
	   •	 Imaging	 services	 (such	 as	 x-rays,	 MRIs,	       employees make their selections based on knowledge,
       and mammograms); lab services; and renal            rather than just cost considerations.
                                                           Joseph R. Sellitto is the President of Pension & Wealth
Here are some of the alternative care sites:               Consultants, LLC. He may be reached at 516-522-2663,
•	 Ambulatory surgery centers. These state-licensed        or via e-mail at
facilities perform surgical procedures that do not
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                    The LI Chapter of IMA Supports the
                  2011 MWE College Accounting Challenge

The Margolin, Winer & Evens LLP (MWE) College Accounting Challenge is a game show event designed to give
the best and brightest accounting students across Long Island their moment in the spotlight. Hosted at some of
Long Island’s most renowned university campuses, the event brings the thrill of competition and the fun of a
game show to a professional not always known for being lighthearted.

On November 2, 2011, MWE sponsored the fourth Long Island “College Accounting Challenge” at Adelphi
University in the Performing Arts Center Concert Hall, Garden City, NY. The competition is a quiz-show-style
event that pitted five teams of four representing Adelphi, NYIT, Molloy College, SUNY Old Westbury and Briarcliff
College against each other to test the students’ knowledge in their chosen field. Teams answered challenging
accounting questions in ethics, tax, auditing, and financial accounting. Special guest Nassau County Comptroller
George Maragos delivered the opening remarks. This event is free each year, open to the public, and was supported
this year by the Long Island Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). Hundreds of students,
faculty, alumni, and friends were in attendance to cheer on their teams.

The scores and winning schools were as follows: SUNY Old Westbury 3,500, Adelphi 2,700, Molloy 2,300, NYIT
1,800 and Briarcliff 1,600. The winning school received a commemorative trophy and each winning team member
received a $300 American Express gift card. The IMA presented every participant with a $100 Visa gift card, as well
as awarded a one year free IMA membership to the top two teams. In addition, Becker Professional Education
will again offer CPA exam prep scholarships and free materials to help students prepare for the exam.

An entertaining twist was added to the 2011 challenge. This year, the professors from each school competed in a
“Minute to Win It” intermission event, from the popular TV show.

Immediately following the event was a celebratory reception where students had the opportunity to mingle
with partners and professionals from MWE, representatives from the IMA as well as their professors and fellow
students from the competition.

For further information, please contact Tracey Segarra at or call 516.747.2000.

                                                                                               Photo credit: Willson Lee
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                 2011-2012 IMa LI Dinner Meeting schedule
                                January 10th, 2012 - Cloud Computing
                     February 7th, 2012 - The Power of Non-Verbal Communication
                              March 13th, 2012 - Developing Leadership
                         April 10th, 2012 - CFO Panel - Outsourcing Effectively

                        Quarterly IMa LI Breakfast series
                                  January 31st, 2012 - Exit Strategies
                          April 24th, 2012 - The Benefits of Strategic Planning

 new members:
               Send or bring a friend or business associate to an IMA meeting!
 Your help is needed to keep our Chapter growing. Please submit the name of a prospective
 candidate who might be interested in IMA membership to our Vice President of Membership:
                                    Gail L. Trugman-Nikol
                                  Unique Business Solutions
                              PO	Box	7777	•	Hicksville,	NY	11802
               Direct	(516)	935-5641	•	Cell:	(516)	713-6325	•	Fax:	(516)	935-4101

Your newsletter co-editors

Your newsletter editors are always looking for information about you and other chapter members
as well as significant issues concerning our Long Island community relative to accounting and
business matters. Please forward all personal notes for possible inclusion in the newsletter to:

       Karen A. Goldberg, CPA                      or                     Sima Ali, Esq.
   Sanders Thaler & Associates LLP                                      Ali Law Group, PC
     350 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 1                                  775 Park Avenue, Suite 255
           Jericho, NY 11753                                          Huntington, NY 11743
             (516) 704-7122                                               (631) 423-3440                              

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