Anticipation Guide on the Constitutional Convention by 2icPT9d


									Anticipation Guide on the Constitutional Convention
SS8H4 The student will describe the impact of events that led to the ratification of the United Sates Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

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   1. The members of the Constitutional
      Convention believed that each state
      could become self-sufficient in
      defending itself against other foreign

   2. In a republic, all the powers of the
      government are given only to a
      select few and only a small group of
      people elect their representatives.

   3. Supporters of the Virginia Plan that
      lawmakers should be elected
      according to population or
      “proportional representation.”

   4. Supporters of the New Jersey Plan
      agreed with those who supported the
      Virginia Plan. They agreed that
      lawmakers should be elected
      according to population.

   5. The Great Compromise called for
      the formation of two houses in
      Congress. The House would have
      equal representation, and the Senate
      will be based on proportional
6. The Three-Fifth Compromise
   declared that all free people will be
   counted only as 3/5 of the states
   population in the South.

7. The framers of the U.S. Constitution
   agreed that the president and vice-
   president are to be elected indirectly
   be the voters through the Electoral

8. Anti-Federalists believed that the
   central government of the United
   States should be strong and have
   absolute power over the states.

9. Under the principle of
   constitutionalism, elected
   representatives are bound to make
   rules and laws that follow the U.S.
   and states’ constitutions.

10. Based on the principle of federalism,
    the national government does not
    share any authority with any of the

11. Under the system of checks and
   balances each branch of government
   has powers to prevent another
   branch of government from
   becoming too powerful.

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