Personal Commitment Letter by c8Jp856R


									SAMPLE Corporate Commitment Letter: RCS Measurement Facilities Certification Program

                                    Big-Little RCS Entity
                                        Mail Stop: 0dB
                                  12345 Low Observable Lane
                                      Decibel, ME 01234

                                        1 November 2008

Roger WL Davis, Facilitator
National RCS Measurement Facilities Certification Program
23226 Holly Hill Lane
California, MD 20619-6121

Dear Mr. Davis:

Please accept this letter as evidence that the Big-Little RCS Entity is making the corporate
commitment necessary to support the participation of Mr. Candidate Smith as a Reviewer for the
National Radar Cross Section Measurement Facilities Certification Program.

We understand and support Mr. Smith’s participation in the program and understand that his
participation entails supporting at least two complete reviews over a span of two years. We
understand that each review nominally takes about a man-month of effort, but that more time
may be required. We further understand that most reviews require only a 2-to-3-day on-site
visit, but that several trips may be required anywhere in the continental United States to complete
a review or to participate in national level conferences or training.

If our corporate policies require the company to sign non-disclosure agreements on behalf of, or
in addition to an individual non-disclosure agreement signed by Mr. Smith or another vetted
Reviewer, we will promptly process such agreements.


Mr. Big Little, Jr.
Vice President for Signature Technologies
Big-Little RCS Entity

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