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									                    HOW TO GET APPROVE BY GOOGLE ADSENSE
                                         By: Cpnm1 from HF

 Docstoc is a website that is quite popular as a medium for sharing documents (pdf document, etc).
    Member on docstoc can upload documents to share with visitors who are looking for important
documents that can be downloaded for free. Excess docstoc here is to allow members to earn money
  through adsense revenue sharing. It is this feature that can be utilized to create adsense account
                                            without a blog.

                                      Preparation Step (Important):
       - Provide an article in the form of word, pdf, etc by more than 5 articles. Keep in English
                                                  to be
                               more acceptance of using large opportunities
                              - Make a new email in Gmail (Recommended)
    - Secondary Email Should not be filled (Recommendations) Because if filled out and email it.

  never registered with google adsense (Rejected Google Adsense), you are Likely to be rejected

                    Ways to sign up for google adsense through docstoc below :
                              Go to , Register first.
 Later there is the option "All you need is a Google AdSense account to join. Do not have one yet?
                          That's okay - we'll help you set one up. It's easy. "

  Select "I'd like to set up an adsense account", then enter the email address you want to use.

After that open the email you that had to register, then you will get a confirmation via email, click the
confirmation, you will connect to the website on google adsense complete its forms, and there is an
   option that asks you to choose whether to agree to your adsense account can accessed by the
 docstoc, in this option you choose agree to our google adsense account can be accessed by the
Up here you have not done, return to the page -> tab Docstoc. Docstoc fill your profile in the profile up
                                             to 100%.

                                Fill everything and don’t leave a blank!
Then click submit
If you've completed your profile, upload some documents to be donated there at least 5 document, try
                                 english document you want to upload.

                                             Select Files
           Browse and Choose the Document you want to upload and click Open

      Type in the Title, Select the Category, and Fill Tags…The Click Save and Publish

         1. Up here you're done just waiting for confirmation from google adsense.
2. Please check your email inbox gmail you just enter, there you will get an email from google
Open the verification email from google adsense and follow the instructions requested and click
 the link provided google adsense you will be brought to the stage of filling the data on google
                       So fill it properly. Select Account Type and County

Do not forget to select "Yes" on the "Allow To Access My Account"proceed by clicking
                                       the "Submit information"

      Remember, be very careful in filling in the form of google adsense. Make no mistake.
Click “Continue”

Click “! Agree”
Now you're just waiting for an email approval from google adsense.

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