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Nanny Interview


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									Nanny Interview Sheet
Name: Phone: Date Interviewed: How the nanny was referred: On Experience & Training Q. How long have you been a nanny?

Q. How old were the other children you cared for? Specifically, what experience have you had in caring for infants?

Q. Do you have any formal early childhood development training or childcare training? Yes/ No Q. Do you have emergency training? CPR? First Aid? Yes/ No Q. What would you do if a child was sick or had an accident? Or Have you ever had to handle an emergency? If so, what happened and what action did you take?

Q. Would you mind if I ran a background check on you? Yes/ No On being a Nanny Q. Why are you a nanny?

Q. Why are you looking for a new position?

Q. What do you like about the job?

Q. Describe your ideal family/employer?

Q. What do you like least about being a nanny? Do you have any special peeves about parents/children?

On Dealing with Children Q. What are your beliefs about childrearing?

Q. What do children like best about you?

Q. How do/would you handle a crying baby?

Q. Are you comfortable with caring for a newborn? Yes/ No Q. Would you be comfortable changing diapers? Yes/ No Q. Are you comfortable bathing an infant? Yes/ No Q. What do you see as the primary responsibility to a child this age?

Q. How do you comfort children? How do you deal with separation anxiety?

Q. How do you discipline children? Give me an example of a previous discipline problem and how you handled it?

Q. What are some of the rules you’ve followed in other households that you think worked well?

Q. Which rules haven’t worked for you?

Q. Would you be willing to follow my rules and disciplining/comforting strategies even if they’re different from yours?

Q. If I’m working in the house, will you be able to keep my child happily occupied without involving me?

On Logistics Q. Do you have future plans (school, job, marriage etc) that would put a limit on how long you expect to be a nanny?

Q. Do you have a valid drivers license, well functioning car, with appropriate safety belts and room for car seats? Yes / No Q. Where do you live? How would you get to our house?

Q. Do you smoke? Yes/ No Q. Are you willing to do light chores while our baby is sleeping? Which ones? Laundry ------ Loading and Unloading dishwasher ------ Cleaning up the child’s room ----Running Errands, grocery store

Q. Do you have any personal responsibilities or health issues that could interfere with a regular work schedule?

Q. When would you be able to start working?

Q. Are you ok if a job runs later than planned?

Q. Would you ever be available to work evenings or weekends? Q. How soon would you let us know if you can’t do a job?

Q. When do you expect to take a vacation of your own? Q. What’s your salary range?

Q. Would you mind giving me the names and numbers of families I can call for references?

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