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									           Test Taking Tips for the CST - Students with Disabilities

                                                                         May 25, 2012
         Test Taking Tips for the Students with Disabilities Content Specialty Exam

      1. Read the complete preparation guide for this exam.

      2. Plan your time. Remember that you will have approximately 90 multiple
         choice questions and 1 written assignment to complete in 4 hours.

      3. Read the exam carefully.

      3. Remember that you have four choices for answers for each multiple choice

      4. Of the four choices for each multiple choice question, there will be:
             a. one answer that is definitely right
             b. one answer that has some part of it right
             c. two answers that are definitely not right

      5. Will you answer the multiple choice questions or the written assignment

      6. Consider simply outlining your written assignment before writing it.

      7. Use the NYS Teacher Preparation Guide as your preparation guide – that is
         your topic guide.

      8. For studying, also use the topic list that Sheila Meindl has developed.

      9. Pace yourself throughout your studying.

      10. Pace yourself throughout the exam.

      11. In answering the multiple choice questions, if you are unsure of the answer,
         guess the answer choosing the one that seems correct.

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