The Sign Off Process

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					The Sign Off Process
Presented By:   Balazs Igli
                James Edmond
                Scott McLellan
 We’ll address the following concerns
 regarding the sign off process:
 What exactly is a sign off document and why
 How is a sign off sheet organized?
 What are the developer’s obligations to the
  client upon completion of the project?
 What kind of support or training should be
  offered to the client subsequent to the project
  hand off?
Sign Off Process
   The sign off sheet is a legal document stating that
    the requested system functionality has been
    completed by the developers; as stated in the
    project proposal
   It is primarily used to protect the developers from
    potential scope/feature creep after the projects
   As well it can be useful if a client refuses to pay
    for the service based on dissatisfaction with the
   It is often a good idea to go through this process
    several times through the course of the project,
    usually before each major milestone
 Sign Off Sheet Anatomy
  Client Details

Developer Details          Project milestone
                          to be signed off on

 Final agreement

 Client signature
Obligations to the Client
 All of the functionality outlined in the
  original project proposal must be
  completed and operational
 The system must be ready for
  implementation on the clients physical
 All required user documentation must be
 Also any training documentation (tutorials,
  whitepapers, videos, etc…)
Client Walkthrough and Training
   How to install the software
   Day to day use of the application
   Administrative user interface explanation
   How to generate reports
   Any maintenance that the software might require
   Tutorials
   Help documents
   Classroom
   Online
   Paper Manuals
In Conclusion…
   The sign off process is imperative for the project
    to end successfully
   It is often a good idea to have the client sign off
    on every major milestone through the course of
    the project development process
   By having the client sign off your ensuring that
    your project is progressing in the right direction
   In the event the client is not satisfied with the
    agreed upon requirements of the project you can
    always resort back to previous sign off documents
The End

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