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                                                What's For Dinner?
                                                   By Kari White

    What's For Dinner? by Kari White

If you are going with a catered affair for your reception, your caterer more than likely will have pre-set
menus in place for a wedding. But, how do you choose? Or if you are going to have
your wedding at a restaurant or you are going to do the food yourself, it can be a huge task to figure
out what to serve.

First you need to select a cuisine you would like to serve (see Is A Theme Wedding In Your Future
section for ways to discover your cuisine). Once you have figured out what type of cuisine
you want, how do you select what to serve? Here are a few suggestions on menu selection:


¤ Greek Salad, Spanakopitas, Dolmades (meat & rice stuffed grape leaves), Chicken or Beef


¤ Noodle soups, Sushi, Shrimp Tempura, Stir-Fries


¤ Salsa Salad, Black Bean Soup, Tortilla Chips, Chicken or Beef
Fajitas/Burritos or Enchiladas


¤ Hummus & Fresh Pita Platter, Samosas (stuffed & fried vegetable, beef or chicken turnovers),
Tabouli Salad, Tandoori Chicken


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¤ Shrimp Cocktail, Smoked Salmon, Steamed Oysters, Grilled Rainbow


¤ Hot & Sour Soup, Fresh Spring Rolls, Pad Thai, Chicken or Shrimp Satays


¤ Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread, Minestrone Soup, Chicken Parmigiana

Of course, there are tons of other cuisines available and you can
always stick to the basics such as Prime Rib Dinner or Roast Beef. You should also try to offer a
choice of a vegetarian meal and try to take note if any of your guests have any allergies.

 Kari White is an experienced event and wedding planner. As a result of numerous requests, she has
now completed the Unique Theme Wedding Planning Guide which can be found at her web site along
with a free weekly newsletter. Do yourself a favor and check it out today.

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                               Tips For Throwing A Great Dinner Party
                                             By C. Steendahl

 If you are planning a dinner party, you may be wondering exactly how to go about it. You may be stuck
deciding on a theme, where to hold the party or maybe even what to serve at the party? If so, you are
certainly not alone. But with a little research, you can easily learn how to throw the best dinner party
ever and here you will find just a few ideas to help you along the way.

Tips for Throwing the Perfect Dinner Party

When it comes to throwing a dinner party, the first thing that you want to do is to think of why you are
throwing the party. Who is it for? What month are you throwing it in? The people who are attending the
party will be the main people you base the party around. You need to think of what food they like, what
type of people they are and whether the dinner party is for a special occasion.

If you are struggling for a theme, it can often be a good idea to throw a cultural party. Obviously this is
better if anybody involved in the dinner party is from a certain culture, but even if they aren't, it can
often be a unique theme to use. You could go for a Moroccan theme, a Mexican theme or an Asian
theme. Whatever theme you do choose, you will have to make sure that the food, the setting and the
decorations all match that particular theme. So, if you are planning a Mexican theme, you will need to
serve Mexican food such as Nachos.

When planning on where to actually hold the dinner party, usually most people choose to have it at
their own home. That way it is easier, cheaper and you can control everything. However, you could
also choose to have one at a restaurant or you could hire out a hall and do buffet style catering. Again,
it depends entirely on the month of the year you are having the dinner party and what the dinner party
is for. If it is for a special occasion then you may prefer a more formal style, or perhaps a buffet would
be the best option, especially in summer.

Also, just because it is a dinner party, it does not mean that you have to have full dinner. You could just
serve coffee and dessert. This is a perfect informal idea if you want a light, informal socializing dinner

There is a lot of planning that goes into a dinner party and there are many different ideas you can try. It
helps to know your guests and use a unique theme wherever possible.

For more ideas the following website will help to give you some fantastic ideas as well as complete
menus and shopping lists to make your event a success.

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