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Advice from Spirit on Changing Your Life

Lorna Adams

Copyright © 2010 Lorna Adams

All rights reserved.

ISBN: 1456331744

ISBN-13: 9781456331740

E- Book ISBN: 978-1-43927-731-7

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This book covers so many areas of life that affect all of us. So who
could benefit from reading this book?

I would say anyone who is interested in learning why we are here. What is
my path? How do I get back on track? How do I connect with my spirit
Guides? What is the point of this life? The list goes on and on.

I truly believe we are all one. That is we come from the same place and
will return to that place when this life is over. I speak to so many
people that are faced with difficult life lessons. Many are suffering,
confused, angry – you name it. This book can help you find your way and
perhaps answer some very old questions. Questions you’ve been asking
yourself for a very long time.
Keep in mind that most spirit guides are no nonsense and get right to the
point. I have found over the years spirit guides are NOT big on wasting
time! They are kind, loving understanding and have only our best interest
at heart! They also have a wonderful sense of humor – so go ahead and
laugh along with them. A good laugh at life or even yourself can help
smooth out the rough spots in life.



I don’t think I would have taken the writing of this book so seriously
without the support of my wonderful husband Mike. He has always pushed me
in the direction of sharing this ability I have although I never really
thought I would, simply for the fact that I was not sure this was my

I also have to thank my brother Ron who moved to the desert of New Mexico
from wonderful and very green Virginia! He has been a wonderful
inspiration in all areas of this work and a genius webmaster as well!

Of course my guides have been the biggest influence as well as my sister
Susie and my good friend Kim Carson. I thank my spirit guides as well as
friends and family for their constant guidance, love and belief in me and
this ability I have been blessed with. I look forward to continued
learning and service to assist those we can – together.

Many thanks to our friend and photographer Ray Baird as well as the
talented staff of Create Space that helped us launch this venture. You
guys are the best!



When I was about 14 years old, I began writing down my dreams right when
I woke up and other messages I would receive while sleeping. In the
beginning I would get a few words and sometimes sentences. Often they
made no sense to me, but I knew somehow, later on, they would. Often they
would come in the middle of the night so I would keep a pad and a pen
next to my bed and force myself to wake up when I received these ‘spoken

Instinctively I knew they were from my spirit guides. How? I can only
describe it as a deep inner knowing. The next day I would try and
decipher what I had written. It was about this time I asked my spirit
guides if I could type the information they were passing on since my
handwriting looked more like chicken scratch! They gave me the o.k. and
that’s when I started using a portable typewriter. I still have notebooks
full of those writings that started back in the 1970’s.

A few years later, when a close family friend suddenly died, I realized I
could communicate with him ‘in my head’ as I put it. I could simply ask
him questions and he would respond. To preserve these communications, I
would type both sides of our conversation.

Over the years this ability has changed and strengthened. I now use my
ability to speak and receive guidance for people including myself, in
psychic readings. This process is called automatic writing and has been
around for thousands of years. It‘s kind of like taking dictation from
the other side! Even after all these years I still find my guide’s
accuracy and the process itself, amazing. Often times the guides will
’speak’ to me with pictures. I see them in my mind very clearly - giving
life to the words a picture is worth a thousand words!

I have always been fascinated with the other side, but never really
considered myself psychic. I know that must sound odd, but communicating
with the other side and my guides was just something that I could do.

For those that come to me for a psychic reading, being able to
communicate with someone that has passed over, especially a son or a
daughter, brings a great deal of closure and peace to those grieving.
Parents are relieved to know that there really is no such thing as death.
Those we have lost are never far from us but rather, beyond the veil most
of us cannot see. They are living happily with no pain only love and

Before writing and offering psychic readings full time I had a few
different careers. I spent 23 years on the radio in various size markets
and by the early 90’s I had grown tired of the broadcasting business.
With the help of some friends I switched to the horse business much to
the surprise of just about everyone I knew! Later on I managed a large
horse operation and then taught horseback riding for many years. I have
two horses at the moment who are convinced they are retired! Not much
time to ride these days.

It gives   me a great deal of pleasure and fulfillment offering psychic
readings   and connecting with those that have passed. I am grateful and
blessed.   Thank you for picking up this book. I hope you enjoy it and find
it to be   a useful tool in your life or perhaps in someone else’s life.


Thank you for picking up this book today, if you have, then it will and
does hold some bits of knowledge that you are needing. That, and pieces
of your puzzle, called your life, that you need to help you clarify your
path at this time.

We have chosen this one here (Lorna Adams) since she is an old pro shall
we say when it comes to taking down what we have to say or as you refer
to it as Automatic Writing.

So WHO are we you ask? A very good question indeed! We are a group of
guides and survivors of many times past. We no longer choose to come to
earth in the body form since we feel we have wrapped up our work there
and now we work from this ’side’ if you will. You should also know that
Heaven and we mean whatever that means to YOU is not as far away as you

We are a group of many who have come together (we call ourselves Redbone)
so as to hopefully advance your knowledge of the planet and what is
happening to it and how this too will affect your lives in the coming
years. No, this is not doom and gloom, a secretive pact - none of that
nonsense. We very simply wish to convey to you and others that the Earth
is evolving, changing and moving forward. And as it does so will you!
There are many books written on this very subject yes, but this one deals
with you, your life and the impact you can make on others around you and
the planet too!

This series of words (this book) we have formed here on these pages are
meant to help guide you to what it is that makes you whole, happy and
content with your life there on earth as you have chosen it. Our main
goals are as follows: That you and all others lead a life that includes a
fullness of heart. We want you to know that love never leaves you, you
can and you will take it with you. This life on earth is short although
at times it seems endless. We fully understand that aspect. That too, is
why we have compiled this book. We want you to get the most out of this
life, the most out of the love that surrounds you even if you are unaware
of it!

This book, even though it is not a novel by any means, can help you to
bridge the gap or gaps you feel exist in your life. There is information
here that will benefit you and others that pick it up as well. Is it the
begin and end all? Certainly not, just another piece of this puzzle we
call life, which is full of learning lessons to be taught and taken in.
We hope you enjoy it and pass it on when you are done to someone who
could use a good look or a clue as to what in their life is missing or
lacking. We thank you for your openness and willingness to learn and are
grateful for the opportunity to speak to you.


I have been a friend of Lorna Adam’s since we worked together in Detroit
back in 1993. At the time she was the morning drive air personality, on a
major market radio station. That was a time when it was rare to find a
woman carrying a show. I have lived all over this country, met thousands
of people, interviewed countless celebrities, but when it comes to
someone who really matters, someone who makes a difference in this world,
Lorna Adams is this person. She was and always will be an original. Over
the years we have grown closer and I am very proud to call her my friend.
She is the kind of person you can always call if you need an encouraging
word or an honest opinion no matter what time of the day or night.
Lorna’s wise words have always brought me comfort. She is honest, real
and down to earth. What you see is what you get! That is what everyone
loves about her, she truly cares about others and her goal is to help. At
a time in our world with so many changes and uncertainty I am blessed to
call Lorna my friend. This book is filled with easy to read, spirit
guided words of wisdom. The writing flows, is easy to read and
understand. Each time you open this book you will find something ‘new’.
Or does it just seem that way? Either way you will find that Lorna cares
about people and this world we live in. Do yourself a favor and invite
Lorna Adams into your world and she will be able to shed a little light
on it. Enjoy the read……

by Kim Carson



Chapter One: Living in the now

Chapter Two: Living this life

Chapter Three : Making things ‘Right”

Chapter Four: Living ‘As if’
Chapter Five: The fork in the road

Chapter Six: Staking your claim (finding your own gold!)

Chapter Seven: Create a new past

Chapter Eight: Making a go of it in ‘Our World’

Chapter Nine: See the world any way you choose

Chapter Ten: Telling the Truth

Chapter Eleven: Calling the shots

Chapter Twelve: Resolving what you can and letting the rest go

Chapter Thirteen: Taking the easier way out

Chapter Fourteen: Creating a well rounded life

Chapter Fifteen: Where do you fit in?

Chapter Sixteen: Changes, Changes Everywhere!

Chapter Seventeen: So who am I now?

Chapter Eighteen: How to begin the rest of your life

Chapter Nineteen: So what are the rules anyway?

Chapter Twenty: Suggestion of Rules

Chapter One



At this time, to begin this story of history and what has taken place, we
will first begin with what a lot of you would call the past, although,
from our perspective, the past as in the NOW is all happening and
occurring at the same time. It is just that your vision, from this
earth’s perspective, gives you what we will call a sort of tunnel vision.
You can only see or perceive what is known as the past. As for the now,
well that is where we live - and if you are wise you would choose this
living in the NOW as well. For the NOW is the only place where time

If you willingly choose to live in what we will call the NOW perspective,
a few different things will happen. This includes events in your life
that will change your life for the better. For living in the NOW is the
only real way to really experience it! Let me try and create a kind of
example for you so as to better emphasize this. If I, were on that earth
and said to you - I will buy this car from you tomorrow, and then the
next day came and I did not - what are some of the ruminations you would
’suffer’? Disappointment? Frustration? Anger? All of these feelings can
be avoided by living in the now. If I told you that this man’s promised
check was no good - what then would be your reaction? Relief? Joy? Thank
God! What I am trying to exemplify is this: If we choose on a minute by
minute basis to live in the NOW - we choose to trust where our lives are
going, we choose to be present within our conversations, with ourselves
and the people in our lives.

Now let’s move on to another area that we feel is most lacking in a great
deal of you - and that is the feelings and empathy for ones fellow man.
There has been some kind of transformation that has taken place over the
past 20 years and it has not been an improvement. You have homeless
people now more than ever before. War in certain parts of the planet,
fighting, a troubled environment, all of these issues come from the same
place: From fear, we are afraid. That fear place is also saying well,
what can I do? I am only one person!!! Well, we are here to tell you,
your world is made up of millions of like minded people just like you--
so the answer is - you can do a lot! It may not seem like it but imagine
the changes that could and should take place if each and every one of you
took responsibility for his or her little part of the world. We know
there are some of you out there doing just this - but there needs to be

If you think to yourself, “Oh that’s THEIR problem. Let them deal with
it”. Then who will be there for YOU to help with your problem?

For now, I will get off that soap box and we will move on….. only to
return to the same at some time. I would like to exemplify your life,
your way of living this life. You have been blessed with a few examples
once again. We use these examples in the hopes of being able to clarify
our thoughts and the process in which this takes place. If you are a man
or a women and you say to yourself why am I here what is my greater
purpose? What am I supposed to do with this life I have been given? If
you are asking yourself these questions then you yourselves know, deep in
your heart that you are not on the right path! And this we know you can
feel way down deep on the inside of your being. We say to you to search -
yes that is one way to find oneself as you would say BUT to really figure
out WHY you are here - why YOU chose to come here again and again. That
answer too, lies deep within you and here we will give you the key so to
speak, to unlock those desires and better yet a real purpose for being.
So many people go along in their lives not really living their lives
until the day or days come that they know they will come to an end! What
we are suggesting is that same commitment to living long before your
dying days arrive. That way you will have been sure to get every drop of
goodness out of this life. And if you did not, it was not due to a lack
of trying.

Points to remember: Being in the now – A common if not overly used term,
yes! But a great concept to remember as we rush around in our daily lives
forgetting to stop, breath and be grateful. It’s much harder to do than
it sounds but it will help you to be present in your life.

Chapter Two



So about now, you are asking yourself those trying questions, or putting
up the inevitable roadblocks that all humans seem to come up with when
they don’t want to do something or are afraid of the work or what loss
this change will entail. That too, is normal and we are not here to beat
you up for being or having what is a normal human response. We say, as
some of you probably already know: these feelings can be over ridden and
probably should be when it comes to change, having faith and moving on
from this place you now feel stuck or trapped in. If you are not stuck,
that too is good, there are still skills, advantages to these strategies
that can be incorporated for a life that includes living in the now,
reaching out and getting what it is that you feel gives you a greater
purpose and so on.

If you have entered this life and thought to yourself well, I am here,
now what! Don’t feel alone either. We all have felt this kind of numb
experience at some time. So, when it comes to a true purpose in life, the
giving back, the doing, the kind of work that leaves you satisfied at the
end of the day, what makes you think you can’t have it or get it? One of
the most common place feelings is I am not worthy….why me? I’m just….fill
in the blank. We say, if not YOU then who? Someone with better hair? A
better family?

There are no and we mean NO restrictions when it comes to achieving-but
there seem to be many restrictions when it comes to denying oneself.
Regrets: Throw them away if you can. Or keep them around To be reminded
of them so as to not repeat the same. Too many regrets can weigh you down
and kill you.

Now that we are sounding a bit like a self help book, let me stop there
and say, if you don’t help YOURSELF then who will? So in that respect we
are here to guide you, hold your hand, give you a push in the right
direction and allow you the feelings and the sense of purpose that you
have the right to feel as a part of this planet. So many of you do not.
DO not what? Do not feel as if you fit in, don’t deserve ‘it’, do not
feel as though you can attain ‘it’ and so on.

We are here to dispel these false beliefs and rumors in hopes of allowing
all of you to live a fuller life. A life that contains all the stuff of
fairy tales, love, admiration, purpose, a deeper knowing and so forth. As
we go on with this text you will begin to feel differently, see the world
differently and yourself as well. For they are one - you see yourself as
you see the world and the two are highly interconnected. There can be NO
separation of the two. You feel like life has passed you by, and the
world will be seen through those eyes of, “well what about me? When is it
my turn you ask? “. If you choose to see the world filled with an
abundance of good things and good people, and then it too shall reflect
back to you and say - you are worthy - here is a basket and a bushel of
good things just for you! The world, or more importantly, the universe is
like that! So allow this book to help you incorporate YOU into the world
and better yet, bring the world to YOU in such a way that you will feel
fulfilled, purposeful, alive and awake too! Which may have not happened
in a very long, long time.

Life has many things to offer…how many times have you heard this or been
told this? Perhaps when you were younger you may have heard this a lot
more often for when we are young, or just starting out there seem to be
so many opportunities! Your life you are told is like an oyster….so many
possibilities….but then there seems to come a point in time when this
seems to fade into the background of daily life, of paying bills, of
trying to save enough money to get that old broken car fixed - again.
This seems to be a turning point in many people’s lives as if there is no
going back, the dreams they once had begin to fade and die for good. Then
you seem to be left with what is - what you have somehow perhaps
unknowingly created!! A family unplanned, a mate you would not have
chosen 5 or 10 years ago and so on…you say WHAT HAPPENED? How did I get
into this place? A lot of people do not ask how can I get out but rather
surrender when they should not. Feeling as though (here it comes again) I
am not worthy. It’s too late, I’m in too deep, it will take too much
time, upset the apple cart….on and on and on it goes.

So now what? Run away? Drop everything? Abandon your life as you know it?
No, within this framework that you have mastered you must and can easily
find a way to re-work it so it works for you and not against you. It
takes time, patience and perseverance too.
Everyone needs to feel like they matter. Do your best at thanking people
for what they do – no matter how small. A little bit of praise and
appreciation goes a long way.

The point we are trying to make is this: To live this life, not simply
sleepwalk through it – asking, “Is it over yet?” There are 360 million
people in this country and 360 million different ways to live this life
you have been given. Is it easy to change? No. Is it easy to live the
life you are living right now? No, but it’s familiar like an old house
robe that has a few holes in it - It’s ugly but it works. Or does it?
Aren’t there better robes out there that are not so torn, used up and
lifeless? Yes is the answer to that and to your life as well. You can
make it anything you want to…..but you have to go shopping!!

At what point do you think you said to yourself this is good enough? Was
it after high school? When you decided college was kind of boring and a
job would be better? Was it when you got married and said well at least
he’s got a job? We have all done this at some point in our lives. The
difference is to what degree? How many holes does YOUR house robe have in

We are not suggesting you throw everything away and start over, we are
suggesting a kind of re-doing, a cleaning up of your life. Why? To give
you and your life purpose. That is the bottom line, that is the goal to
live a life that you can be proud of. To sleep at night and say job well
done, whether it be working at what some would call a menial job or if
you’re the CEO of a large institution. We are all in the same boat and
the boat seems to be sinking! It has a lot of holes in it and we’re not
sure how many more people it can hold or how much more water it can take

Many people are tuned in to this sinking feeling at this time. You may
not hear them say it but they are thinking it. We’ve all seen that
seemingly crazy guy on the street corner with the big sign that says the
end is near…. Ever wonder if he’s right? Sure you say, but the end of
WHAT? The planet? Doubtful. Or the end of a way of life? This certain way
in which we treat one another, with such carelessness. Who will know the
difference you say….no one can see me….no one will know. Here’s the
catch: YOU will know and that makes all the difference in the world, your
world specifically!

Thoughts are things. Be careful of what you think and the words you
speak. They have power and energy. They are as alive as you are.

If action is a key word than what is the opposite? No action of course.
But what action to take is another common place to be or at least feel as
though you are stuck. The what if’s can be overwhelming to say the least.
We would like for you to contemplate the following situation and see what
you would do: there is a man on a street corner and as you can easily see
he is having a hard time getting across the street - so what to do - ?
Sit and watch and say poor thing? Say, “This stupid old man is going to
make me late if I miss the light“. Or, may we suggest you get out of your
car and help him along? How would this impact the world? His world ? Your
day? The real question is how would you feel about yourself? Better?
Kinder? More giving in a Universal sense?

So again, here we are coming back to the way we choose to treat one
another. What’s the big deal you say- well we would have to reply with
it’s a HUGE deal. And somewhere way deep inside you know it is - we all
do - it’s a kind of radar that most of us are born with.

Love takes care and commitment. Keep this in mind, for Love goes on

Points to remember: A few of the goals of our spirit guides are to help
you navigate this life and help you achieve the lessons you have come to
learn. They are here to remind all of us that life can be filled with joy
and love. We are not only here to take but to help others and give back.

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading.

Chapter Three



These topics that we choose to bring up here today, on this piece of
paper are of course all universal themes to human life and probably your
life as well. There are many of the same threads that run through all of
us, that is why it is called the human race after all. We all come and
return to the same place even if you believe differently. It is your
right to have any kind of belief system you choose - THAT is free will
and that is what makes you different from anyone else. Sort of a
contradiction too - we are all the same we say in one breath and in the
next terribly unique to our own selves…..So which one is really you, you
ask? Both are correct and both are wrong too. How’s that for confusion!

You see, each of us as you have guessed by now, is living a life we
ourselves have chosen but we are also attuned to the universal mind which
is different from just your mind - out there somewhere by itself. We ask
you to take for example a baseball game or a car accident. How is it that
everyone there seems to see and perhaps feel something different as they
watch these events unfold in front of their very own eyes? How can this
be? This is what we mean by individual and all in the same boat. The two
concepts can and do co-exist at some point in time – at the same time.

Do not allow your home to be filled with chaos and disorder. The outside
will soon come to reflect or mirror the inside

We each have our own filter in which we see the world through. This
individual kind of view gives each one of us a different world view and
of course a different view of the events that unfold in our everyday
lives as well. So what do we do with all these different views and
viewpoints? For the most part these differences alone do not make up who
we are ….BUT it is what or how we react to these differences that make us
choose certain choices, certain paths and people in our lives. THAT is
the big difference. It is in the choosing, in so many different areas of
our lives that make up our lives. It is those smaller choices in our
daily lives that make up who we are. Combine them all and this gives us a
much bigger picture of who we are and what we will do with the time we
are given here. Remember the old man having a hard time crossing the
street? Take that one incident and multiply it by 1000. We make these
small decisions, seemingly unimportant decisions all the time. Most of
the time without even thinking - that’s part of the problem.

This, your life, is like a blanket being knitted row by row by you and no
one else. What will yours look like at the end of your life? So, what
you’re saying is I should do more good things for others? Be of service?
No, that is not what I am saying - yet. Those actions taken are, of
course good acts to carry out as we all know, our common sense tells us
that. Let’s get back to your life, your purpose why are you here? Why did
you choose to come here and be a part of this planet anyway? Was it to
complete something you had forgotten the last time around? Was it or is
it to improve this or that? I am sure at one time or another, each of us,
in our own way, has said to ourselves or those around us. “Why am I here
anyway?” what is the point of my existence on this Earth? That is
something we can help you with or at least begin to help you find your

If you are in the habit of treating others with disrespect or in an
unkind way, you are hurting yourself and creating a circle. In some way,
at some time someone will do the same to you. It’s Universal Law.

Let’s talk about the universal mind for a minute. What is it in the first
place? There is a level of consciousness called the universal mind that
all of us participate in whether we are aware of it or not. This kind of
wave or level of consciousness exists on a different plane than does this
planet earth. If you can picture a kind of layer in the sky. Almost like
that layer of smog that sits over the city of Los Angeles. Have you ever
flown into LA? If you have then you know what we are talking about. As
the plane begins to descend, it must go through this thick layer of brown
ugly air. You may think to yourself you should be able to feel the
thickness of this smog, as if the plane will have trouble moving through
it! The universal mind is like this layer although it is not brown and it
is not smog!! To further explain this - let me say this, we all have
thoughts of course and thoughts as you know are THINGS. If you were
unaware of this we will come back to this exciting thought! So, here we
all are in this world, all thinking thoughts….ever wonder where all that
energy goes?? Just look up – it’s there – that universal consciousness.
That layer of millions and millions of powerful thoughts. Your thoughts.

Have you ever had certain plans but had told no one of the plans? Perhaps
you were planning on making a move to a new city since you were offered a
new job. But you hadn’t told anyone yet. But for some strange reason 3
people in one day asked you if you were planning to move? Shocked, you
think, did I say something accidentally? Can they read my mind? Well kind
of - it is the universal mind and we are all connected to it - like we
said whether you know it or not! So, is this a good thing or a bad thing?
Can I opt out? The universal consciousness or universal mind as I will
call it just is. If you are human and on this planet you are a part of
it. Even if you don’t believe in it!

Points to remember: We are all connected. Do unto others? Absolutely.
Some call it karma, what comes around goes around – you name it its true.
Be responsible in all things you do and how you live your life, you will
not regret it and you’ll sleep better at night knowing you have done your

Chapter Four



The tricky part about living ‘as if’, is the AS IF part! And by that we
mean; This planet, this earth, this life here is an illusion - is it not?
If not, than what is it? Often you can hear others say there are many
more wondrous planets and timelines in which to exist. You can see all of
this reflected these days in your media. Have a look at the kind of
television shows that are now being aired. Compare TV programs like
Fringe on the Fox network to Howdy Doody. Or Medium and the Ghost
Whisperer. As you can see it’s as if many lifetimes have passed or we
have surged forward by decades to get to this point. The more common
discussion of aliens, aliens mixed with the human race etc…This kind of
programming and these kind of thoughts would not have been allowed or
considered crazy and outlandish a very short time ago.

So this, in part, is what we are speaking of and that again is the
universal mind or the universal consciousness. Do you ever wonder where
these ideas come from? I can tell you that once again those of you on
earth are in many ways working and thinking as one. Consider for a moment
if you will, the lack of any kind of border. I am referring to this
ongoing war between the United States and Mexico. What is this energy
that creates this constant conflict and killings? How could the universal
mind be at work here? Well there are a few things to consider and one of
them is human nature of course. Put up a wall and you will find someone,
if not many who want to and WILL get over it. First of all that is at
work. SO in many ways with the USA putting up this wall, that in of
itself creates the energy that says I will overcome this obstacle that
you think is impenetrable. So, open the gates you say? No, that is not
what we are saying either but cannot we find a way, a middle ground that
works for both sides? Must we keep building a wall that only becomes even
more of a mental, physical and heart blockage for those on each side? We
speak of the resentment and anger energy which is so strong it could and
is tearing people apart.

Your children have tape recorders in their heads. Not everything you say
to them will be recalled. But I promise you, the negative, harsh or mean
things you say will stick with them for a lifetime.

Not to mention all the killings. We bring up this US border issue for
many reasons. It is a grave example of human nature at its worst. It’s as
if the fear, the terror and the stuff nightmares are made of has taken
over. So, if we are to talk about solutions - now what you ask? First the
energy, the negativity, the hatred would have to be reduced in order for
talks to take place that would not be of emotions but rather of common
sense and common good for all of those involved. How is that you say?
Both sides must be willing to give up getting. Both sides must feel as
though they are being treated with respect and honesty. No matter how the
details are worked out – these ‘feelings’ must exist on both sides. After
all, both are human, made of the same stuff and will react in somewhat
the same fashion. So what does this wall do? Anything? Keep others out or
those in? History has shown your world what walls can do and cannot do.
And let’s not forget what the wall itself - the mere existence of this
wall, what IT creates. For it is huge and far reaching. We mean that on
every level. This wall to protect or to stop those from crossing does
that and so much more.

Imagine if you will what one person on one side of this wall feels or
imagines when they see this wall? What kind of energy are they producing?
And remember, energy and thoughts are things and are alive. So this
person on the Mexican side feels anger, hatred, sadness, disappointment,
less than a human being, I am seen as not to be trusted, others look down
on me….on and on.

Meanwhile what is the person on the US side feeling? I am better than
them! They are less than, we’ll show them, we don’t want their kind over
here, they don’t belong here, They look different, they eat different
foods than us, I don’t understand that weird language they speak. Look
back in history….sound familiar? Answers? There are many. Many different
viewpoints, dozens of different agenda’s on both sides. What we are more
concerned with at this point in time is the energy, the substance these
emotions are creating all the time. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You
may say, well, you spirit guides are the evolved ones why don’t you fix
these problems, these global issues we have? It is not our world. It is
your world and now is a good time to begin treating it as if it is. There
must be a responsibility taken for everything. Each one of you is
responsible for all of it - one piece at a time.

Points to remember: You and your actions matter – to everyone and
everything about you. Each of us is constantly creating. What you ask?
Look inside for the answer; look at your life for the proof.

Take care of something besides yourself. A person, a pet,a friend who
could use a hand. It will make you a better person and you will like
yourself more.

Chapter Five



When you were young you, like most kids you probably had a few dreams as
to what you wanted to be when you grew up. A Police Officer, a
Veterinarian, a Fire Fighter. So what happened? Did you find it was too
much work, too much time, money - or D all of the above. What or how we
perceive life when we are young can give us great clues as to how we
could look at our lives now. It seems that we have gotten tired, burnt
out, cynical, disbelieving, and sour - you name it. Just look around or
look at yourself and notice these emotions. Life can sometimes be a
grinding experience as we all know - but it’s how you react to it not IT
to you that will make all the difference in the world.

If your Doctor told you today you have two weeks to live. What would you
do? More importantly, how would you feel? Relieved? Scared? Or what or
where should I go first! Hawaii, that cruise I never found the time to
take. All of it matters. You make all the choices when it comes to living
the kind of life you want to live. This life has been given to you - no
excuses - it is yours to do with what you want.

This also means you can stay where you are and with those that you choose
to surround yourself with. Many of us choose mates, partners or even
friends who make all the decisions in life for us. That is a great way to
never be wrong - but at what price? What we would like to address at this
time is the way in which you choose to live your life. Many of you act as
if there is a great puppeteer in the sky calling all of the shots for you
- when in fact you are your own master and creator of this life. How you
choose and what you choose is always up to you. There is no such thing as
being stuck - unless being stuck serves you in some way or many ways. You
must realize that you are the artist, the animator, the casting director
and so on of this film we will call your life.

How many episodes are there you ask? That too depends on how you choose
to live and what you choose to fill your life with. Take for instance a
woman who says I have always wanted to live at the beach! It is my
dream!! Is it really her dream? Of course you say - she just said it was.
Then why, we ask, is she not living her ‘dream’? If a barrel of excuses
follows this we know in fact it is not her dream but rather a place -
like an unopened closet in which to set aside the big basket of scary
things she wants to do with her life. But she said it was HER DREAM!!
Well again, we ask why is she not at the beach right now? Why are you not
at YOUR beach right now? And while we’re at it - What is your version of
YOUR beach?

You decide who gets to be a part of your life – choose wisely or you
could regret it.

When (and hopefully you will) you sit back and analyze your life - what
does it look like? Is it a rush of maddening decisions made hastily? Did
you hand the decision making process over to someone that you trust more
than yourself? If this is the case, we have great news for you - YOU can
take back your life and even more importantly trust where it is going.
Take the time to analyze your life and see what is missing and what is
right and good too. Compare your lists. Study them; take the time to
figure out how you feel about all the choices, what ‘seemed’ like a
missed opportunity and so on. By the way, there are no such things as
missed chances, missed opportunities. The universe simply does not work
that way. Oh, you say it was once in a lifetime! If you are the creator
of your life and what appears in it, then how can that be? Even more so
if you really believe it was an opportunity that could only happen only
once in a lifetime then it is so. The writer Richard Bach says, “Argue
for your limitations and they are yours”. Now those are truly words to
live by. So where is all of this taking us you ask? Hopefully to a better
place, a more fulfilling life. One that you can be proud of when it is
over. Let us address regrets for a few moments. Do you have any? It’s a
good idea to write them down so later on you can go and correct them. But
you say it’s too late! That time has passed! The great thing about time
is that there is no yesterday, no tomorrow, only the NOW. So you have
plenty of time to turn what you consider a regret into a success.

Can you look back over your life and see how far you have come? Earlier
we spoke of some of the ideas and dreams that you had as a child. The
profession you would like to have, the house you would like to live in
etc…We are here to tell you that all of those dreams that you may
consider dead can once again come alive and live within you. As a matter
of fact they never really went anywhere. They are still a part of you and
inside you right now. These hopes and dreams are a bit like a life raft -
you just have to blow them up, give them life, hope, get them out into
the open and you’ll see once again - those lost dreams are alive once
again and on their way to becoming a part of your life. They were just
hibernating while you got on with a life that you thought you should be
living - perhaps not the one you really wanted but maybe you felt or feel
obligated to a certain way of life….Well your dreams are right there, in
front of you waiting to come to life once again and be lived by you. If
not by you then who?

Points to remember: You can pretend that you don’t have choices. Blame it
on those that you have chosen to surround yourself with or you can take
the reins and live this life you have been given.

If you doubt what comes around goes around, just look around. It happens
all the time You just have to notice it. Look at your own life first.

Chapter Six



Some of you reading this book may be a bit angry at this point. Your mind
may be fighting back saying well, I’ve got responsibilities, kids, a job,
a car payment. That is very true for most people yes, but have you ever
noticed that some people seem to have it all? We are not talking about
things that you own we are talking about a life lived with joy. Every
minute of the day you say? That’s impossible!! Isn’t it funny how your
mind wants to argue with this alternate way to live and hang on to the
lousy feelings, the hurt, the pain, the resentment, the sad childhood.
It’s as if by letting all of that go you are somehow dishonoring ‘all the
bad stuff’. All those feelings are old, familiar and even comfortable.
These old feelings you carry around also may give you a feeling of being
‘filled up’ on an emotional level. If I empty them out, you say, won’t I
be empty too? A kind of comfort level has grown around you like a pair of
loving arms. Only this embrace is one of anger, sadness, hopelessness,
lack and a kind of emotional poverty.

So, let us start from the beginning since we all have to start somewhere.
We are here reminding you of all of your power - and the love we have for
you. We are not here to fix you for you are not broken. We want to shine
the light on a different way of living. Since this is your show, you can
run it anyway you want - and that means good bad - easy - rocky-
struggling- flowing - all of the choices are yours and always have been.
If this scares you, that is o.k. too. Life on earth was not meant to be a
cakewalk - at least not all the time! You hear terms like, “Life is what
you make it”. Very, Very true - so here we go again you say it’s all my
fault; the ball is in my court etc…You could look at anything that way
…or you could say, “I have all kinds of wonderful, joyous opportunities
and people in my life. I am going to live it to the fullest. The choice
is yours and always will be.

Perhaps you are asking at this point, “Well if this book is being
channeled by your guides, why are we talking about such plain, daily
living kinds of things”? Well that is a very good question. We have
chosen this person and this litany for a greater purpose. There are
millions of books out there on many topics. But we wanted to reach the
widest audience we could with this material. And from where we sit, we
see that so many people are struggling with everyday issues. There is a
great deal of pain and angst on your planet, so we are hoping we can do a
few things: dispel a few major myths, lighten the burdens you carry and
bring more hope to the planet in general. This life you choose, this
planet, they are all difficult things BUT that is not to say impossible
or miserable. The word difficult seems to get a bad name, just because a
task is difficult does not mean you should allow it to ruin or run your
life. There is another way.

Points to remember: If I’m really in the ‘drivers seat’ of my life that
means I have to look at my mistakes as well! Yes, but you are only human,
we all make mistakes. Learn from them and move on.

Stay in touch with old friends. They know you best and know where you
have been and what you have done.And they still love you.

Chapter Seven



Many of you seem to get stuck. Like quicksand, in the past events of your
life. This not only is hurtful in most circumstances but this type of
thinking takes up a great deal of time and energy too. If you are looking
back over your shoulder you cannot see what is coming NOW. And that is
the point of this section. We want to remind you to live, to be and to
stay in the now. Animals are a great example of this. Since their worlds
are rather simple there is only the now and the moment they are living.
Lorna, who is writing this book for us, owns two horses. As any pet owner
knows it would be a very rare if not impossible to look over at your
horse or your dog and see them worrying about next week since they have
an appointment with the veterinarian. Or perhaps they don’t like the
color of their new collar.

We can learn a great deal from these so called lesser beings - while we
refer to them as ascended beings complete with souls. After all, where do
you think they come from and who created them? The very same Master that
has created you. A great deal of you we see now have a yearning to
simplify your lives. This is a very good thing for that represents a
different kind of focus. We are not saying that wanting ’things’ is a bad
thing but there must be a balance for the words “you can’t take it with
you” have never been truer. What we are saying is that there must be a
balance in your life. Your time on earth should not be all about
attaining things or living a life of poverty because you think that will
help someone else. It will not and does not. Balance is represented by
the following: taking good care of one’s self, mind, body and spirit.
Helping those that you find in your path - Do what you can REASONABLY do.
Give of your time and of yourself. Be kind and smile at those passing by
even if you don’t know them. We see two different ways of thinking when
it comes to stuff, material goods that are perhaps not so good. We see so
many with enough ‘stuff’ for four families!

We see the building of many storage units. More and more of these
buildings everywhere! On the other hand, for some time now we are seeing
people doing more with less and loving it! Many of you want to get rid of
your stuff - and do - and feel as though the weight of the world has been
lifted off of your shoulders in doing so. That is a great feeling and
that is why we say - If you have something to get rid of or give away
don’t give it to a storage unit, find someone who is in need and give it
to them. It will be a blessing for them and you! For many times it is the
giver who gets the most out of those situations. Try it and see.

Be a giver, not a taker. People will see you for what you are and not
give their friendship or anything else for that matter.No one likes a
taker – except another taker.

A lot of times living in the now goes hand in hand with getting rid of
that stuff you have been carrying around with you in boxes for years and
years! We hear you say - but some day I may need this. In some cases this
not only represents a lack of faith but also fear. Why faith? Well, if
you are living in the present, with your faith of a greater good/God by
your side you know you will be more than taken care of, more than
provided for and blessed. So enters the fear of this kind of give and
take... What if I need this? What if I can’t find another one like this?
And so on. If you were to let it all go what would happen? You know this
section is meant for you if your stomach is in knots right about now. As
we said earlier. The outside (your home and living conditions) represent
your inside. (How you feel about yourself and your life). So, have a good
look around and see where you’re at.
Points to remember: If you are a person with a great deal of stuff – even
duplicates of the same stuff, you might ask yourself what is the drive
for acquiring things? What empty spot are you trying to fill? How much is

Be a good friend. You too will need one yourself someday.

Chapter Eight



Many times, when you make changes there on Earth, there are many
ramifications or a ripple effect that seems to go on and on. If you are
going to make positive changes to your life and in your life, you will
need what we like to call a life vest or jacket - Just like the kind you
would use in a pool or the ocean! The only difference with our life
jacket is that you cannot or will not want to take it off as easily as
the kind you use in the water! What we mean by a life jacket in these
terms is a way of looking and reacting to and in your life. We’d like to
get across to you at this juncture the following: The life that you
choose to live is the one you can also change on a moment’s notice. The
life jacket in these terms is us. Many times we see you there on earth as
if you are living and working and going about your life as if there is
not a net beneath you. To protect you, to keep you safe. We are here to
say, you are NEVER without a net. It is just the way things work in that
world. You may feel at times as if no one is there beside you. We are
saying you are never alone we are always there. Your angels, your guides
and of course your creator.

So, now that you have been reassured that you are not alone, that you
cannot sink, what will you do with this life you have been given? There
is a net; you cannot ‘fail’ in our terms. So the question becomes what
will you do? Look under your feet and see the net - the safety of the
world. How will your decisions change? How will your outlook change? Will
you be happier? More forceful when it comes to being grateful for all
that you have been given?

These are good questions to ponder at this time for there is never a
better time than NOW. And in the NOW is where things can change with your
energy, your thought processes and so on. Begin to lift up your life and
look at it with amazement for it is truly spectacular in all of its ways,
shapes and different forms - As are you - too.

Money is like an endless blue sky. There is more than enough to go around
and if you think there isn’t, there won’t be.

So, here you are floating along in this sea of life and you have said to
yourself in the past,” Why am I here”? “What is my purpose on this planet
anyway”? Good questions all of them! We are here to remind you that you
have come back to this place to learn, to live and to enjoy. Oh, but
shouldn’t I suffer? Is not that the way to become closer to God? Those
are completely different ideas that have nothing to do with one another.
At this time also, I would like to remind you that your creator does not
want you or us for that matter to suffer. How this notion got so twisted
we will never know. You are a child of God or as you choose to call your
creator. Why must suffering or withholding from yourself be included in
this relationship? It simply does not belong and suffering has nothing to
do with your creator.

Points to remember: What would you do if you were not afraid? You are
never alone and there is no such thing as a mistake. Only learning and

Free will. That is always yours. What you choose to do with it is where
things can get complicated.

Chapter Nine



The word reality comes to mind here with this title of this portion or
chapter. And by that we mean; what IS reality? If you are each living in
your own reality than what is it? How can it be described? What is the
definition of a reality based world? Isn’t reality different for each of
us? Isn’t reality the individual way that each of us chooses to see or
decipher the world around us? The tricky thing that we see about what you
call reality is there is really no such thing! There are millions of
different versions of what one would call reality. So, where does that
leave us you ask?! Just as you and I see the world through our own vision
or our own glasses we see your world totally from a different angle. And
that angle is one of Love, protest, confusion and an ever growing
population that has no where to go. Now that we have thrown those words
out there allow me to explain.

This world you live in (which will be completely different for each
person) does not take a lot to run. But as we see it, those who are on
the planet have taken it over in so many ways that it cannot replenish
itself. We are speaking yes of the environment, people in general, greed
and all of those earthly values many of you hold so dear. So, you ask,
what can I do? What is there to do? One of the first things we all can do
is take responsibility for our own piece of the planet. Even if that is
just your own backyard. Proper disposal is beginning to become an
insurmountable issue there as well. You will probably not take notice of
this until it is at your back door. That unfortunately seems to be the
way there. This is seemingly what has happened in the Gulf with this
massive out pouring of oil into millions of what were natural habitats.
(Speaking of the “British Petroleum” oil spill in June of 2010). Talk
about ending up in your own backyard! This is a tragedy of monumental
proportions and will not be ’going away’ any time soon. How is it that
things in general got so complicated? Unfortunately we find it is human
error at its most worst and the sadness that comes from this spill is
felt all around your world. This spill, we fear is one of many that has
happened and a few more are on their way as well. So you say, what can I
do? Another good question! The need for doing is almost over whelming, we
are very aware of that. One of the things a single person on the planet
could do would be to clean up their own area. HOW would that help you
ask? It comes down to responsibility again and one person does make a
difference. So if you alone cannot clean up the gulf, clean up what you
can. In that way you ARE doing your part, all you can do for the greater
need. It is more representational, we realize that. BUT if you have to
begin somewhere why not right there in your own backyard.

If you have time on your hands and have the choice of taking a job you
don’t really want or volunteering; Choose the latter. You’ll earn so much
more by giving away your time and effort.

There will be many more changes coming in the future (no this is not
meant to scare you) and we do mean environmentally as well. This just a
pre-warning let’s call it. As your scientists’ have noted, the climate is
drastically changing, pollution in general has changed many valuable
resources that you have not been informed about. From ponds to rivers to
streams. There are too many to mention. We pass on this information
again, not to scare you, but as you would say, to give you a ‘heads up’
on all of these planetary changes. It is time to look inward for many of
you and say, “What can I do? Instead of what’s in it for me?

Points to remember: You matter. Everything you do does matter. There is a
ripple effect from all that we do. It may seem like a drop in the ocean
but just imagine all those drops adding up over time. The next thing you
know, great change has taken place.

Do something about something.
Is there always litter on your road from careless drivers? Get a group
together and clean it up. Its good exercise too.

Chapter Ten



If we are going to talk about telling the truth, then we must first ask -
whose truth? That is the much bigger and more important question to be
asked at this time. For in reality (there’s that word again!) the truth
depends on your reality, your view of the world, your fears your faith
and so on. All of those issues make your own reality and your own truth -
as you see it. If you on Earth are to make the changes that need to be
made so as to give the Earth a chance to breathe once again, then you
will have to change it all. Your reality, your faith, your fears and so
on. This is not meant to be the Sermon on the Mount! Trust me when I say
that! What we do want to stress to you is the need for caring. Caring in
general, across all terms - just plain old caring. For some reason along
the way, the caring part has become minimized to certain locals, certain
groups. What I speak of are certain organizations that have made enormous
changes FOR THE BETTER! Better for the planet, for all humans and life in
general. Groups that have decided not to kill stray or homeless animals,
groups and individuals that have realized that for them, drinking alcohol
is not productive or healthy for them - any way you look at it, groups
that come together to raise money for those without, groups that offer
free legal advice. It is these groups of people that are literally
changing and raising the vibration of your planet. So, what makes you
think you can’t make a difference - Join a group if that helps. “The
truth will set you free” they say. Living a truth or within a truth that
works for you will leave you with the feeling that you are exactly where
you belong and doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing on this
planet. The truth, your truth. It will be different for each of you since
you are each individuals living out your lives as you see fit. In order
to live a life of truth you must first do a few things; some of them are
more difficult than others as you might have guessed. Truth goes hand in
hand with being honest. Honesty goes hand in hand with being accountable
and all of these things have one thing in common. They must come from you
- inside of you - you cannot buy them or acquire them. This is what makes
you who and what you are. IF you listen to that small voice from deep
within you, you will hear a voice that perhaps you have not listened to
in a long time. Or perhaps you are attuned to it or maybe it is just time
to get reacquainted with it! Either way, this truth is part of you and
you are one of kind as is your own truth as you speak it and live it each

Points to remember: Everyone and that means you too, has an inner voice.
This built in guidance system, some call it that ‘gut’ feeling has been
given to us for a reason. Listen to that voice. It is part of your built
in survival guide. Many times that voice is your spirit guide or even a
loved one that has passed.

You can be honest and kind at the same time. For instance, when getting
your hair cut and you’re not happy, speak up. You are not doing anyone a
favor by keeping quiet and then complaining about that person to everyone
you meet.

Chapter Eleven



In order for you to really what we will call , have a handle on your
life, that is be IN your life and living it to the fullest YOU must
realize that this is your life that you have been given. Therefore YOU
are the one who is running it or in control. We see and hear an awful lot
of complaining as if you don’t have the key to exit these smaller jails
you have created for yourselves. We are not trying to blame you BUT, if
your life is a full length feature film, realize you are the director,
the star, the producer and even your own supporting cast!

This is your movie this lifetime and it is yours alone. If now and again
you seem to get hung up in someone else’s web - yes like a bug in a
spiders web - pull out your clippers and let yourself go! It really is
that easy. Of course at the same time we realize as human beings you have
all the emotions and the other baggage to go along with being human. And
by baggage we do not mean to be cruel for the Earthly life is not an easy

What we would like to emphasize here and now - is that YOU are the master
of your life. So live it as if you are well aware of this fact. Know that
we are behind you and beside you and underneath you - here to catch you
if you fall. You are not alone, although to you it may seem that way
sometimes. Now, since YOU are the director and YOU are doing the hiring
of your own so called staff (those people you will allow in your life)
then you must take part in the hiring process! Do not allow anyone to
just walk onto your set! (Your life). (Bad marriages, negative or harmful
relationships, abusive employers). Again, if you allow just anyone to
come into your life, you don’t know what or who you’ll get.

When you choose – anything – think of the long term effects now, not
later. This goes for babies, new cars and marriage too.

This one writing this (Lorna) as you may know offers what are most
commonly called psychic readings for people. This is when she speaks with
their spirit guides for advice, direction, clarity etc…and many times we
hear people that are confused as to how they have arrived at a certain
place in their life. This can and does happen, we understand that, but
again you are the holder of the key. You can choose (as many do) to be
swept away by emotions and be dragged along as if in a rip tide at the
ocean and then bemoan - But why does he treat me this way? Why does he
cheat on me etc….As you are aware of dear friends, only you know the
reason or make that choice. You really don’t even have to know the ‘why’
just change things.

And let’s speak of the why for a moment if we may. Getting stuck in the
‘why’ of ANY situation is also very much like having your feet stuck in
cement! Does it matter why you chose this person or that person? Yes of
course at some point comes a time to review such things and figure them
out. BUT if you are in the trenches of a bad ANYTHING - job,
relationship, marriage etc….just re-cast your life - (It is your movie
and you are the director) get out, make changes and then once things
settle down you can figure out the why so as to not repeat this pattern.
If you are not ready to move on, and that is fine, realize this: asking
why helps you to buy time, not do anything about a situation and the
continual asking of WHY keeps you where you are. As I have said, this is
fine. You are the one calling the shots. Just be aware of what and where
you are in this change process.

If you take the time to have a good look at your life and where it is
going, we would also like you to look around and see some of the changes
you have made in the past. You are a very powerful being even if you have
not acted upon it in the past. This power you have is still inside of
you, waiting to be tapped. We also hear through Lorna and her readings, a
lot of excuses being made. That too is fine. We are not here holding
court judging and handing out sentences! We are here to add awareness to
your life - that is all. See where you are on this map of life. After
all, each of you is given only so much time there on earth so you will
want to use this time wisely.

Getting old is not easy. Be kind. If you’re lucky, you’ll get there too

If after taking a close look at your life; where you have been, where you
are going etc and you do not like what you have observed, do not lose
hope. You can change anything you like. Create a new future for yourself
and go and live it. This is where dreams come in! Dreams are wonderful
visions of how you would like things. And when you spend a great deal of
time with them (day dreaming, night dreaming) they will begin to appear
in your life. As we have talked about earlier; living and acting in your
own life as if. This is a very powerful concept and one that can and
should be easily utilized. Again, as we have said. You have the key, this
is your movie, you call the shots and you allow only who you want in your

Points to remember: This is your life and you are free to do anything
you’d like with it! Do not look at those that surround or populate your
life, you are the one that put them there. Don’t like them? Change
things. You do have the power to do anything you set your mind to.

Chapter Twelve



There are many times you will come to a fork in the road or some kind of
conclusion that will put you in the power position. That is a position
where you will have to make a decision, big or small based on the
information you have at hand.

Many times these decisions you will make will not be the ‘right’ ones and
by that we mean not the decisions that will bring you the greater joy,
the better job and so forth. It is during these times that you may choose
to say to yourself; I have no idea what I am doing!! And many times this
is truly how you feel and there is a bit of truth to it as well. For
there will be times in your life (if there have not been already) where a
new decision or a new path feels wrong. Is it wrong or is it simply new
and unfamiliar? This occurrence can happen when you take a new path in
your life. That is; what is old does not fit you or your life. So you try
the new path - it too feels ‘off’. We say and loudly, GIVE IT TIME. The
newness of everything wears off eventually.

SO if you are in this kind of decision making process, please try to
settle into it and give it and YOU some time to try it on for size and
see how it will work out. Take a new job or career change for example. No
one likes being the ‘new’ person but someone must and you have to start
somewhere! In a situation like this, there will be things you can change
and things you must accept if you want to receive the other benefits of
the job. So this is where we come to the point of resolving what you can
and allowing the rest to fall by the way side. If you insist on making a
big deal out of almost everything you encounter, nothing will have the
kind of natural balance it needs. By this we mean if you treat a fender
bender the same way you would treat or react to a bad diagnosis from the
doctor, how can you know when things are really bad? This example is a
bit like crying wolf over the small stuff. What we say is learn to
differentiate between the two and act accordingly. This seems to give a
lot of you a great deal of trouble and sometimes we are not sure why. If
you look at the scales of justice let’s say they are out of balance and
if they are out of balance SO ARE YOU. Balance is a very underrated
accomplishment in your world. Balance allows you to lay your head on your
pillow at night and sleep. We will borrow the old saying if we may -
“don’t sweat (worry, ring your hands, and stay awake at night) the small


We have very little of it. Get used to it and surrender to what is and
what will be.

You can easily look at your life right now and see if it is in or out of
balance? Is it filled with worry? Chaos? Confusion? Uncertainty? Drama?
The loss of friends on a regular basis. If you say yes to any or all of
these conditions, something, somewhere is out of balance. Often times we
see people make the mistake of having many time schedules or routines:
thinking that THAT is balance. It can be sometimes, but more often than
not, your life is filled with trauma like days by running from one thing
to the next. When was the last time you sat down and really thought about
your life and what and who is in it? Or where it is going?

It is always a good thing to take inventory - clean out the unnecessary,
the harmful, the useless, the tiresome things and people in your life.
You will feel much better about your life; yourself and you will regain
some of the balance we speak of.

So what can I or should I resolve in my life…..A very good question and
the obvious areas that need resolution will appear noisily. They (these
items needing balance) will most likely be screaming at you loud and
clear! Especially when it comes to having certain troublesome people in
your life!! It is almost laughable BUT when it’s happening to you, in
your life it is not. Especially if you have forgotten that YOU are the
one that has the key. The key to lock them out and the broom to rid
yourself of them! So who is your life needs to go? Who is not adding or
giving to your life. Here, you can make a list if you like.





Treat others as you would like to be treated. If you don’t, it will come
back around and you won’t like it!

The tricky part about acknowledging who and what is in your life – puts
you in the position of - NOW WHAT? Make changes? Keep things the same?
This too can be an uncomfortable and confusing time. For when you have
taken notice and pointed the finger at someone or something in your life
that is not in your best interest, you may be compelled to DO something
about it! That can be the difficult part or it could be such a freeing
move that you can hardly wait to make the changes. Either way, your life
will change.

Points to remember: House cleaning or life cleaning – both make most of
us feel a great deal better about who we are and where it is we are
going! So take a look at your life. Who and what is serving your best
interests? Who or what can you eliminate in your life? A friend that is
not supportive? How about a toxic family member?

Chapter Thirteen



The term taking the easy way out has a rather negative connotation to it
and in this case, the case that we are referring to, it does not. What we
mean by taking the easier way out means to imply; why not take the route
that best suits your needs, your wants, desires and most of all your own
individual personality? This issue here also would involve being true to
you! For if not you than who is there to be true to? For instance; if you
are the son or daughter of a successful physician, there is the implied
pressure that you too must be the same and take the same path….we say
why? Ego being first and foremost, family tradition, expectations….on and
on and on. But we see you and YOUR ambitions, your own callings and they
say I would like to paint - pictures, landscapes, faces whatever! Taking
that path yes would be the easier path. For you have found or will find
that there is something inside of you already that says hey - this is
really to my liking!! This excites me! This person here, Lorna taking
down our writings knows of what we speak! (I do since I started out in
Jr. College and thought I would be a fantastic graphic designer. Well I
had no talent for that what so ever BUT when I first walked into the lab
for the radio station production facility and the on air studio itself….I
was in awe! My heart was beating, I couldn’t wait to get started to learn
all that I could. Looking back I would say I found one of my first
passions. That was the beginning of a 23 year career in broadcasting).

Life is supposed to be exciting, sometimes scary, challenging, heart
pounding, fun and enjoyable. We realize this cannot be the case every day
BUT if you are sleepwalking through your life than it is probably not
filled with a few of the above feelings and that is not what life is
supposed to be! After all, why come all this way to this complicated
difficult planet and not experience every bit of it you can? If the last
time your heart was pounding it was due to being chased by a dog than it
may be time to change some things in your life. We are saying this with
humor and we realize that, but at the same time we are serious. You only
get so much time and before you even realize it its over or at least life
as you had known it has changed dramatically. SO our words for you are:
do not waste this time you have been given.

If you have a good friend or a family member you have not spoken to in
many years, pick up the phone or write a letter. Time is too short to

Its funny how as human beings you tend to see things very one
dimensional. By that we mean an event or a thing in your life can only
happen one way. For instance; I will only meet the man of my dreams or my
potential mate at work or church. I can only move to that great loft
apartment once I get a raise or have the perfect job or the perfect
figure and so on and so on.

We have noticed that you feel much more comfortable by putting things in
boxes. Putting limitations of HOW things can come about. You are doing
yourselves a huge disservice when you do this. For although you do have
free will at all times, you also seem to have a very limited imagination
a great deal of the time. Some of you are too afraid to visualize great,
fun things in your lives - You say “oh no, that’s just nuts”! Who me?
I’ll never (fill in the blank) win the lottery, meet a great guy/gal, go
to Hawaii; take a cruise…..on and on the list goes.

Now think for a minute. Why would you not allow yourself to dream such
dreams? Why? What kind of feelings come up? You don’t want to be
disappointed, let down, get your hopes up. But why not? What have you got
to lose?

A great deal of Life is about taking chances. And that means being
vulnerable, scared, uncomfortable, like a fish out of water - but only
for awhile. As we spoke of earlier in this book, the newness does wear
off – and that goes for just about everything! That is part of life on
that planet Earth.

We are not suggesting you sell everything you own and open a boutique or
restaurant. BUT if this is your dream, we are suggesting you take a
CALCULATED RISK. That means having done your homework, a business plan
etc. It sounds like a lot of work and it is. But if this project is also
your passion and it excites you – then how can it feel like work? That is
when the Joy takes over! If you are to take on such a change you must
keep in mind as well that a lot of those you are surrounded by, as in
your family and friends will not like what you are doing. It is they who
may feel scared for YOU and it may come out as negative talk against what
you are planning. DO not be too hurt or surprised by this. This is what
happens sometimes and we know that a lot of you have had this experience
at one time or another. I guess you could say it’s like winning the
lottery or being hired for a very prestigious position. You have not
really changed but your circumstances have greatly. Your life is now so
different, that people react to you differently than before. When the
TRUTH is you have not changed but rather how your friends and family view
you has now been tipped on its side. You are no longer one of ‘them’. But
instead you are now a rich person in terms of how much money you have in
the bank or how others perceive you. You have become a successful person,
a person who no longer looks or behaves like them as far as they are
concerned that is.

Be generous and kind to those that work for you. Smile at them, allow
them to feel good about the job they are doing. They will feel good about
themselves, do a better job and feel as if they matter – because they do.

Points to remember: Do not put limitations on your life or the way in
which wonderful events may come along. Dream big, take chances in life
and listen to your inner guidance.

Chapter Fourteen



What in the world is a well rounded life you ask? Well, there are a few
main or key ingredients you will need to live such a life. Here are a
few: Love, balance, pride, joy, self esteem, self worth, doing a job well
and feeling good about it NO matter what job it is.

Now from here you can start building the life you want and interchanging
certain areas that either do not belong or are somehow out of place.
Perhaps the structure you are building the new and improved YOU on needs
a lift? Where to start? Well, like any good book or story, how about at
the beginning. Try taking your life and take it apart as you would a kind
of puzzle. (You know the kind that is made of inter connecting wood
pieces) then you can really have a good look at your own structure. One
of the most important parts of putting this puzzle (you and your life)
back together, is finding some kind of order that will bring you more
happiness and joy. And that means to enter the process of completely
letting go and getting rid of the past.

It does not matter what kind of past or childhood you have had. Happy,
sad, traumatic - as far as we are concerned at this point in time, you
are seeking to restructure YOUR life; the past does not matter and will
make no difference on YOUR future. Now I can hear some of you already
saying but, my past that is what my structure is built on!! Not
necessarily. IF we are to live in the NOW, if the past, the present and
the now are all happening right now (and they are) then what does the
past matter?

Do not let your old tired history; your old stories tie you emotionally
to them forever. It is as if you have created a jail - an emotionally
confining, stifling jail cell. You have also created the jailor, (you)
and an entire story to go along with it! It is time to cut it loose, let
it go and create a new structure for you and your life. For some, it’s
scary to let go of the past even though the future and the now is much
brighter and much happier. The old is at least familiar, and dark and sad
and did I say familiar too? You know each time you re-tell that sad story
the energy from it stays alive. Our past and our thoughts and especially
our words are things and have living energy. So if you tell that story
one more time about how you got mugged, fell down and broke your arm or
got fired for no reason- you are unintentionally keeping that energy
inside you and around you alive. As you share these sad or negative
memories one more time…. Know that you are breathing life into those
negative, fear based emotions. They are as alive today as when they
happened. Even if they happened 20 years ago!! That’s how much energy and
power we all have over our thoughts which are alive in the NOW. So watch
what comes out of your mouth - always! You may regret it more than you

Do not hold on to a grudge or anger of any kind. It will eat you alive
and make you a miserable person that no one wants to be around.

So if you have no past than what is it that you DO have? The Now of
course and this life to be lived that you have been honored with. We
acknowledged that change is difficult, some changes more so than others
but have you ever noticed that this entire planet, day and night, 24/7 is
nothing but constant change? In some large or small way we and the world
around us is always changing. I think that is why those that say things
like Go with the flow - or speak of the concept of Allowing are really
closer to a truer understanding of what this Earth journey is all about.

As an example, from Lorna’s life….she   once had a friend that had decided
to give selling real estate a try. As   you would guess, not an easy
profession to break into. This friend   was sick with worry day and night
Not making any sales, second guessing   what she was doing - the
overwhelming feeling during this time   was COMPLETE TERROR! Fear of not
making a sale, fear of not being able to do the job, on and on and on. So
one day, her husband who was very supportive of her, said well just quit
if it’s going to drive you completely nuts! So she did. She gave her
office a two week notice and the relief was immediate. Not only that, but
during those two weeks, ONCE SHE HANDED IT OVER, and took the stress off
of HERSELF - she made 2 sales in that small period of time.

So what happened here? What is this Universal Law we are talking about?
Watching and waiting for water to boil….Paint to dry? Waiting for the
phone to ring? It goes on and on. Once we hand it over to our higher
self, our higher power, to God to Jesus to our creator, whichever one you
choose to use, wild things begin to happen. You may say, it came from out
of the blue! Once we have faith and live by faith, our lives begin to
change for the better.

So what happened with this friend? Why did she suddenly get 2 home sales
in 2 weeks? I would say after she gave her employer her two week notice,
she was happier, more open to potential buyers, relaxed - not tense -its
almost as if she no longer cared if she sold a house or not! She let it
go! By letting her employer know of her plans to quit in two weeks, she
did a few things. She gave up, and handed it over.

Life is NOT unfair. Almost everything evens out in the end.

You just have to wait and see.

Points to remember: Do not allow old memories, mistakes and bad choices
to define the NOW and the rest of your life. Each day is a new
opportunity to create something new. A new way of looking at life, a new
you too.

Chapter Fifteen



This is a great question to ask yourself and one that usually comes up
for us even as our life begins, when we are small infants. Where and how
do I fit in? First of all with your own family. As you grow older the
question really never goes away. It continues throughout our lives and it
can make you or break you. As you look around in your own life you will
see instances of this very rule, we’ll call it. Think of some of the
things you did when you were younger to ‘fit in’. Smoke cigarettes? Date
someone you knew was a bad influence; wear certain clothes because it was
the style? Of course we could go on and on.

The thing about fitting in, is that as you get older the degree of things
you will try or do in order to ’fit in’ may get more dangerous to your
health and those around you. It is part of human nature that we
acknowledge, that people in general want to fit in. They want to feel as
if they are a part of something bigger than they are and that is fine. It
just depends which direction you choose to go that determines where you
will end up.

This issue of fitting in will be around you all of your life even as you
age. So our advice to you is first of all get used to it, but more
importantly learn to like who you are now. That may be a tall order for
some. We hear you using all kinds of excuses to put this love of one’s
self off. I have to lose weight; I have to have the ‘right’ job, the
right girlfriend, the right dog? There is no ‘right’ anything. Anything -
a job, a dog - a car is right for you if you deem it so. Who is to set
the standard? Someone better than you? Better looking? Richer? You see
how this can (and does) go on and on! But we are here to say YOU are the
one to set the limits, set the margins and the degree of anything. You
are unique and individual even if you don’t feel it or believe it. Our
message to you is one of self acceptance - across the board. That is in
ALL areas of your life. And yes we will add even if…..your hair color is
wrong, even if you parents don’t like your husband.

We can see though, that as many humans age this fitting in issue seems to
fade into the background to some point. But as far as those of you who
still feel as though you are a teenager waiting to fit in - we say let
that GO too. For it is not only a waste of time but of great focus and
energy too. This of course goes together with caring about what other
people think of you.

If you lack something in your life – anything – surrender to that fact
and let it go. As soon as you do it will appear in your life.

This is really an issue that boggles our minds here - for what does that
have to do with you? If Someone thinks or says to another that you are
this or that….what do you really lose anyway? Your home, your car your
children? Of course not. But again we come back to fitting in and What
you really think about YOURSELF.

That is going to be the key issue we raise to you now. For THAT
determines such a great Deal about your life! For the thoughts you have
about yourself determine the following:

Am I worth it? Do I deserve to be happy? Healthy? Do I really deserve
this life or this job that I desire? As you can see, how you truly feel
about yourself, sets the stage for the rest of your life and how it will
play out. There are and will be many times when you will think to
yourselves - well why didn’t I get that job? Or that sale? This is just a
part of life we can tell you. But many times there is a greater
foundation of issues swirling at the very bottom of your being that may
influence the outcome of these things. We want you to be clear about
these issues so as to move them out of the way for good! Clear them from
your being (old patterns & old issues that do not serve your best
interest) so you can move into what is meant to be yours!

Don’t have any friends?

Go be a friend to someone who needs one and the two of you can help one

Points to remember: How you feel about yourself is very important. Take a
good look at yourself and learn to like what you see. This vision of
yourself will effect your entire world and your vision of it.

Chapter Sixteen



As we have said earlier in this writing; this planet Earth is all about
changes! All the time! There is hardly a day that passes that more
changes are either forming or are in the process of taking place. Much
like the clouds that you see pass overhead. Slowly taking on new forms
and reemerging as something new. That is what life on earth is all about.
There are so many factors for change even in your daily lives that it
would be impossible to name them all!

There is a kind of form or process that does take place that is applied
to the act of changes and they are applied to almost every change that
happens in your lives. There is the newness stage - where a new change
has taken hold and feels, acts, and smells brand new. Then we get rather
used to the newness and the routine of this new change. After that comes
a new kind of comfort level and a familiarity that takes a hold. Many
times, depending on what the change is, this can stay around for years -
but even still as with a marriage or any kind of a partnership it is
still evolving, changing or perhaps deteriorating. As you stand back and
look at the ebb and flow of your own life, you can see how these changes
come and go and evolve over time. It is not that we necessarily bring
them on ourselves but in a way we do. For it is the nature of just being
human and on the planet that these changes take place. If you have ever
asked yourself or the universe in general, WHY CAN’T THINGS JUST STAY THE
SAME? Well, that my friend is an impossibility for Earth and for you and
this life you have chosen. To come to earth and to live is an experience
like no other as you would imagine. Since the constant change and
surprises that life has to offer is always ‘on the move’ you there by are
always given the chance to change, to keep up. You are in many ways
forced to keep evolving and changing. There are some people though that
fight this change and drag their feet for their entire lives. If you
think for a moment you will easily recall one if not more people or
friends you have encountered that are made of clay. They are holding onto
resentment over the change and simply say, I refuse!! This is the same
process for habits as well. Some people take on habits that are not so
good for them and then due to a myriad of reasons, they refuse to give
them up. This refusal to change in general is a sign of a lack of
willingness to grow, to give up. To receive the change in general. Have
you encountered a person or a group who embraces all of this change? Can
you think of someone right now who is going with the flow of all this
change? As you think of this person or group you can automatically tell
the difference in their way of being in this life. It is a calmness
perhaps - a look in their eyes that exudes love, acceptance and a kind of
simple joy in this life that they have been given.

Now think of someone who is always fighting change….. they tend to be
worried, sickly, nervous, full of fear, on edge and even outwardly angry
sometimes too. There is a huge difference as you can see between the two.
So which one do you want to be? You have the right to change your mind
any time you like. And this also means you can change who you are, who
you want to be and even yes, who you were! Since this planet is all about
change, know that you can make those changes or not. As usual free will
is yours and you can do anything you like! If you were to go about making
changes, what is the first thing you think you would like to change in
your life as it is now? Would it be where you live? How you live? Your
job? With whom you live?

The one thing that change does require at all times is a chance to take
on its new form. Just because you have said - o.k. I will change this,
remember, changes, like most everything else on earth does take time.
Make sure and give yourself and the change the TIME that it needs to take
hold. Many times you are in a hurry - and I know it is difficult
sometimes to slow down since it took you awhile to come to the conclusion
to change, sometimes we’d like that to happen over night! Fortunately or
unfortunately, changes do take time. And looking back most of the time we
are glad we were given the time to adjust to the changes we’ve committed

Don’t be one of those people that never opens a window in their home.

Let some fresh air in!

It could just change your whole day and your attitude about life.

Points to remember: The more you embrace change in your life, the easier
things get. The more you fight against change - well that is when things
can get very uncomfortable. You only prolong this struggle if you fight
the change.

Chapter Seventeen



This is a question you may be tempted to ask yourself at any point in
your progress through this life, but especially during or after times of
big growth and change. The answer of course is you are the same person
you were you are just evolving. You are much like the stone in the river
bed that has been exposed to thousands of years of water rushing over it.
Your corners are not as sharp, or perhaps your tongue and your words are
softer. You are not as impatient as you were before, you think before you
speak or answer a question and on and on. When new changes take a hold
deep on the inside of you, you will know! For the changes are almost
instantly noticeable. To whom you ask? Mainly to you! Deep on the inside
these small but far reaching changes take a hold of you and slowly you
begin to see the changes in you but most of all YOUR life too! When you
commit to a new life, full of new changes, a few things happen. New doors
begin to open that once were closed. People you once thought were ‘out of
reach’, you now find they are in the middle of your path. The thing that
is most important about change, the thing that is most important about
change is to be patient. So we ask the question (or you may) so, who am I
now? Really the answer is the same throughout your life. You are whoever
you would like to be. You can live anywhere you choose and be anything
you like, work at any job you want. I can hear you say, well I don’t have
an education to be the CEO of Big Giant Company – no, well you can go get
one. Again the limitations come up, the fight in our minds. I will give
you this, life on earth is work, that is a given as you have found out by
now! It’s a funny thing also, that as you age, the limitations seem to
grow. This is true in some cases since the body begins to tire out in
general. We know you have experienced that!

BUT, that does not mean that you no longer have or cannot choose what you
want! It may be a great excuse but the choices are still yours and always
will be. This sort of thing reminds us of the grandmother who goes back
to college and gets her degree…the man who collects soda cans to raise
money from recycling them. All things ARE possible and you just have to
take one step in that direction to begin your journey. If you do not take
this first step, you will simply remain as you are- period.

Apologize sometimes, even though you know you are right. Give the other
person this. Be the bigger person and realize there are more important
things in life than being right.

Points to remember: As all of the reasons come up in your mind as to why
you cannot do something, allow some of those reasons as to how you CAN do
whatever it is you want. See both sides - be flexible.

Chapter Eighteen



Earlier in this writing we spoke of how you felt as you graduating from
high school or how you felt when you were much younger than now. Do you
remember that feeling? That new-ness, that feeling of being invincible?
You can have that feeling all throughout your life. You do not have to
give it up as you age and grow. It’s funny isn’t it? We should value what
you have learned through this time on earth. All the experiences you have
gained from life itself, from various jobs you have held. But instead,
you in these physical bodies seem to hold those younger ones on a high
pedestal as if THEY are the lucky ones. Well, I guess you could say in
some ways they are, but it would be due to the physical only - not the
vantage point of being half or 3/4th’s of the way through your life
cycle. The knowledge you bring to your life from your life experiences
are what make you valuable, unique and powerful in the world.

You have gathered a great deal of ‘moss’ as you have lived and learned.
You have learned the hard way and sometimes the easy way - but mostly the
hard way for being there on earth learning things the hard way seems to
be built in you as a human being. If you are an older person, think of a
young person you know. And think of the times you have tried so hard to
save them the time and grief of an experience THAT YOU KNOW will not turn
out well! You say, don’t go down that road!! It will end badly for you!
But they must go on and find out on their own and most likely will not
listen to you. That is the human beings path on earth. Once you learn
such a valuable lesson ON YOUR OWN - IT REMAINS YOUR OWN. Oh sure, you
can try to give it away, help someone younger or even the same age as you
and say - don’t do it!! But there it is again….good old FREE WILL. It is
what makes you unique in all that you are and all that you do - remember

You only get one Mother and Father at a time. They will most likely grow
old and die – Keep this in mind.

So, what are you going to do with the time you have left? How much time
do you have left? No one knows that answer - that is also part of the
tricky part of playing a role there on earth - you have no IDEA WHEN THE
CURTAIN WILL COME DOWN! So, play on you must in this or these roles you
have chosen for yourself.

Tired of the roles? The script? The stage you are on? The power is yours
to change them all. Change the backdrop, the scenery, your co-stars, your
host - you name it – you can change it. But, but, but we hear you
utter……there really are NO buts! There is only this life, being in the
now, living in the now and doing the best you can with what you have been
honored with or given or blessed with.

Like a card game where you are dealt a hand of cards…..I’d like to turn 3
cards back in you say for new ones.…You can do that anytime you like.

When your grand children come over

for a visit, especially the little ones,

plan ahead.

Put away special items

you don’t want broken and cover the

furniture with sheets. Then relax

and have some fun with them.

Before you know it, they’ll be in

college and who knows

where you’ll be.

Points to remember: You are the artist and creator of your life. Much
like a movie set you can change the scenery anytime you like or the cast
for that matter too.

Chapter Nineteen


That is a great question to ask! For as you may know by now you on earth
are dealing with many Universal Laws. And these laws apply no matter
what, even if you are not aware of them, they are still in play.

We have put just a few of them all throughout this book. Here they are
all together in one place on the following pages.

Chapter Twenty



Treat others as you would like to be treated. If you don’t it will come
back around and you won’t like it!

Leave things in better condition than you found them - it’s a considerate
thing to do and this too will come back to you.

You decide who gets to be a part of your life - choose wisely or you
could regret it.
Treat everyone you meet as if they are a potential friend - they could

If you have to break up with someone, do it nicely and with kindness. I
promise it will happen to you some day and you will appreciate the same

Don’t rush - ever - make more time by getting up earlier or just calm
down- you just might avoid that accident up ahead by going at your own

There is no use or need for worry. Most of the stuff your worried about
will never happen anyway.

Control: We have very little of it - get used to it and surrender to what
is and what will be.

Free Will - that is always ours - what you choose to do with it is where
things can get complicated.

When traveling be kind, courteous and lend a hand when you can. You’ll
appreciate the same when you need assistance.

Getting old is not easy, be kind. If you’re lucky you’ll get there
someday too.

Money: Is like an endless blue sky - there is more than enough to go
around and if you think there isn’t there won’t be.

Thoughts are things- be careful what you think and be careful of the
words you speak. They too have power and energy. They are as alive as you
Take care of something besides yourself - a person, a pet, a friend who
could use a hand. It will make you a better person and you will like
yourself more.

If you have too many ’things’ give them away to someone who needs them -
not to a storage unit.

When you choose - anything - think of the long term effects now not
later. This goes for babies, new cars and marriage too.

Regrets: throw them away if you can or keep them around to be reminded so
as to not repeat the same. Too many regrets can weigh you down and kill

Love takes care and commitment. Keep this in mind for Love goes on

Be a good friend you too will need one yourself someday.

Be a giver - not a taker. People will see you for what you are and not
give their friendship or anything else for that matter. No one likes a
taker except another taker.

Learn to forgive people and allow them to have bad days or a bad mood -
if they are a good friend they will allow you the same consideration.

Do not yell or raise your voice to someone - unless you or they are on

If you think - ‘oh that’s their problem’ let them deal with it - then who
will help you with your problem?
Pets of any kind are to be loved and taken care of - if you cannot do the
job well, find someone who will. That is your responsibility as a fellow
living creature.

When you decide to move to a new neighborhood, realize you are not the
only one living there. Be mindful of this and of good cheer - this too
will come back to you in some way.

If you doubt what comes around goes around, just look around. It happens
all the time you just have to notice it. Look at your own life first.

Be grateful for what you have everyday - make a list or simply say it out
loud. Do not acknowledge the empty half of your cup. Some people have no
cup at all.

Do not hold on to a grudge or anger of any kind - it will eat you alive
and make you a miserable person that no one wants to be around.

Apologize sometimes even though you know you are right - give the other
person this. Be the bigger person and realize there are more important
things in life than being right.

If you have a family member you have not spoken to in many years - pick
up the phone or write a letter - time is too short to waste.

Be generous and kind to those that work for you - smile at them. Allow
them to feel good about the job they are doing. This will allow them to
feel good, do a better job and be a happier, more fulfilled person.

You only get one Mother and Father at a time. They will most likely grow
old and die. Keep this in mind.

Do not send an abundance of joke e-mails. Most people find them annoying
and delete them anyway. Go ahead and break the chain e-mail - it will
make you feel better.
Stay in touch with old friends - they know you best and know where you
have been and what you have done. And they still love you!

Be kind to yourself - don’t be such a miser. Get a pedicure even though
you can do it yourself. Buy that new power tool even if it does stay in
the box for the next 6 months.

When your grand children come over for a visit, especially the little
ones, plan ahead. Put away special items you don’t want broken and cover
the furniture with sheets. Then relax and have some fun with them. Before
you know it they’ll be in college and who knows where you’ll be.

When your kids make you pancakes on Mother’s day - eat them and praise
them for their effort. Even if they do taste like cement. Their sense of
self and ability to please someone they love is what matters most.

Your children have tape recorders in their heads. Not everything you say
to them will be recalled. But I promise you the negative, harsh or mean
things you say will stick with them for a lifetime.

Everyone needs to feel like they matter. Do your best at thanking people
for what they do. A little bit of praise and appreciation goes a long

Get enough sleep. The older you get the more you’ll appreciate the rest.

Don’t allow your home to filled with chaos and disorder. The outside will
soon reflect or mirror the inside.

Don’t be one of those people that never opens a window in their home. Let
some fresh air in! It could just change your whole day and your attitude
about life.
If you feel the need to de-claw your animals instead of taking the time
to train them, please don’t bother. Get a fish.

When driving in traffic these same rules apply. Don’t turn into a road
rage monster just because your car allows you the anonymity. It won’t
anyway in a small community where everyone knows you.

Be honest and kind at the same time. When getting your hair done or cut -
speak up if you are not happy. You are not doing them a favor by keeping
quiet and then complaining about them to everyone you meet.

When you have an argument with your husband or boyfriend, do not cry. It
is an unfair tactic. Speak your mind in a civil way. Act like a grownup
not a child.

Do something about something. Is there always litter on your road from
drivers? Get a group together and clean it up - its good exercise too.

Have no friends? Go be a friend to someone who needs one and the two of
you can help one another.

If you lack something in your life - anything - surrender to that fact
and let it go. As soon as you do it will appear in your life.

If you treat others with disrespect or unkindly you are hurting yourself
and creating a circle. In some way, at some time someone will do the same
to you. Its universal law.

Life is not unfair. Almost everything evens out in the end - you just
have to wait and see.

If you have time on your hands and have a choice between taking a job you
don’t really want and volunteering; choose the latter. You’ll ‘earn’ so
much more by giving away your time and effort.
If you have to get down on your hands and knees to get the job done, know
that most of us learn a great deal in that position so don’t waste it.


According to my guides this is one of 7 books that they would like me to
write, so I can’t wait to see what’s next! I hope this little gem of a
book can answer some of your questions you may have about life in general
or perhaps get you unstuck if you are in that stuck position as we all
have been at some time.

Please visit my website for updated information and news of upcoming
websites that we are currently working on. My intention is to develop a
web presence that will make available interaction with Spirit. We will be
launching this new website in 2011. Please visit my current site for news
and upcoming events at – or

All the best to you and yours and don’t forget, it’s only life - so live
it how you want to!

Lorna Adams

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Description: This book covers so many areas of life that affect all of us. So who could benefit from reading this book? I would say anyone who is interested in learning why we are here. What is my path? How do I get back on track? How do I connect with my spirit Guides? What is the point of this life? The list goes on and on. I truly believe we are all one. That is we come from the same place and will return to that place when this life is over. I speak to so many people that are faced with difficult life lessons. Many are suffering, confused, angry – you name it. This book can help you find your way and perhaps answer some very old questions. Questions you’ve been asking yourself for a very long time. Keep in mind that most spirit guides are no nonsense and get right to the point. I have found over the years spirit guides are NOT big on wasting time! They are kind, loving understanding and have only our best interest at heart! They also have a wonderful sense of humor – so go ahead and laugh along with them. A good laugh at life or even yourself can help smooth out the rough spots in life.