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					Hi, my name is Chris and I started I personally own and currently use or have used all of the products listed as our Trusted Manufacturers. Below you will find my official unbiased Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Review.

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Don't forget to use coupon code: disc10-2335 to save 10% off your order Saturday, September 26, 2009 The Green Smoke Starter Kit I am reviewing came with one battery, five medium strength tobacco flavor nicotine cartridges, one wall charger and one usb charger which integrates directly with your wall charger. I like the integrated usb wall charger design because you also have the ability to take the usb connector and plug it into your computer. This means you basically get two types of charging methods for the price of one. Additionally the starter kit contains a user operation manual, green smoke membership card and additional battery tips. The battery tip that comes on the battery is green but you can change that out with the others that are provided. I personally think the green tip is kind of appealing. Green Smoke offers seven flavors in total, coffe, chocolate, menthol, regular, vanilla, apple and strawberry. I went ahead and ordered 5 additional menthol flavor cartridges with the starter kit to try. I think I am going to go ahead and give the chocolate flavor a try once I make it through all of the cartridges I already have. The price is pretty reasonable too. At 14.95 a 5 pack a regular smoker ends up spending about 3 dollars a day which is a nice break from the cost of smoking tobacco cigarettes. After unpacking the kit and charging the battery for about a half hour the light on the charger changed from red to green letting me know the battery had a full charge on it. Taking the cartridge out of the protective packaging and placing it on the battery is a snap. I am really becoming a big fan of the two part design. The Green Smoke cartridges contain not only the filter and nicotine solution but they also contain the atomizer, the piece that actually vaporizes the solution. So what you end up with is the battery and cartridge, the two piece design as opposed to a battery, atomizer and a cartridge, the three piece design. Big points for green smoke on the convenience factor of the two piece design.

I am really impressed with the vapor volume and taste the green smoke product provides. The menthol cartridges I tried have a refreshing flavor and green smoke's claims of large vapor volume do hold true. It certainly is a high vapor experience. Overall I recommend the Green Smoke product to anyone looking for a nice two piece design electronic cigarette that provides large smoke volume, high nicotine level cartridges and an abundance of flavor options to choose from. I would like to offer anyone reading this review a special coupon code that will save you 10% off any order placed on green smoke's website. The coupon code is: disc10-2335. Just enter it at Checkout. Thanks for taking time to read my review of the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette and Happy E-Puffing! Chris - Virginia Beach, VA

Click here to view Product Specials and Green Smoke Discounts
Don't forget to use coupon code: disc10-2335 to save 10% off your order

Description: The Official Green Smoke Review. The unbiased Ecig review of the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette.