; Covansys aptitude 3
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Covansys aptitude 3


Covansys aptitude Questions and answers

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									_________________________________________________________________________ __________ COMPANY NAME : COVANSYS -----------------------------------------------------------DATE OF TEST : -----------------------------------------------------------PLACE OF TEST: -----------------------------------------------------------MODE : Off-Campus -----------------------------------------------------------DURATION : _________________________________________________________________________ __________

-----Original Message----From: Subramanian S Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 1:30 PM To: CHETANA-JOBS@yahoogroups.com Subject: [CHETANA] (Pattern) abt covansys 1st round,alcatel HR, infy Hi everyone, Seems like covansys is recruiting heavily many people have been asking me abt covansys first round pattern; You will be given a question booklet that contains many papers on different topics. Some are compulsory while some are optional (i.e. you can take this or that). All the papers are objective type. Aptitude will be your first section-aptitude will be quite easy (simple distance, time, numbers etc.) problems. You’ll probably also have one question like the GRE analytical section (i.e. you will be given a paragraph followed by a set of 4/5 questions based on that paragraph). This section is easy but don’t spend too much time on any question (time will be a factor) for some of the questions u can easily work out the solution backwards (I mean you can form an equation and then substitute the choices given in your answers instead of trying to solve equations) Next you will have to take 2 papers on programming languages : you can choose between C/C++, Java and VB. Just glance thro the 3 papers and choose 2 which you are comfortable with. I think C/C++ and Java will be easy. Time is not a problem for these papers. Next you will have to take one of the database related

papers (I think there is oracle and something else) oracle seemed easy (though I have never worked in oracle)-questions are basic and even if you don’t know oracle you could just try to find some tutorial on the net. Then 2000 took easy you have choice of paper between Windows Server and Unix (I’m not sure of these choices since I the test in May). Again the questions will be (basics).

Well, that’s all there is in all I think u have to take 5 papers (apt., 2 languages, 1 database and 1 OS) So, those of you taking your test best of luck-just stay calm-if you have studied oracle,unix it will be very easy (for others like me just relax and give it your best shot-you have nothing to lose). Well, that’s all for now Take care and NEVER SAY DIE, SS.

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