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									             Making the Best of Your Spa Days
It is very important to take time off your normal schedules to just have time for yourself and
to give your body some special treatment. This is very revitalizing and will prove to be very
relaxing and refreshing. Spa days are meant for pure relaxation as well as pampering. Apart
from relaxation, there are health benefits, physical and emotional, resulting from decompressing
and pampering. Some people will make use of natural springs to have a day off and relax.
However, the services of a local spa can be very refreshing.

Before you go to a spa, there are things you need to do so as to make the best of your spa
experience. It is advisable that you eat light breakfast on your spa day. Preparation of a
detoxing juice is especially encouraged. You could also do with warm water then lemon juice
and wait for 20 minutes before taking a light breakfast, preferably fruit salad. Dairy products are
not encouraged to avoid clogging of the system.

To avoid skin irritation, you could shave or wax your legs some days before the spa day. Do not
use heavy lotions if you intend to do therapy because the therapist will use oil to massage you.
At the spa, you could make use of a sauna or steam room as a way of opening the pores and
detoxing your body. This helps you to relax and enjoy the massage.

After treatment, take time to relax. Do not rush off to your busy schedules. If the spa allows, you
can hang around and even take a cup of tea to further relax your body.

Spa days are a great way to promote and regain your physical and emotional well being. It
is also a day to catch up with friends and just be away from your mundane life. You will be
amazed at how refreshing it can be!

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