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									                                     Call for Proposals

About YES
As a not-for-profit organization, YES Montreal (Youth Employment Services) enriches the
community by providing English-language support services to help Quebecers find employment
and start businesses.

This past year, YES has assisted more than 4,300 job-seekers, entrepreneurs, and aspiring
artists achieve their goals by providing them with the tools, guidance and support they need.
This is accomplished through individual counselling, workshops, events and access to networks
and a resource centre.

Over the past 10 years, YES has seen a disproportionally low number of women entering the
field of technology, whether it is starting a small business or seeking employment. With the
support of Status of Women Canada, YES will embark on a three year project, the goal being to
increase the number of women involved in the fields of technology. The first step of this
project will be to develop a gender based analysis (GBA) specific to Quebec identifying barriers
and opportunities related to women in Quebec. The GBA will assist us in creating and
implementing a baseline evaluation which will be monitored throughout the project. The GBA
and evaluation will be guided and supported by a YES advisory group made up of
representatives from a variety of sectors.

YES is seeking a research professional to create a gender based analysis (GBA) related to
women in technology. The project will also include the development of an evaluation tool to
measure and follow the impact of a three year initiative to increase the numbers of women in
technology in Quebec. The GBA will be developed over a three month period and the
evaluation will take place over the three years of the project. The final document will include
the latest research in the area and will be based on individual interviews and focus groups with
a variety of stakeholders, including institutions in the field of technology, schools, companies
and small businesses involved in the fields of technology, angel investors, and women seeking
to start small businesses or accessing employment in these fields.


Through research, interviews and focus groups, a document and evaluation tool will be
developed that will be both quantitative and qualitative, and that

   1. Will measure the current status of women in technology in business and/ or careers in
   2. Will identify the barriers and opportunities for women in technology.
   3. Will make recommendations on strategies to address the barriers.

   4. Will create a tool to evaluate the impact of the three year project.
   5. Will measure results midterm and year three of the project based on participant follow

The consultant will work closely with the coordinator of the project, the executive director and
the advisory committee.

Compensation range for 3 year project $40,000 - $60,000.


      A minimum of five years experience in research and evaluation
      Experience in creating evaluation tools
      Ability to work with a variety of stakeholders- advisory committee, corporate leaders,
       youth, schools
      Proven track record
      Experience in the field of women and technology preferred
      The project will be conducted primarily in English, but having French will be an asset

Please submit your CV including a listing of any research that you have previously done, along
with a maximum two-page letter describing briefly why you want to be involved with this
project, what your strategy would be and your timeframe and suggested costs.

Selected candidates will be asked to submit a more detailed proposal.

Submit your proposal by JUNE 1ST 2012 at 5 pm, 2012 to:

Leann Brown
Program Coordinator
Youth Employment Services
666 Sherbrooke St. West, Suite 700
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 1E7


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