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									I Want to Sell Broken Laptop, But How?

Are you as confused as I am on what to do with that broken laptop of yours? Why not sell
broken laptop to earn money now. You really have nothing to lose. And whatever reason you
may need or want the cash for, it’s an easy way to earn it and you can get rid of some that’s no
longer of use to you. You may get more than you may even think your old laptop is worth.
The first thing you may want to do in order to sell broken laptop is to erase any data that may
be stored on there. A lot of identity thieves get information from discarded electronics, including
laptops, because their owners did not properly erase the memory before selling or
discarding. Everything you’ve ever done is saved on the hard drive. Without the proper
software or without the aid of a professional, you leave all of that information in a stranger’s
hands. There are several places online, if you don’t want to pay someone else to do it, that let
you download the disc cleaning software for free. Though, if it’s broken pretty badly, a
professional may be the only way to go.

Next, you need to make sure that you clean it up enough to sell broken laptop. You’ve cleaned
out the hard drive, but now you need to clean it up, take note of any scratches, cracks, or other
physical damage, even if it’s only cosmetic. This will be extremely important in getting the most
money for your product. No one wants to buy a cruddy looking piece of equipment, and when
giving a description, honesty is always best. If it’s not in the exact condition you described, you
run the risk of not getting paid, or them returning it and you losing the money you’ve made.
As soon as you’ve cleaned it out and cleaned it up, you need to find a place to sell laptop. If you
were to look online, there are dozens of companies that buy used electronics, including
laptops. Some companies simply connect you with buyers, while others will buy directly. Most
are fairly simple, in that you go to their site and fill out the submission form. On that form, they
will ask things like the model number and such. Sometimes they will ask you to choose from
photos related to say model number the one that best represents your item. Then list a
description, fill out the personal information, and you should have a quote in minutes, if not
seconds. It’s good to do your research before committing to one company, as others may offer
more. Once you’ve picked the company tosell broken laptop to, just ship it off and wait for
your check. They may even offer a printable label for your package right there online. It has to
pass inspection, of course, but as long as you were honest and they feel they can work with it,
you will receive you money in about a week.

After the companies buy your electronic device, they then fix it up and restore it to like-new
condition. Then they sell it to other companies who specialize in refurbished products. If, for
some reason, they buy your item, but decide they can’t sell it, they will dispose of it properly so
that nothing toxic is getting into the earth. It’s a very earth friendly way of getting rid of
something no longer of any use.

Another way to sell broken laptop is to sell it to a private buyer. You can post an ad in your
local paper, or on websites that act as “for sale” pages. Along with the typical need for a
description, it’s always good to post actual pictures as well. That way people know for sure what
they’re getting before agreeing to buy. You could also post it on an auction site that takes the
same criteria, but allows buyers to bid on the product. The sites usually take care of everything
else, including mediating the payment process so that none of your personal information gets to
the other person.

So, whether you’d like to sell to a company or private buyer, there are lots of options when it
comes to making money off of your broken laptop. Just because you can’t fix it, doesn’t mean
someone else can’t!

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