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									Official Empower Network Review! From A Real Empower Network Member!

This is a NO-Bullshit review of the Empower Network. Pardon my language, but
sometimes, people spice up their writings in favor of the program they are reviewing to
get you to buy the program. In fact, I may tell you things, the Empower Network Doesn’t
want Non-Members to know!

But I will anyway, why?

Because YOU are the one deciding to join us in Empower Network and you are SMART
for doing your research before you join! As we all know, there are so many programs on
the internet to help you make money online and Empower Network is just one of them.
So sit back and enjoy the review!

Oh yah, grab a cup of coffee and put up the do-not-disturb sign, because I don’t know
how long with will be because I intend to review the Empower Network in full and try to
leave no stone unturned.

The Review begins….

Empower Network was started in Oct. of 2011 by David Wood and David Sharpe. Dave
and Dave are industry vets and have been around for a while. They are both master
copywriters and video experts. They are highly skilled professionals at selling and
creating “New” programs that nobody has ever seen before. They create Empower
because they did what they teach and became rich. They wanted a system to bring to
the masses. Enough about them….

The Empower Network began and in just 2 months, they paid out 2,000,000 in
commissions to their affiliates. I will explain how in a minute. By the first of the year
(2012), they paid out 4,000,000 in commissions. The numbers just keep on going up is
what I am saying to you. By the time you read the review (Possibly in 2012) they plan to
pay out 50 million to their affiliates by the end of the year. WOW right?

So what does this mean for you as an individual? I am saying that you can tap into this
money by becoming a member of this program. And…Dave and Dave are dedicated to
help YOU make money with the Empower Network program.

Since you now know the potential return you can be a part of, let’s break it down a little
to show you how it works.

Basically, you will be using a blogging platform and promoting an email capture page to
make money with Empower Network.

Blogging Platform:
Personally, we started from scratch, building a blog to make us money. We wanted to
help people online and knew that providing great content to people, we can make
money doing it. We had to build our blog from the ground up. It took us 300 hours, 30
books, 2 videos, 4 audio tapes to get it going. Man o man, I know, a lot of work right?
But we did it. This was back in 2010.

Now, all of a sudden the Empower Network arrives and we jump on board? Why?
Simply because all this was already done for us. See, what makes a blog great or in
order to make money with a blog, you need to have some key things in play.

Such as:

   1.)   Properly created and professionally designed to attract visitors and buyers
   2.)   Converting banners and side bars
   3.)   An aged domain name
   4.)   Converting sales funnel

Doing all this yourself, can take you weeks even months. And who knows if it works
correctly or will convert.

So the Blogging platform you get with Empower network works already. You will receive
a blog that is built for selling for you. Including the banners, capture pages, sales funnel
and backend sales.

You will have to put content on your blog, hence why you even have a blog. :) This will
help you get free traffic to your website to make sales. The more content you put on
your blog, the better chance you will make a lot of money!

This puts you leaps and bounds ahead of anybody else in the blogging industry!

Capture pages:

When starting an online business, you probably came across the concept of capturing
peoples emails to build a list. I couldn’t agree more.

You get already made capture pages that Convert. As the members know, it converts at
a 16 to 1 ratio. That means, for every 16 visitors, you should be able to get 1 to convert
to a paying member. That’s incredible conversion after all.

Now, this is the most important part of all. Yah, yah, you get converting capture pages.
Every affiliate has those. But this next point is what makes the Empower Network

*** All the emails you capture for YOUR list are YOUR emails to keep!***
WOW, when we saw that, we jumped on board. So, it’s like you get a Mcdonalds
franchise and you keep all the customers and sales. And we haven’t even covered the
commission structure yet.

You may be thinking so Mitch are you telling me that when I join I will get to use a Ultra-
high converting capture page and keep all my leads I generate for my business.

My answer is YES. I hope now you see some value and why this is so different from
the rest.

Building a list is vital to your success online and they set you up with an amazing
system to do just that.

On to my next point you all been waiting for…..

The COMMISSIONS You Receive!

Again, Empower Network has changed the game for good. You get 100% Commission
on your sales. Don’t waste your time anymore with Clickbank offers again, get the full
sales price.

Ok, ok, Mitch, are you saying I get 100% commissions but, how is Empower Network
making any money for creating the program?

Good questions, I asked that to.

Here is how it works. You get 100% commissions on every sale. But here is now your
sponsor gets paid as well and how you will get paid to. I hope you see the power of
network marketing here.

When you join, and make your first sale, YOU get the first sale. Then your second sale
that you make goes to your sponsor. Then the third goes to you, Forth goes to your
sponsor….up to your first six sales. After the first six sales, you get all the sales except
the 5th sale. So you get all four sales and the 5th on goes to your sponsor.

Wait a minute Mitch, Why am I giving my money to you?

Because that’s how the program is set up and that’s what I did and continue to do as a
Empower Network Member.

But think about it this way in favor of you.

For every person you get on your team, they all will be making you money. How does
that sound? So if you have ten people paying you every month their 2nd, 4th, 6th sale,
how would you feel. Darn good right?
That’s the power of this program. So you make money by promoting the product and
you make money by others promoting it to. In all reality, you just keep making money
and loving life.

Butt….( I purposely spelled that wrong to say “butt” because it’s funny lol) 

You have to invest in the products before you sell them. So you can’t sell a $1000
product if you haven’t already invested in it. And this is how it should be. How can you
HONESTLY promote a product you haven’t used yet. We want to keep things legit in
Empower Network too.

The fantastic thing is that these membership options ( will explain in a sec) are training
to help better your online business. You will see what I am talking about next.

Empower Network Basic – $25 Monthly- You Can Earn $25 Residual

This is the main blogging system at your disposal. You get the blogging system, capture
page systems, sales funnels, back office, tools, conference calls (Monday Nights, You
got to hear these-Very educational) and your quick start training. You must invest in this
before you can sell this product. The total real value of this program is $2,488. But now,
you can pick this up for the price of a tank of gas or a dinner out- $25 a month. ( I will go
into the residual income you have access to after I talk about the products) Also, just
for referring one member, you get the system for free. You make $25 dollars a month
and you are paying $25 a month, it’s free!

Let me tell you something here quick. David Wood, is the “Van Man” as he calls himself
and he started with no money. He started blogging and started to make enough money
from Alaska to move to Costa Rica. 99% of his business and money was built from
blogging. That is amazing.

And at the $25 dollar monthly level, it’s a steal what you get. Honestly, David Woods
personal site costs him $1600 for the design of his blog, $5000 for tech, and $375 per
month for hosting. As you can see that $25 dollars a month is cheap as peanuts for this
type of system.

Here is another thing. If you would set up this system, it would cost you that much and a
lot of your time. It could take you six months before you even write an article for your
blog. Then I have seen people wonder why they never made any money. They say, “ I
have been working so hard and nothing is happening, I haven’t even made a cent.”

Well the real reason is that they haven’t done anything. YOU make MONEY from
Marketing! Since they were spending their time building their blog, of course they didn’t
have time to market. So no money, no results. I am telling you, I am not just hyping this
up. I just want to give you the truth. And if you find this not to be the truth, put it down in
the comments. I would love to see your comments.
Empower Network ‘Inner Circle’ – $100 Monthly- You Can Earn $100 Residual

The Inner Circle Membership enables you to earn an additional $100 per month, per
sale, and provides way more advanced marketing training from the top industry leaders
and earners. This training is in the form of video and audio interviews with top earners
that share their story on how they made it to the top. This package is valued at $3,000
and you can pick it up for only $100 per month. Again, when you get one inner circle
member, this is free as well as explained above.

The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive – 1 Time $500- You Earn $500 per sale

One of the co-creators of Empower Network did a retreat seminar in Costa Rica that
cost $2,997 for each person that attended. This Mastermind Intensive is the source for
the most cutting edge, most advanced marketing strategies in existence today. You get
insider HD footage from the retreat and you will learn everything you need to know to
build a successful 7 figure online business. But let me warn you! This is NOT for the
hobby marketer or the casual marker. This is for serious people that want to make A lot
of money online. Again, you can sell just one of these and you made your money back. I
love it.

If you decide that this level is right for your financial future and your business online,
make sure you act on this quick because this discounted rate may go up soon.

15 K Formula- 1 time $1000- You Earn $1000 per Sale (What a Sweet Spot)

This is honestly the nuts and bolts of your success. I believe the real value is more like
$ 10,000. Here is the formula to make $15,000 a month. With this training, you will
learn the hidden secrets to your online success. If you thought the Mastermind Intensive
was great, this just keeps going and expanding off what was taught in the Mastermind
Incentive. You get an enormous amount of new videos that dive deeper into SEO,
Traffic Generation, Social networking and everything you need to know.

Personally, I find it great because when considering the amount of time of figuring out
what you need to know and actually finding it and learning it, it’s nice to have it all in one
place. This product is for people that want to make this business more than a hobby.
This is for serious people that want to make “life-changing” money online. This isn’t for
wussies that wait on the fences and never jump in. This is for the people that jump in
when they see the opportunity and ready to make things happen. So the question you
have to ask yourself is “Are you a wussie?

I know it sounds harsh, but it’s true. We want people at this level to be serious about
growing their business online and making their dreams come true.

Now, Let’s talk about how the Pay structure again!
This sales funnel is quite amazing to me. There are 3 things this system does for you
when you make a sale.

   1.) It makes you money now. You get paid instantly. No waiting for check. Money
       actually is deposited in your bank account.

   2.) You are able to earn residual income from the basic membership and the Inner
       Circle membership. That means, either $25 or $100 per month will be deposited
       in your bank account as long as the member stays a member.

   3.) When you upgrade, you get access to selling back end high-ticket products.
       Such as the $500 Mastermind Incentive and the $1000 15k Formula program.
       This is the life changing money. When $1000 dollars hits your bank account, you
       will be very happy. Probably jump up and down like we did.

What did we cover today?

You know who created Empower Network. You know that it’s a successful company.
You know what the products are. You know what the commission structure is. You know
how you get paid and how you make “now” money, residual and backend offers. You
know that you get already made capture pages, sales funnel and a blog.

I guess the question you may have now is how do you make this system work for
You? or What do you gotta do to start making money with the Empower Network?

I want to put this in the perspective of if you’re already joined our team at Empower
Network. This is what I would tell you to do.

First: After you are all signed up, I would log into your back office and check it out. I
want you to watch the quick start guide and understand even more how it works.

Second: Log into your Wordpress blog and write a post. It can be about anything.
Maybe talk about how you just joined the Empower Network and what you wish to
achieve with it.

Third: Listen to the Audio of the week to get in touch with what goes on in the Empower
Network and get motivated.

Forth: All you have to do now is send traffic to your blog and capture form. Doing this
part is a really fun. Your whole goal here is to get as much traffic to these pages. The
more people you get the more money you can make. In the advanced training you get
some cool Idea’s you can use to promote your webpage’s.
As I said before, this isn’t a bullshit review just promoting the Empower Network just to
get a sale. There is always some info left out “mysteriously” in other reviews online. I
don’t believe in doing business that way. I want to give you the ins and outs of this
program so you can choose if its right for you. Quite frankly, I don’t want people that are
tire kickers on my team. I want serious people I can help. That’s what sets this review
different from the rest.

So I thought I would add in some potential drawbacks of Empower Network:

   1.) As with any business online there is no 100% guarantee that you will make
       money or succeed. But is there any system that guarantees that? I haven’t found
       one. What I do know is that many people, sometimes join money making
       systems, don’t do the work and run away fast, then blog about how it was a
       scam. I am not denying that there are scams on the internet but I am telling you
       that some, but no system can guarantee an income to someone joining. It all
       depends on the individual. If you don’t work at it and don’t gain knowledge, you
       may fail. But if you work hard and try to gain all the knowledge you can, you can
       succeed. There is no reason why you couldn’t. So many have succeeded before
       you. Follow in their footsteps and make it happen.

   2.) When you get started with the Empower Network you will notice you are
       promoting Dave and Dave through the converting webpages. This is a good thing
       at first, since if you may be new, and you may not have any credibility yet. In this
       case, it’s best to use others credibility until you develop your own. After a while,
       you may want to create your own capture forms and blog to promote you and the
       system you use. This is vital to your long terms success.

   3.) The products are all digital. If you are a person that likes physically holding a
       product, then this program may not be for you. These products are all digital as I
       said above so if you don’t find value in high end online education, this is not for
       you. Personally, I have done all my education online but for some, they don’t
       believe in online colleges or education courses, just because they can’t hold a
       book in their hand. And..that’s ok, if that’s not your cup of java!

   4.) You must get an autoresponder to be able to capture emails. I would recommend
       a Getresponse or Aweber account. This can run you about $19 per month
       depending on your list size. Also they do not provide you with swipe emails to put
       into your autoresponder for follow up. I have created my own that convert well
       and I have found some on the official Empower Network community on
       Facebook. There you can get the follow up emails you can use. The link for that
       is provided in the membership.

   5.) You will need your own merchant account. This will run you about $19 per
       month. This will allow you to accept payments from others. They have a
       merchant all set up for Empower Network called e-wallet. All you have to do is
       sign up for an account and connect it! Remember as I said, you are the business
       owner and you need to accept payments for yourself.

Now you know about the advantages of the program and some of the drawbacks, you
can make an educated choice about if you want to join. What it comes down to is this is
a Business Opportunity. That’s what it’s called. If you use the system and use the
opportunity, you should make money. We make money because we use it.

If you let it sit around and don’t use it. Don’t expect to make money with this system.
Plain and simple.

In conclusion, I really hope I gave you a good understanding of what the Empower
Network is and what it can do for you. I hope to have exposed to the endless
possibilities of this program so you can make an educated decision about whether to
join or not.

If you are ready to join, get your butt over to the link below and watch the video and get
involved in this amazing group with us! We really hope to see you in the inside!

Watch the Empower Network Video here!


To your success,

Mitch- Proud Empower Network Member

P.S. I want to hear what you think about this review.  Was this helpful? If this helped
you, please share this with anyone interested!

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