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					Creating a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing is extremely profitable and anyone can learn to do it correctly. In fact, I believe it’s one
of the fastest ways to get leads and make sales.

There are a couple key things that you NEED to do make your next email marketing campaign a success.

    1.) A Great Headline That Pulls
    2.) A Intriguing Body Copy That Stirs Up Interest
    3.) A Ultra Targeted Email List

Let’s Break it down now and go through each one!

A Great Headline That Pulls

When crafting a fantastic headline, there are a couple strategies to go about it. I want to list 6 different
styles of headlines that have worked very well and will always perform very well. Remember, that you
must know your target market to carefully craft an email that will pull them in. It’s all about them and
you must know what makes them tick before they will respond to anything you send to them.

Strategy 1 Use Numbers to describe what your email is about.

Number lists are a very good way to get your message read. This strategy helps your reader know how
long your email is and what they can expect in your email. I have found this strategy work very well in
the Health and Fitness niche.

Everyone wants to know the “3 ways to lose 10 pounds in 10 days” lol right? 

Strategy 2 Use Controversy to Stir Things Up.

Using this strategy is best used with current events and related to your niche.

For example: A headline I used in 2012 to the internet marketing niche was, “The Internet Gold Rush Has
Taken A Turn For The Worse”

This got people opening this to see what news I had to tell them. If you think creatively you will think of
something great. Just remember that your headline must be related to the email body.

Strategy 3 Using Urgency.

Urgency means that a person must take action so they do not miss something. This is excellent for when
you have a list and you are selling something, such as a upgrade.

An example would be, “Two Days Left to Get 50% off The –Product-“

This gets people to take action fast because if they don’t they will miss out. This strategy is slick when
you have a list of hot buyers and people just love you.
A couple more examples of this would be, “Final four hours to save, {First Name}” or “Last Call {First
Name}, Discount Ends Tonight at Midnight”

Strategy 4 Using Benefits.

This doesn’t mean features of your product. It’s all about your prospects. What I mean by this is instead
of saying, “this product is so life changing, you will get 1,000 backlinks overnight” you want to say, “This
product saves you time, so you don’t have to waste it on getting backlinks”. You see what I mean.

It’s all about them, remember that.

Some headlines for this example are: “Get more money for each email you send” or “How to write
profitable emails in half the time”

Strategy 5 Connect With Them Personally.

Connecting with people is a way to show that you are human and you really do care about your
subscribers. For example, a headline such as this, “Writing headline suck sometimes” would be an eye
catching one if you are targeting a list of people that consistently write emails or headlines. It may be
hard to write good headlines time and time again.

This is a problem solving strategy that works well if people are in pain. Pain is an emotion and gets
people to buy something every time.

Strategy 6 Funny or weird.

This is a really simple and fun one to work with. Making the headline weird will increase open rates right
away. An example of this would be, “Random Homeless Man Strikes It Rich Online” or “Chuck Norris
Verse Homeless Guy on Pay-per-view”

With this type of headline, your body copy must match the headline. So make up a headline that is
related to the body copy. Nobody likes to be misled.

Ok, let’s get to the body of the email, since now you know how to write successful headlines.

How to Write Body Copy

This is really simple; It’s a 4 step process.

    1.) Create a strong first sentence that leads into the rest of your body copy. You have about 5
        seconds to keep the reader’s attention so make it good and intriguing.
    2.) Is your body copy. Keep the email short and to the point for best results. People are usually in a
        hurry to check their email so does the prospect a favor- Keep it short and to the point. The body
        copy needs to entice the prospect to want to know more about what the “link” points to. Get
        them curious about what you are offering.
    3.) You Must have a least 4 links in your email that points toward your product or affiliate product.
   4.) You must have a P.S. line below your name. People often scroll down to the “P.S.” line to read
       what it has to say. Make it a call to action. Also, include your first name in the email to
       personalize it so you are sending it as a friend.

   Alright, now you know how to write the copy of the email. Now it’s on to the targeted list.

   Targeted Email Lists

   Targeting the right market is essential to your email being a success. This may take some time to
   experiment with emails and email companies. and is a
   great place to start. Feel free and I encourage you to try and track your results to find the happy
   medium for your business.

   Some ways to track this is when you send an email, what happens? Do a lot people open your
   email? (If so your headline is good) Do people click through to your offer? (If so, your body copy is
   good) Do you make sales? (If so, your conversion is good)

   If people do not buy your product, you will know that the list may not be as targeted as you want it
   to be. Try again and try another list. Simple as that. If you find your emails are not being opened but
   the ones that do open are buying, then your headline just needs improving.

   Follow this and you will see better results in a hurry.

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