Health Risk Assessment by Ww6cCZ


									                       Health Risk Assessment
UnitedHealthcare Members
Employees who are insured with UnitedHealthcare under TeamHealth’s policy should
take the health risk assessment provided by UnitedHealthcare on
will be asked to provide a username and a password. Click “Health Tools and Topics”
and then “Assess Your Health.” Launch the “Health Risk Assessment” and a record of
your taking the survey will be sent to the TeamHealth Wellness Program. This site not
only provides information specific to you and your dependents, but a wealth of health-
related topics. Once the assessment has been completed you will receive a one-time
$25 insurance discount that will appear on your paycheck (you will not receive a
separate check). If your spouse is covered under a TeamHealth policy they may also take
the assessment to receive the $25 credit. A monthly report will be generated by
UnitedHealthcare to provide a list of people who have completed the assessment. Please
allow 4-6 weeks for your health insurance premium discount to appear.

Non-UnitedHealthcare Members
TeamHealth employees who are covered on a plan other than United may go to to complete a health risk assessment. You will be asked to join to
take the assessment. It is a free membership. This website also provides information such
as weight loss tips, health calculators, etc. Click “assessments” and then “general health
assessment.” Once you have completed the assessment, you will receive an e-mail from
the website confirming your completion and providing you a link (please do not send
personal health information or results from the assessment). Fax a copy of this
confirmation to the Wellness Program at 865-560-8926 or e-mail a print screen to to receive the $25 insurance credit (if you are not on our
medical insurance, the $25 will be reflected in YTD earnings as “REB”). Spouses
covered under a TeamHealth plan may also take this assessment, but will not receive the

Assessments can be taken at any time, but must be completed 1 year from the previous
assessment in order to receive the $25.

             Questions?? Please contact the Wellness Program at
               877-516-7492 or

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