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                                             Last time, we talked about five of the most common issues
                                             regarding our cell phones. Now, we give you the freshest set
                                             of cell phone problems that you have to watch out for.

                                              1. I only get a good coverage when I go outside, but there is
                                              no service indoors. The bad news is that indoor coverage
                                              isn't a guarantee and troubleshooting it doesn't follow that
                                              the issue will not recur. There are so many factors that can
                                              cause this. One may be the structure or the composition of
                                              the building; another is that the electronics at home may
interfere with the signal. I know that this can be quite annoying, but this is not something that can be
fixed immediately.

2. When driving, I drop calls at a certain point. While driving, you can go to places which are called 'dead
zones' or the available signal is insufficient in that particular area. Signals are not available 100% so you
can expect to have weak coverage even within areas with good signal.

3. I can't get a cell phone service when other AT&T users I know of can. This could be a problem on your
phone or your SIM card. To determine this, try to put your SIM card into another AT&T phone. If the
issue persists, then it is time to replace your SIM. New gadgets come with a one-year warranty. As long
as there is no physical or water damage, the phone can be replaced at no charge within that time.

4. I cannot access the internet and I have a non-AT&T cell phone that is unlocked. This is a common
problem with unlocked devices and it is difficult to get help for this. You can just visit and look for 'Device Tutorial' to get the necessary data settings that are needed
to access the network. Next, you need to manually enter the new settings into your mobile phone. But
this method is not an assurance that everything will work out fine, especially if yours is an unlocked

5. I keep dropping calls everywhere, all the time. This is probably the most difficult problem to
troubleshoot. I suggest you contact technical support so that they can examine your device and its
settings. Once you do this, give as much information as possible such as when the problem first occurred
and how long has it been like that. The more details you give the better.
A friendly suggestion: When you give the technical support a ring, never ever use the phone you are
having issues with. If possible, use another phone so that you can remove its battery, check the settings,
and access the menus. Logically, this will make the transaction smoother and the chances of getting it
fixed are greater.

Actually, 90% of issues can be addressed by turning your phone off and on again several times. Do this
before you call the technical support. If you noticed that almost everyone experiences the same
problem, it is probably a problem with the network. And don't fret; Chances are people out there are
already working on the service hassle.

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