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					Three Easy Means of Advertising Your Flats to
Flats to let can be a good source of income if you own some. This is especially so if they are
consistently occupied. This means that the income from the rent is also consistent, more so
if you have respectful tenants. Actually, they will respect your property and ensure that they
do not make unnecessary noise. However, you need to make your flats attractive to potential
tenants. For instance, you can make modern designs for the houses. Ensure that you know
what tenants are looking for in flats and provide such. Although this may cost you some money,
it will pay back in the end. If you already have existing flats for letting out, you can renovate
them and give them a modern face. You will be amazed at how tenants will rush to move in.

Apart from refurbishing your flats, there is the need to advertise them. To get more tenants,
you should consider making the property known to as many people as possible. Do effective
advertising on them. Provide attractive, clean flats and offer competitive rates so that you can
get more tenants. Although advertising your flats costs time and money, at the end it will pay off.
Below are some tips on effective rental advertising:

       1) Search well on the rates at which other flats are being offered. This will help you in
       rating you rent competitively. You may consider putting your rent higher if your flats offer
       tenants extra amenities. Examples of these amenities are parking space, laundry wash
       or dishwashing.

       2) Create fliers to advertise the flats to let. Post them in your locality where many people
       can see them. Post them in the most visited points like shopping malls, food stores,
       cafes or libraries.

       3) Place an ad in the newspapers to advertise your flats. Leave your contacts so that
       potential tenants can reach you. You can also advertise your flats online.

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