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					                                             Fact Sheet
           Corporate    World’s leading manufacturer of premium boxed Belgian chocolate
                        One of the fastest growing brands in major markets worldwide, selling
                        in 140 countries
                        Chocolaterie Guylian NV, Sint Niklaas, Belgium
                        Guylian USA Inc., Englewood Cliffs, N.J.

        Management      Carl Krefting, managing director, Chocolaterie Guylian
                        Leslie Coopersmith, chief executive officer, Guylian USA Inc.
                        Brad Maslan, president, Guylian USA Inc.

How to Say “Guylian”    When newlyweds Guy and Liliane Foubert began a small business making
                        Belgian chocolate praliné and truffles, they combined their first names to create
                        the company name. So just say GILLY-en – with a hard “G.”

    Boxed Chocolates    Guylian Seashells, the original Belgian chocolate seashells. Marbled milk, white
                        and dark chocolate over delicious praliné center
                        La Trufflina, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth truffles, enrobed in either white, dark
                        or milk chocolate and covered in chocolate flakes
                        Opus, Guylian’s themed collection of eight unique varieties of Belgian chocolate,
                        named after classical operas

 Wrapped Chocolates     Guylian Twists, seahorse-shaped chocolates in four flavors: Marbled chocolate
                        with hazelnut praline center, milk chocolate with truffle, dark chocolate with
                        orange cream, 70% extra dark chocolate with dark chocolate ganache
                        Solitaire, dark chocolates made from unique blends of cocoa beans harvested
                        around the world. Three flavors: Asian Dark (56% cocoa), Aztec Gold (65%
                        cocoa), African Ebony (70% cocoa)

      Chocolate Bars    No Sugar Added, Belgian chocolate bars created with a special formula using
                        maltitol, a natural sugar substitute. Four flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate,
                        70% extra dark chocolate, dark orange
                        7-oz Solids, thick 7-oz. (200 gram) bar of pure Belgian chocolate in three flavors:
                        milk chocolate, dark chocolate, 70% extra dark chocolate

     Project Seahorse   Major sustaining sponsor of Project Seahorse, an international organization
                        dedicated to conservation of endangered seahorses and sustainable use of the
                        world’s coastal marine ecosystems.
                        An alert about Project Seahorse and the seahorses’ plight appears on every box of
                        Guylian Seashells.

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